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relationship magic vines free

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Everyone who's anyone is coming. We can't have some crazy tree hugger officiating our ceremony," she said slowly so that it would sink in. The truth is that I just don't care what people think, so if there is a priest there, I'll turn right around, and walk away. You would walk away from us? You're about to lose me, Edward Masen! It wasn't the first time Tanya had threatened to leave me, but she never did. That was just how our relationship was; I treated her bad, and she tolerated it and always came back.

Yeah, I was a fucking douche. Tanya was the niece of the founder and largest share holder of my company. I was the CEO, but I was still at the mercy of the board, and the last thing I wanted was to piss them off by breaking it off with Tanya.

In the beginning of our relationship, things were actually pretty good between us. We'd go out, chill with friends, and have great sex, but I suppose along the way I sort of lost interest and never really had the balls to end it. Stop whining like a little girl," he said irritated. It's not even dark out yet. Let's just go get something to eat, I'm fucking starved.

Be there in twenty. It didn't matter if I was going to a casual lunch with a friend, running out on an errand, partying, or going to work, I always made sure I was dressed well. You never know when you may cross paths with a potential client or colleague, so it was best to always be prepared. Besides, I worked hard to afford the lavish lifestyle that I had become accustom to, and I enjoyed every aspect of it.

Masen," he corrected me. He just stared at me humorlessly. The only one who falls in love and actually marries the sexy secretary instead of just fucking her on the side," I said with a laugh. Granted, there are still some old fashioned people who have found contentment with only one partner, but people like you are few and far between, my friend. People get married these days to share in mutual advancement; either monetarily or professionally.

It's rare to get married for love anymore, therefore, open marriages are becoming the norm. I just hope Tanya knows what she's getting herself into," he mumbled.

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But even more importantly, it's not my fault she always comes back to me. What the fuck would Carlisle do? He could convince the board that I'm an irresponsible, untrustworthy, fuckup. I thought you were 'The Man'; I thought the company would fall apart without you?

All it takes is one cat to impress Carlisle and for him to get pissed at me just enough, and I'm fucking ringing bells in Time Square. I came along, and Carlisle didn't even think twice about convincing the board to push the other guy out.

Let's face it, I'm not the youngest guy out there anymore. You just turned thirty, most business guys are in their fifties and sixties," he argued. Carlisle Cullen likes his talent as young as possible in order to keep ideas fresh.

It's a dog eat dog world, and I have to do what I can to keep in the game. You're partying all the time, proposing to your sometimes casual girlfriend who you admittedly don't really care about, and you're hardly ever around anymore.

I mean, really, you've been like a fucking ghost…. A partying, loud, obnoxious, ghost. He was right, I was partying more than usual, but I suppose after twelve years of nonstop school and work to get into my current career position, I was a bit worn out. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved my job and life in the city, but after turning thirty, I was oddly feeling more like sixty, and it was starting to scare me a bit.

I've been wondering what comes next. But besides Tanya being Carlisle's niece, being married also has other career benefits. Some higher ups and conservative business stiffs like that sort of thing.

I'll get you another. Finally after another minute, I was able to flag someone down.

Magic Vines

You know what, why don't you just bring the entire bottle. I'll be right back with that," the waitress said before hurrying away. Fuck man, I wish I had that kind of money to burn," Jackson said with fake bitterness. I told you that was a dumb decision.

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A business is like a bottle of wine; it needs to be aged in order to be worth anything. The parents of the kid looked at me appalled by my language, but I really didn't give a shit; they needed to control their fucking child.

No one here wants some little dirty, loud, smelly…. I was still glaring at the family, but thankfully they soon finished and left.

relationship magic vines free

Maybe you should take a break and go on vacation or something. Why the hell do you think I'm always going to the clubs. Your life can't be all about work. I swear, you really should have stayed. Maybe with your help, we could have been raking it in by now," he said, trying to give me a fucking guilt trip. Jackson was my old college roommate, and after we graduated, we got a crappy apartment together — why he still lived there, I had no idea.

His business was currently struggling, but he still made enough to afford a better place, especially with his and his wife's combined income. I took it from him, and did my best to read his horrible writing.

Why the hell would she be trying to contact me, and why the fuck was it affecting me like that? I tugged at my suddenly too tight collar, and then wiped the new beads of sweat off my temple.

