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Why am I pushing for her to have a meet and greet? . Sora masters the keyblade and leads Donald Duck and Goofy through many different. QUINCY - Come enjoy the weather, friends, food & drinks. BYOB & a snack to share. Punch will be provided. No gifts necessary (but if you want to, you can). Open a world of reading. Try Sora, the new reading app for students, by OverDrive. Get Sora Free. clouds. Features. one-tap reading app. Read with a tap.

Disney doesn't want to pay actress Amy Adams to use her likeness, so Giselle stays inside during the day at Walt Disney World.

Giselle has made her way into the parks before, she's met at Magic Kingdom as well as Disney's Hollywood Studios. With the movie being as successful as it was, here's hoping Disney will change their mind and hopefully add her to the Disney Princess lineup, but based on history, that doesn't seem like it's going to be the case. Oogie Boogie A large sack filled by with worms, beetles, and other creepy crawlies?

Sounds like someone you want to run right up to and hug right? Yeah, that's actually right! Oogie was never seen in the parks, that is until Fans stood and watched as Hades and Meg stood onstage at Disney's Hollywood Studios' Unleash the Villains event and introduced the lineup of those bad guys and gals you love to hate. Then as soon as the words Halloweentown were said during his introduction, you would have thought Walt himself was about to come out.

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The place erupted for Oogie! His meet and greet during the event drew lines that made the average wait of Toy Story Mania at Disney's Hollywood Studios look tame. With all the attention and success he drew from the event, hopefully Disney will bring him out more. I'm okay with it only being around Halloween, but we just need to see more of him!

Why The Three Caballeros that's who! The Three Caballeros might not be the most popular film that Disney has released, but they have stuck around through the years. Panchito and Jose' only joined him for a brief engagement around Cinco De Mayo But being right outside of a ride that features all three of them, there's no reason that you can't have every Caballero present.

Now that's a feet in itself! This adorable little elephant with his big eyes and even bigger ears flew right off the movie screen and into our hearts. He's one of the most popular characters to come out of Disney, but yet you can't meet him at Walt Disney World. You can hop in and take a flight with him on his own ride, but if you're a big fan of meeting the characters like I am, you know that's just not the same. Dumbo has been featured in the parks in the past. If you look back and see some of the older footage of Disneyland and Walt Disney World's opening, you'll see Dumbo walking around and greeting the guests.

Since then however, Dumbo hasn't made his way out to greet his fans in some time. The last many saw of Dumbo was him hoping out onstage in to dance along with Jordin Sparks during the opening ceremony of New Fantasyland.

sora meet and greet

Bullseye What does every cowboy need? A hat, yes, but what else?

25 Disney Characters That Should Be In The Disney World Parks More | ReelRundown

Boots, yes, but what else? That's right, every cowboy needs a horse and in Bullseye, Woody has more than a horse, he has one of the greatest friends and toy could ask for.

Bullseye is always fun to see around Walt Disney World, but his appearances are few and far between. In recent years the only way you've been able to catch at glimpse at Bullseye is when he makes and appearance during the Christmas time parade.

Bullseye used to be more frequent though, autographing books by pressing a shoe-print onto the page. This horse is just fun through and through, he's a great character and the average Disney guest would be really excited to see him so I'm not sure why isn't isn't around more often. Figment "One little spark, of inspiration, is how our minds, create creations This little purple dragon has been making guests smile for decades, whether it be in his present form or with Dreamfinder, who is sorely missed by the way.

Figment has made appearances in the past where he be in puppet form with Dreamfinder or by himself, which the internet has firmly dubbed: With the Imagination Pavilion at Epcot almost entirely devoted to him, it's strange that Figment no longer comes out to greet guests. With the current state of Imageworks Lab that follows the Journey Into Imagination with Figment ride, having Figment make an appearance wouldn't be too bad of an idea.

I know many Disney fans would rejoice! The Blue Fairy She teaches Pinocchio to be brave, honest, and un-selfish. She also turns him into a human, but that's not the point. The Blue Fairy is one of the characters that really should get more recognition in the parks, but she's always overshadowed by The Fairy Godmother of Cinderella fame.

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She's been featured in many of the day parades in Magic Kingdom over the years, but rarely if ever, I don't recall ever seeing her makes her way out to see guests in the park. It would be nice to have her featured in Magic Kingdom during the day, especially since she has a big role in Wishes, the fireworks spectacular that closes the night everyday at Magic Kingdom.

I know there are some guests in the park that wonder who she is when she talks during the show, maybe a few meetings in the day could help her out some! Remy Okay, so maybe some of the Disney purists are going to jump on me when I say this, but I do think Remy might actually be cuter than Mickey. I know, Mickey is a mouse and Remy's a rat, but he's still flipping adorable.

