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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds Galactus' Ending: Lose to Galactus, and then do not continue. Second piece of Character Art: Land the final hit on. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Captain America) "Because of my respect for thee, I shall end this quickly." (vs. CAPCOM 3 QUOTE & ENDING FAQ by Kailu Lantis Greetings my honored brethren! After being sorely missing from Marvel vs. You may notice that Galactus has no quotes after the match ends, because, well, .. I could even mend your relationship with your brother -- make your family whole again.

Let's head on home. It's because you lack the teamwork that we have. I would have been crazy not to hit the gym and bulk up a bit. I will protect them. I've seen circus clowns scarier than you. I've taken down bigger things than you in my time. Are you all right!? What has Wesker done to you!? You're not a god -- you're a joke. Chris is holding his gun and Wesker has no sunglasses on Chris: And you're not getting off this time.

Wesker is sporting a straight jacket, custodied by a guard Judge: But I guess you already figured that out. Time for you to hit the gym! But now there's still much I have to do Wait a minute, just how old do you think I am?! That's why I will never lose! Go ahead and try. You will answer for all your dealings with Shadaloo and S. I'm taking you straight to jail But do you have to carry that hammer everywhere?

You realize I'll be out in less than a day, don't you? I'll call you back. This one could be a problem. I'll take care of her. I always thought you were just a myth. And I don't particularly like rematches either. So would you mind accepting your loss and going home? Be a dear and give up already, OK? I'm just better trained than you.

Now Lauren's going to be worried about me. But this is business, and feelings aren't required. It's nice to be proud of your country, but get some fashion sense. If I totally sucked. If you want to know more, you know where to find me.

Hope you don't mind me borrowing it forever. I better report to the higher-ups. Too bad they were all style and no substance. Ever hear of a little agency called S. Is that really all you got? You can do better than that. Good thing loser pays for the damages. You kiss your mother with that mouth?

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But I just woke up! It's not that I'm getting old, it's always been white. Why do you ask? Same crap, different day. The three stooges came out to play! Great aunt on Satan's side, maybe?

The ballerina slippers, however, gotta go. I love it when a girl gets violent! You'll have to do better to beat the most stylish, hottest demon hunter around. Also, the ladies dig my sword skills more. Mephisto stands behind him Dante: I could even mend your relationship with your brother -- make your family whole again. All I would require is --" Dante holds his sword and gun to Mephisto's neck Mephisto: You give me a job that can pay my electric bill for the year, and I'll let you leave here with your head attached to your body.

But I'm charging you triple for being such a tool. Oh man, that really is fun to say! Autograph your spleen for me? I'm down here busting my ass while you sit on yours watching me jump around!

How is that fair? What do you mean you weren't recording that! I'll stick to my back issues of Dazzler. Where yo' curly mustache at?!

No, I don't know how. Just roll with it, OK, people?! Maybe it would have helped if you'd turned off the dark! That's how you beat Wolverine, people! And just for the record, I'm laughing AT you, not with you.

In case you're wondering, that's my new word for awesomeness. Ya know, Resident Deadpool, Mega Deadpool Like 'you could model for death threats' ugly.

I'M the only one who gets to do that! A Level 3 X-Factor Wesker with his sunglasses off. One of the changes in Ultimate was that, similarly to Lucariothe more damage Wesker takes, he gets a damage and speed boost - the equivalent of a Level 1 X-Factor.

Needless to say, the instant this happens, you have already won or lost depending on whether you're Wesker or not. Nick, Nicky, P-Dub to distinguish between him and the other Phoenix in the game. Because they all wear trenchcoats and are considered extremely dangerous and overpowered in their own ways.

Keep Circulating the Tapes: From tothe game went out-of-print due to Marvel pulling all of its licensed products from other 3rd parties until the game's re-release on eighth generation platforms and Steam in Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.

Notably, the show that didn't air until a month and several days after the costume was available for download. Before that, the costume was shown to the public long before Nova was even revealed to be a part of Ultimate Spider-Man's cast which was about a 3-month gap.

In Ryu's ending, the screen says the next match is between Ken and Mr. Amaterasu is a known turnip thief, Doctor Strange is way behind on his taxes, and Iron Man should have known that hitting on Tron would come back to bite him.

It's times like this I miss being a New Warrior. Speedball would point and laugh at you right now. After defeating Galactus and being hailed as a hero, he goes native in a most hilarious manner — he becomes the host of a Japanese game show. Welcome, vile fleshling scum! The dissonance between a character's win pose and win quote can be very amusing. So I have this contract with Mephisto I'd like you to look at for me.

Oh, my clothes are all slimy now!

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Oh man, that was really frightening! I now must squash you like the bug that you are! Obviously, whichever of the latter characters would still be conscious, but according to Akuma One of Rocket Raccoon's win quotes brings up the inevitable response to his inclusion in the game. Say how embarrassing it was to be beaten up by a raccoon one more time and I'm going to beat you up again. The Galactus reveal trailer. After the first half with the battle against the Heralds is shown, it goes to the fight with Galactus himself.

Almost immediately, Ryu jumps into the fray, delivers a Shoryuken Galactus's response to Super Skrull: Barely half a second later, he reappears running away from a horde. Ultimate gives Deadpool a Cable costume, complete with wig, that he wears over his own costume. When he fights in it And you thought Cable wasn't in this game. One of Phoenix Wright's victory quotes implies that the reason he's there is that Maya put him up to it.

Maya, are you sure this is getting good PR for our office? I'm not really feeling it