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naruto shooting star ending relationship

questions and answers about 'Naruto' in our 'Television L-P' category. Did you know Which ending is entirely English? Question What is the relationship between Naruto and Iruka? The song is 'Ryuusei (Shooting Star)'. Naruto shippuuden ED 1 - Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~ . I've always gotta draw fanart for the ginga series, even though I have a love/hate relationship with it!. The fourth season of the Naruto anime series, titled "4th Stage" in Japan, is directed by Hayato The ending themes are No Regret Life's "Nakushita Kotoba " (失くした言葉, lit. "Lost Words"), utilized . It comes to the point where there is a trap-door in which Naruto saves Sakura from, falling into it himself. He tells her to go on.

Although the mission fails to find a way of locating Sasuke, Hinata appears more confident, and her father seems to respect her more. However, unlike the last two this is one he does not wish to partake in. However, when Guy reveals information that the leader of the Kurosuki Family, Raiga, is connected with the Seven Swordsman of the Mist, Naruto decides to change his mind, since Zabuza Momochi and Kisame Hoshigaki of Akatsuki were each a part of the group.

Lee concludes that as Kisame is Itachi's partner, finding Itachi may bring them closer to Sasuke. With Neji, Lee, and Tenten as his allies, the group goes on their new mission. The Iron Fist of Love" "Kokoro no todoke! They soon hear the funeral bell and go and save Roukusuke. However, Rock Lee meets an old friend among the group, and Lee must now convince Karashi to return to his old way of life.

Their time together is cut short, as Raiga watches from the sidelines. Naruto and his team pursue Raiga into a thick fog, and find that Raiga is able to conceal himself from even the Byakugan. He is tricked into thinking that random objects are real people by a mysterious jutsu. Rock Lee manages to hold Raiga off by fighting while still unconscious. When a mysterious case is knocked off of Raiga's back, Raiga becomes weaker and is eventually defeated by Naruto.

When the gang opens the case, they discover a young boy named Ranmaru, who has been riding on Raiga's back the entire time.

She then storms off with Naruto chasing after her. Naruto and Sakura later head over to the Hyuga house and see Neji with the doctor. Sakura pushes Naruto and herself behind a tree despite Naruto's confusion.

They then overheard Neji's conversation with the doctor about the Eye Medicine Plant which fabled to grow in the Valley of Judgement. They decided to accompanied Neji to find the plant, and sit waiting for him outside the gate watching the stars together. When Sakura thinks of her plan, Naruto is shown in the plan to be chasing after Sakura with hearts in his eyes.

Naruto ties Sakura and him up together with the red string of destiny When they reach the Valley of Judgement, Naruto tied Sakura with him using a red rope and says to her that he ties them up together so that they will not get separate from the mist.

naruto shooting star ending relationship

While blushing, Naruto says that it is like their red string of destiny. Sakura was angry about this but before she is able to hit him, Naruto jumps off the cliff, pulling Sakura along.

While they were fighting the enemies, Sakura yells at Naruto that the rope is a nuisance and tells him to cut it to which Naruto replies that he will not cut the red string of destiny that ties them together. Angered, Sakura punches Naruto, although also claiming that's not what she meant, and they were almost attacked by the enemies.

Neji saves them and cuts the red string, which saddens and angers Naruto. Neji then reminds Naruto that he was the one who teaches him that destiny is something someone reaches by their own hands.

Naruto smiles and replies that he will reach his destiny with his own hand, making Sakura creeps out and says that destiny will never happen. The three then fight the enemies together.

At the very beginning, Neji tells Sakura to punch Naruto really a way for Naruto to take down an enemywhich she does in brutal fashion. After Kakashi and Guy defeat the enemies, Sakura is forced to explain false alarms to Naruto. In the end the group fails. Later, during the firework display, Team 7 is seen watching the firework display together.

Sakura then turns to Sasuke's direction and moves closer to him; eventually leaning against him. Naruto notices this and moves towards the group; leaning against Sakura and Sasuke a bit too heavily. Annoyed, Sasuke pushes the two of them away in such a way that Naruto and Sakura are leaning against each other, leading Sakura to punch Naruto.

