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If two persons live together like spouses for 15 years, they likely have a committed intimate relationship. The courts in WA currently prefer using. California does not recognize common law marraige. Living together, for however long, will not bestow any marital rights on either of you. have not completely stopped finding meretricious relationships,76 the The couple also “ate the fish they caught and the vegetables” grown in the garden. Id.

Washington state courts have defined a meretricious relationship as, "a stable, marital-like relationship where both parties cohabit with knowledge that a lawful marriage between them does not exist. What Do You Recommend? If you are entering into a living together relationship, we strongly suggest: What are some examples of meretricious relationships? The factors for determining meretricious relationships have been applied in several cases which illustrate what type of relationship rises to the level of a meretricious relationship.

In In re Sutton and Widner, 85 Wash. During their relationship, they built a house together on property previously purchased by Mr. The court held that there was a meretricious relationship based on these facts, even though the couple maintained their separate identities and accounts. Additionally, in In re Hilt, 41 Wash.

The Marriage Garden: Cultivating Your Relationship so It Grows and Flourishes - For Your Marriage

The parties cohabited for 4 years, during which time they purchased a home, shared in the management of household affairs, and contributed to each other's separate checking accounts. The court specifically noted that the parties, "made little effort to keep their income separate and apart," and held that these facts substantiated the existence of a meretricious relationship.

The court has even found a meretricious relationship can exist between two parties when one of the parties was legally married to another during the relationship. They bought their first property together on Camano Island while Thilges was still married to another woman.

They evidenced their mutual trust by putting the property in Foster's name because of Thilges' marital status. Foster later formally conveyed half interest in the property to Thilges.

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In addition, they built a home together, jointly obtained a construction loan, and both contributed considerable physical labor to the project. They also had joint bank accounts and combined their earnings. Although it is not necessary for a couple to represent themselves as husband and wife to establish a pseudomarital relationship, in at least some of their social activities, Foster and Thilges were known as husband and wife.

Once its been determined there is a meretricious relationship, how does this affect property division?

The Marriage Garden: Cultivating Your Relationship so It Grows and Flourishes

In Lindsey, the court states that upon dissolution of a meretricious relationship, a court must, "examine the [meretricious] relationship and the property accumulations and make a just and equitable disposition of the property.

The Lindsey court cited RCW This was later interpreted in Connell v. The court in Connell stated that, "[t]he critical focus is on property that would have been characterized as community property had the parties been married.

Additionally, Connell sets out a presumption that all property acquired during a meretricious relationship is subject to a rebuttable presumption of "community" ownership.

Another important interpretation was set out in Zion Construction, Inc.

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In determining how the interest in a home purchased by the parties during a meretricious relationship should be divided, the court stated, "Earnings of a spouse would traditionally be classified as community property. Therefore, by analogy expenditures on property from earned income in a quasi-marriage do not support a claim for treating property as separate rather than as a pooled asset.

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How do you distinguish between a "roommate" relationship and a "meretricious" relationship? In Lindsey, the court set out several factors to be considered in determining whether a meretricious relationship exists: Duration of the relationship; 3.

Purpose of the relationship; and 4. The pooling of resources and services for joint projects. However, the Lindsey court emphasized that the issue of meretricious relationship should be determined by the court based on the facts of each case, and that these criteria were not a rigid set of requirements to be strictly followed.

Winona may become disabled and struggle financially, whereas Hubert is financially well heeled. Other family members may be financially dependent on Winona. Living in a meretricious relationship with another prior to entry of the final divorce decree will not serve to prove the elements of the live-in lover statute, unless of course one proves that the meretricious cohabitation started before entry of the divorce and continued after entry of the final divorce decree.

If Hubert were to find out that after he and Winona separated, but before they were divorced, Winona had been living with Beau and was also having sex or sharing living expenses with Beau, this would not be grounds to modify or terminate his alimony under O. No Recoupment of Alimony Already Paid In an action to terminate alimony under the live-in lover statute, a plaintiff may not recoup any alimony already paid even if the court finds that the defendant cohabited openly and continuously in a meretricious relationship.

The trial court found that she was not cohabitating openly, continuously and meretriciously at the time of the hearing, but imposed a self-executing termination of her alimony if at any time in the future she had male company past midnight more than four times per month. The Court of Appeals of Georgia reversed, holding that the trial court could not retroactively terminate alimony during the four months that the wife was meretriciously cohabitating with the third party.

The Court held that the self-executing four night per month limit was unauthorized and not in accordance with prior holdings that require that modification or termination under O. Having occasional overnight guests is not sufficient proof of such a relationship. On remand, the trial court in Donaldson was not permitted to order disgorgement by the former wife of alimony she had received while meretriciously cohabitating because that would be an impermissible retroactive modification.

Because the trial court found that the wife was not currently in a relationship within the meaning of O. Even if you can prove continuous cohabitation, unless you have an admission of sexual intercourse or a legally obtained video or photographs, you will need to focus on proof of shared expenses of cohabitation.

Do not bring an action under O. Constitutionality of the Livein Lover Statute If you have proof of the necessary elements of an open and continuous meretricious relationship, a constitutional challenge to the live-in lover law is not likely to derail your case.

You should be prepared, however, to defend against such a challenge. Sims,15 the Supreme Court of Georgia held that O. The Supreme Court of Georgia reversed the trial court and held O. Tips for Drafting Settlement Agreements If you represent the alimony payor spouse, there is really no need to add a provision in your termination of alimony section of a settlement agreement i.

The law allows for such a claim to be filed anyway, regardless of whether the settlement agreement includes such language. If you represent the alimony recipient, you will want to make sure that the settlement agreement provides that alimony may terminate only after a court of competent jurisdiction determines that the requirements of b have been met and that the court, in its discretion, finds that alimony should be either modified or terminated. In our hypothetical, if Hubert simply unilaterally stops paying alimony to Winona, Winona would have a successful contempt action; otherwise, the court would be validating an illegal unenforceable settlement provision.

Conclusion Once you have taken your client through the divorce process and obtained a final judgment and decree of divorce, be aware of the relationships that your client and his or her former spouse have with others.

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