Food relationship hypnosis

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food relationship hypnosis

Releasing Over-eating, emotional eating and Trigger Eating habits Promoting Mindful Eating, Conscious Living and Happy Diet. led by Sara Alavi, certified. Hypnotherapy has its doubters for sure, but the question was recently asked, “ Does relationship issues, alcoholism, drug abuse and the relationship with food. When one writer decided to undergo hypnosis to change her eating habits, the This summer, I realized my relationship with food was taking a.

What is this obsession about?

food relationship hypnosis

It is not about the food it is about some uncomfortable feelings you are using food to distract from. It is time to figure out why you keep doing this. It is time to get to the bottom of the over-eating, cravings, snacking.

Self-Hypnosis Workshop for Healthy Relationship with Food and Weight loss

Seriously, it is time to learn to love and respect yourself and feel your feelings and deal effectively and appropriately with them. Food is not the answer to everything. It is only the answer to hunger, real in your stomach, hunger. Changing your relationship with food is what hypnosis with Loving Kindness Hypnosis is all about. Learn to love your body again. Change that relationship with food into a good relationship with respect and self-love.

In the weight mastery program you will learn to feel your feelings and deal with them appropriately. Your relationship with food will be about nourishment not distraction. Hypnosis and meditation are actually very similar. Hypnosis uses a meditative trance a relaxed state of mind.

I like to say that hypnosis is purpose-oriented meditation: No, hypnosis is definitely not scary! It is, however, an incredibly effective tool for tapping into the deep-rooted patterns of the unconscious mind. You might be in a light trance but you have full control of your mind and are conscious of the suggestions being inputted.

In general, if there is anything said in hypnosis that is against your moral code, your mind will reject it.

food relationship hypnosis

It is a safe, soothing, and incredible experience. How long will the course be open? This course is yours. You can download the audios and listen to them at your convenience and on your device of choice. Please email me at bttcoaching gmail.

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I was fascinated by the idea that subconscious beliefs and past experiences could affect and even create physical disease. When I enrolled in Optimal Health, I was more curious than anything.

Even though other people experienced transformations, I questioned if that would actually be the case for me. More than anything, these sessions provide a really effective and truly easy not in the trendy diet or quick fix kind of way tool to get to the root of any suppressed, deep-rooted issues that simply need a little reprograming.

Thank you so much Danna!


So grateful for you and this program. Hypnotherapy for eating disorders works by promoting an overall change in mindset that includes a motivation for regular physical exercise. What are eating disorders? Whilst we all need food to survive, grow and maintain our health. It is often our lack of understanding or simply a development of unusual eating habits that affect our relationships with food.

food relationship hypnosis

These are often tied to other emotional and mental health issues like depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Eating disorders are a range of mental health conditions that see sufferers build unusual habits with food. As well as the psychological issues, you have the physical affects which are not only extreme weight loss or weight gain, but also the effects that extreme losses and gains in weight have on our internal organs like our hearts and liver.

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How are eating disorders caused? But there is always a trigger, typically an emotional one. Having a family history of eating disorders or depression. Having someone criticise your eating habits or your weight. Feeling pressure to stay slim for work or a hobby. Having certain characteristics, such as an obsessive personality or a tendency to be anxious.

food relationship hypnosis