Walking with her, Sai asks what is it about Naruto that makes her go so far, causing Sakura to smile. Sakura blushes When Mecha-Kurama attacks Konoha, Sakura is shown crying and screams to the top of her lungs for Naruto to return in identical fashion to the Invastion of Pain. Naruto, who is wearing the Mecha-Naruto suit, appears in Konoha in front of Sakura.

She is initially worried, but Naruto says everything is fine and reveals his identity, much to her surprise. Before he leaves to battle Mecha-Kurama, Naruto hands Sakura a flower, which she accepts, and tells her, "You protect the flower, Sakura-chan. And I will protect the Sakura-chan - who protects that flower"! At the end of the episode, when Naruto cries over Mecha-Naruto's sacrifice, Sakura appears and blushes as she tells Naruto that she have protect the flower like she promise while he protect her and the village.

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Naruto sadly tells Sakura the one who protect the village was actually Mecha-Naruto. Sakura, however, continues holding the flower throughout the rest of the episode. In a flashback to just before the previous Chunin Exams, Ino asks Sakura to join Team Asuma temporarily for the exams, since Naruto and Sasuke are absent and Shikamaru is already a chunin. When Sakura declines, Ino supposes she's just sad about Naruto and Sasuke's absence, although in reality it's because of the duties of being a medical nin.

Shikamaru supposes the same, saying "What a lame excuse" when Ino tells him of her response. Later, Sakura is walking to the hospital when she wonders to herself what Naruto would do if he were to be in her shoes. After scenes of both Naruto and Sakura honing their skills simultaneously, Sakura decides to join Team Asuma. Prologue Prologue of Road to Ninja When Lee gets accused for peeking in on the woman's restroom at a bathhouse, Naruto defends him.

But as Naruto turns around to face Lee, it revealed that a bra somehow got stuck to Naruto's towel without his knowledge. Everyone quickly guesses that the bra is Sakura's given its size. Initially ashamed, Sakura then becomes rageful and attacks a confused Naruto.

Omakes Naruto likes Sakura's breast size NaruSaku During the omake after episode 10, Sakura gives Tsunade an interview, praising her and asking her what her beauty secrets are.

While Tsunade is ranting about her rather disturbing beauty secrets, Naruto intervenes and tells Sakura not to be like Tsunade because she will end up with a huge chest, which in his opinion, is not appealing and ridiculous.

He also says that he likes very much Sakura as she is with her current breast size, and that she looks so much better compared to Tsunade. This backfires, however, when both Sakura for commenting on her breasts in public and Tsunade for insulting her breasts in public punch him. Naruto claims that he has the better chance to win her love because he and Sakura are in the same team but Lee ends up pulling out a trump card by reminding Naruto about kissing Sasuke by accident, causing Naruto to end the short in embarrassment.

During the omake after episode 57, Naruto has a dream about Sakura and him about to kiss. He woke up due to Sakura, and then she scolded him for not cleaning up his apartment room.

She sees a cockroach on the floor, causing her to fall into Naruto's belongings and angrily punch a semi-conscious Naruto. During the omake after episodeNaruto and Sakura are at a festival together, which Naruto tells the audience is a date, though Sakura denies this.

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While walking in the woods together, the two seem to see the ghost of Hiruzen, which frightens Sakura, holding Naruto tightly, making Naruto blush and his eyes have neon pink hearts in them. She then lets go of him and punches him, but after Naruto recovers they are shown seeing fireworks together, with Sakura saying that she hopes to do this next year with Naruto.

During the omake after episodeHinata has gotten the show more popular by saying "Naruto-kun" in omake Naruto then asks if that is cool to Sakura, getting Sakura jealous.

naruto shooting star ending relationship

She then says that she could also make the show popular by saying the same thing. Afterwards, though, she was shown getting mad at the director for saying that she wouldn't need those lines. This is the only official, not canonical time that Sakura has ever given Naruto a name suffix. In the omake for episodeSakura is being interviewed, at which point she relates her encounter with the Iwa shinobi.

The reporters pester her about the other person she loves, causing Sakura to get angry and break the table. While the manga and anime said the person was Sasuke, it is never specified in the omake, Additionally, Sakura only reacts this way around Naruto, whereas she is open about her feelings for Sasuke. Movies Naruto Shippuden The Movie In Shion's vision of a false future, Naruto is impaled and killed by the tentacles of a large purple dragon-like beast.

