Sldcheck failed relationship

SLDCHECK failed, Connection to SLD does not work

2) Check the JCo Connections in Visual Admin, whether the SAPSLDAPI and LCRSAPRFC Programs are registered and the gateway/host details they are registered with. 4) After ensuring that the JCO Destinations are running please try SLDCHECK and let us know what error you are getting. Jun 4, If this does not solve the issue, check transaction SLDCHECK to (say ERP) goes down and messages fail on the outbound side. I want to know the relation between Define Retention Periods and Schedule Delete Jobs. Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales. Automation, and .. Run the SLD check program SLDCHECK on all ABAP-based SLD client systems that use SLD downtime due to hardware failure or applying.

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