I looked down at the piece of paper to make sure the number was legible, and when I was convinced I could read it, I shoved it in my pocket and tried like hell to forget about it…at least until lunch was over. When the waitress finally brought the bottle of wine, I waited for her to pour me a glass, and then chugged that down as well.

Jackson just shook his head at me. When lunch was finally finished, I went back home, but when I got there, I realized that I hadn't drank enough wine to properly relax me, and I was out of scotch. I sat down to watch TV, but there was nothing on and I started to get antsy, so I decided to go into the office. The worst thing about being so fucking good at my job, was that I was ahead of schedule on everything, so there wasn't anything for me to do. I sat in my office and went through some files, but I also had amazing assistants who already had everything done.

It was a Sunday, and back in my earlier days in the company, I would often work Sundays to stay on top of things, but now it was fucking pointless.

The little post-it note in my pocket suddenly felt heavy, so I took it out and stared at the number. I didn't want to call her, I didn't want to even think about her, so I crumbled it up and threw it in the trash can… but I missed. I tried convincing myself to just leave it on the floor for the janitor to pick up, but then my competitive nature came out. I should have been able to make that shot, and I wasn't going to stop until I did. I picked up the crumbled paper, and took it back to my desk; I threw it again, and again, I missed.

What the hell is wrong with me? Surely I couldn't miss from that position…. I shook my head at myself, and then bent over to pick up the paper one more time, but since it had been thrown around a bit, it had become a little less crunched and I could see the writing again.

I picked up my phone, and dialed the number. Ring one — "No big deal, I'll just give her my PO Box number so she can send whatever she has of mine," I told myself. Ring two — "It's been twelve years, I'm sure she's long over everything. This won't be weird. Your effort will be rewarded in the long run so don't allow yourself to be affected by the negative talk of enemies. Take care of those that depend on you, such as children and pets.

Be frugal with money. Today domestic issues and work concerns are on your mind. You vacillate between feelings of intense love and hate, though concern for loved ones matters more to you than personal gain. You will find a balance between work and family, self confidence and lack of trust. Anger would undo all the good work of the past few weeks. If so, make time for a romantic outing and a chance to be together.

Work may be a source of stress or confusion. Make plans for the future that will assist in your work. Time the night off for recreation or creative pursuits. Work, home and family all make demands of you and you are prepared to meet them.

You are mentally astute and energized, making this a good time to take up new challenges. Be ready to work hard and keep yourself on task and motivated. Focus on one particular task at a time. Do one thing and do it well. Take time to process what you are feeling. Looking to elders for help and reprieve. Get rest and think things through. This is a moment to be reclusive, to spend with loved ones who truly understand what you're going through.

The rewards you've been waiting for are headed your way.

relationship magic vines free

Money, success, achievement wait at work. Peace and joy await in marital and domestic life. Be thankful for all this phase affords. Be polite and be gracious to win everyone's heart. Some of you may be feeling negative or pessimistic.

And the rest could be feeling over-confident or enthusiastic to the point of over-excitement and potential letdown.

relationship magic vines free

The bottom line is that you are not especially realistic due to moodiness. This is not an ideal time for publicity, promotion or legal matters. Reach out to a younger sibling or a grandparent that has been on your mind. Remember that listening well is just as vital as speaking with care. New opportunities await you, allowing you to engage your intellect and express your creativity. Avoid gambling and frivolous monetary expenditures. Work will be satisfying, allowing you to take a more active role.

You will feel rewarded, noticed for your hard work and a long desired goal will finally be in sight. You are strong, energetic and motivated. With determination and confidence, you will continue on your path of professional progress!

Your charm is on full display as you enjoy the company of friends and family. Go out and have fun in clubs or groups that interest you. Good fortune is on the way! The usual focal points of your life leave you cold. New values and concerns are imminent, perhaps gained through travel, a mentor or a distant relative. Overcome world-weariness as you have responsibilities to face.

The Magic Vine

New responsibilities may come your way now, or there can be a heightened awareness of existing ones. The work you do now will have real benefits down the road, although it may not be immediately obvious. Enjoy the bonus or promotion offered to you. In relationships, you may be feeling stressed or confined. Take time to be alone with your thoughts. Change is inevitable and is best accepted.