Sakura is one of the few recognizable people present at his funeral; she is shown to be very distressed, and is presumably crying her eyes are obscured from view. A few days earlier in the real timeline, Sakura gets annoyed when Naruto is late for a meeting with Tsunade.

Both also notably react in identical fashion slumped over, with blue steam marks above their heads when they discover that Rock Lee is substituting for Sasuke and Sai on their next mission. The two are also seen bickering throughout the rest of the film, notably when Sakura keeps elbowing Naruto when they first meet Shion.

When Shion sees Naruto's death, Sakura tries to assure him by saying it will cure him of his stupidity, much to his fury. At the end of the film, when Naruto has survived, Sakura is also seen looking at Naruto with Shion, frowning with her arms crossed as if out of jealousy for the close bond they now share, and opened her mouth in shock when Shion asked if Naruto could be the father of her children.

Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Bonds When Naruto is told he is to go with Hinata and Sakura on an escorting mission, he is in denial due to wanting to help fight, as well as because of his hostile relationship with Amaru. Sakura then gives him a good-luck charm from Jiraiya, convincing him to come along. Seeing this and the rest of his friends, Naruto became enraged. After the fight, Naruto holds Sakura in his arms while talking to Amaru. Instead of replying, Sakura stands up and punches Naruto against a wall before pulling down his shirt at the collar, revealing a gash he sustained on the shoulder.

Sakura then chastises him, saying that had he thought out a plan he never would've gotten the wound. As she continues to jabber at him, Kakashi looks at the sky and notes how the two are so similar to Obito Uchiha.

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Later, Naruto and Sai are recovering, but the former thinks they have made a full recovery and against Sakura's intentions and Sai's protests the two sneak out of the hospital to have a barbecue with the rest of the Konoha 11 with Shikamaru paying. When they arrive, however, Sakura suddenly appears and slaps both of them into unconsciousness, much to everyone's dismay. Sakura then takes Naruto and Sai back to bed and slap their backs as punishment. As the two reluctantly get back into bed, however, Sakura smiles and compliments to herself Naruto's good healing, even calling him "My Naruto".

As she leaves, Kakashi comes in and gives Naruto and Sai gifts to ease their boredom in reality parting gifts.

naruto shooting star ending relationship

Sai's gift is a guide into how to tell if a woman likes you, and as he reads passages over the course of the film, most, if not all, are direct references to Naruto and Sakura's relationship, with the first passage read being "A girl will try to hide her concern for you by getting mad and acting violently" - which, ironically, had just happened twice, causing Naruto to grumble.

Sakura later hears from Shikamaru and Tsunade that Naruto has been imprisoned to prevent him from going after Kakashi. Immediately heading over there, she arrives and questions the atrocity of the act. After Naruto tells her about how Kakashi was acting weird, Sakura suggests that they don't do anything because of what Tsunade ordered. Naruto, however, shows her his parting gift from Kakashi - the bells from the bell test - and how people who abandon comrades are worse than scum, before making another lifetime promise to bring Kakashi back.

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Remembering the original promise, Sakura becomes concerned for him again, even shedding tears, but makes an excuse by questioning why he doesn't want her to come, and punches him while also breaking down the bars. The two escape, and notably are the only ones to work to find Kakashi throughout the whole film.

Towards the end of the movie, Naruto is in danger, and Sakura states that she will deal with the threat to a petrified Sai and Shikamaru. Then, Sarada reveals her doubts about her parentage, shocking Suigetsu and making him ask himself if her suspicions could ever be possible.

The result shows that there is a perfect match, making Suigetsu assume that Karin is Sarada's mom. Because of this, Sarada feels lied to and fooled by her mother. Realizing how Sarada feels, Suigetsu runs out of the room to prevent further problems. Naruto sees Sarada crying and comes to her. After Sarada manifests the Sharingan, Naruto shows Sarada her eyes in a mirror. He then tells her to calm down and tries to comfort her, but Sarada tells him that he has nothing to do with her and that he cannot understand how she feels.

Naruto says he is the Hokage and the entire village is his family, which also includes Sarada.