How to repair a relationship after drug addiction

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how to repair a relationship after drug addiction

Drug and alcohol addictions don't just impact the life of an individual However, repairing relationships after rehab can be done with these. Repairing Damaged Relationships after Addiction that watching a loved one self-destruct while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is. Is it possible to get your marriage back after an addiction--whether gambling, porn, drugs, or alcohol? 10 tips to rebuilding from scratch--the.

Four Things to Remember When Rebuilding Relationships The 9th step is 9 steps in for a reason I am personally someone who wants everything immediately, so when I got sober I wanted my parents to no longer be mad at me and I wanted my relationship with my children to be completely fixed.

how to repair a relationship after drug addiction

This however was not the way that things panned out and I was lucky enough to be told early on that amends are not made until the 9th step for a reason. The urge to rush to the people that we have hurt 10 days into sobriety and attempt to make amends can be overwhelmingly strong, but if amends are made prematurely they can actually have an adverse effect. Only after the completion of my 5th step and then the subsequent discussion of my character defects was I read to face the people I had harmed with a clearer picture of my wrongs.

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Give people their space This was also a difficult task for me in the beginning because like I said I wanted everything fixed right away. I learned that attempting to force people into forgiving me by continually broaching the subject of how sorry I was, was not a great way to rebuild relationships. I was taught that I had to give people the space that they needed in order to heal from my actions and allow them the time they needed in order to come to forgive me.

Giving people their space meant that when they were finally ready to begin the rebuilding process we were able to do so on a non-coercive and equal playing field, which allowed for a true healing of the relationship. Relationships are rebuilt through action not through words This is probably the most important thing to remember when attempting to rebuild relationships.

For many years I gave lip service to people and just told them what they wanted to hear and then went about my business anyway. Once I got sober I began to realize the futility of my words because at that point they were essentially meaningless to my loved ones. I realized that my actions would be the real measure of my change in their eyes and so I spoke less about how I was going to be better and just acted better instead.

In order to regain your relationships, you must regain trust.

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Be honest about your past mistakes, but also be honest in your present words and actions. By consistently proving that you can keep your promises, the more likely you will be able to earn back the trust that you lost. By regaining their trust, you will make great strides in being allowed to be a part of their lives again.

Be Active and Intentional Relationships suffer when people are not active within them. When you were using, family and friends became secondary to your drug of choice, and you were not as active in your relationships.

If your marriage was damaged because of your absence or neglect, take the opportunity to spend more time with your spouse. If your relationship with your kids was minimized, take time to get involved in their lives and their interests.

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Show up for the baseball practice. Make surprise dinner reservations.

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Leave a handwritten card on the countertop. Attend Meetings Getting involved in support groups or outpatient treatment after rehab shows that you are serious about your sobriety — which you should be. Attending meetings will also help you to connect with others going through the same process of repairing relationships after addiction. Support or advice from others in the same situation can go a long way — and keep you on track. Even when their loved one or significant other does not validate that belief, they must continue to show that they are worthy of trust.

Demonstrating that you are trustworthy is a process of showing that no matter how big or small the issue, the person you love can once again count on you to follow through.

For former addicts, this process, while difficult, can be beneficial in multiple respects. First, it helps to show your loved one that they can again rely on you or believe you when you say something. Secondly, it proves to yourself that you are worthy of their trust. This can be a validating and powerful way for you to further experience loving yourself once more.

For those that are in a relationship during addiction recovery, learning to trust them again can be especially difficult.

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Ultimately, allowing yourself to trust someone again, that has proven themselves untrustworthy in the past, requires allowing yourself to be vulnerable again. Over time, you will begin to see that your loved one in recovery is not the same person as they were when they were using. Even if it is hard at first to trust your loved one in recovery, learn to trust in the recovery process itself.

Over time, the trust will come. Building new life skills and creating routines that encourage accountability are a strong part of recovery programs. Transitioning structure into your relationship is a useful tool to help you rebuild your personal relationship with an addict in your life.

how to repair a relationship after drug addiction

The structure can be useful to create and maintain healthy boundaries.