And he can cook, which is always a plus. Remy is the lovable rat that dreams of being a chef. This tale from Disney-Pixar's Ratatouille was a huge success and Remy has turned out to be a really big character but yet it's really difficult to find him at Walt Disney World.

He was featured at Disney's Hollywood Studios when the film made it's debut, but since then he's become a rare appearance. I don't know why the won't bring him out more, he'd be a perfect fit in the France Pavilion at Epcot. They sell his merchandise, but maybe the reason he doesn't come out is that he's too busy making appearances inside Chefs de France, the pavilion's main fine dining restaurant.

I will say his appearances there are much more of a surprise though! The big question is that we've never met Donald's sister Being featured in various television shows from the 80ss Huey, Dewey, and Louie are no stranger to the small screen, but they've also made the leap onto the big screen with s Ducktales: But despite being very well known characters, I don't know if they've ever made an appearance in any of the Walt Disney World theme parks.

Perry The Platypus "Hey, where's Perry? Perry the Platypus and his secret agent alter ego Agent P is an immensely popular character that has yet to come out and see guests in the theme parks. After getting asked by guests repeatedly for almost a year, Disney finally got the ball rolling on bring Phineas and Ferb to the parks, but they forgot to bring their egg-laying mammal friend along.

Doofensmirtz from creating havoc across the world. Of course Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, and Candice make appearances as well. Perry has made appearances before in his Agent P persona. He's done promotional work for Disney many different times, but he's yet to find his own place at Walt Disney World. Jack Skellington Everyone hail the pumpkin king!

Not saying that he doesn't come from a fantastic film, but Jack Skellington has made a name for himself in the Disney Universe because he can bring in some cash in merchandise. Jack turned out to be one of the most marketable characters Disney has ever had due to his film's alternative draw and cult following.

Jack Skellington made appearances for years at Disneyland in California and fans on the east coast were literally foaming at the mouth waiting for him to come make his presence known at Walt Disney World. He finally did along with his main gal Sally during the premiere of Frankenweenie at Downtown Disney.

The line to meet the two had to be cut due to its length, people literally turned out in droves to meet him. The line to see Jack and Sally was sometimes frightening enough to scare Oogie Boogie away. With the amount of popularity Jack Skellington has, there's not really a reason Disney shouldn't have him out for more than just Halloween.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs was the first full length animated movie ever, and the fact that it is still as popular as it is today is really a testament to how great it truly is. Being a princess, Snow White is found everyday all over the Walt Disney World Resort, but the Dwarfs on the other hand aren't so fortunate.

Dopey used to accompany Snow White to her meet and greets, but after a while, he decided to go mine with his friends I don't know what they are. The dwarfs are pretty rare characters to see walking around in the open nowadays.

Either way you look at it, you're not really going to see the dwarfs unless you buy a ticket to an event. The fact that these little guys are some of the biggest and most popular characters in Disney history are just some of the reasons that they need to be out in the park more regularly.

sora meet and greet

Even if it's just one dwarf at a time! Roger Rabbit He's nutty and was one of the top Disney characters in the 80s and 90s. With the film being as big of a success as it was, and Roger being the lovable bunny rabbit that he is, you couldn't go wrong with him. Roger was featured in the parks just as much as Mickey Mouse.

Needless to say, he was pretty big! Going from being featured all over the place, to rarely ever making an appearance happened all too quickly for Roger. I still don't really understand what it was that made Disney decide to completely pull the plug on him, I believe if they had kept it up, he'd still be the powerhouse today that he was back then.

Kingdom Hearts Meet and Greets

Oswald was the first cartoon that Walt Disney found turn success with. The Oswald comics were what helped Disney become the powerhouse it is today. The rights to use Oswald were taken away, thus leading to Walt needing to create a new character, and you can probably guess who that was right?

Oswald was recently returned to the Walt Disney company in a trade. Since then he's been featured in the hit video game series: His clothes turn yellow in Master Form and white in Final Form, where he floats in the air.

He can also go Limit Form with the help of distant friends. This reverts him to his KH 1 clothes. However, if he Limit Drives too much with the exception of Final Formthe darkness in his heart overpowers him and turns him into Anti-Form, a black, Heartless-like version of himself who can only attack with speed and claws.

This also uses the power of both friends in battle. He is extremely strong, which is depicted by his appearance. In fact, he is so strong that he can withstand several gunshots and can destroy Heartless with a single hit. Sora's appearance can vary on the world he visits.

He becomes a Merman when visiting Atlanticaa classic black and white anime character in Timeless River where he also wore his KH1 outfit despite it being KH2and more drastically, a brown-furred lion cub in the Pride Lands. He sometimes wears an appropriate outfit as well, such as a Data armor in Space Paranoids, and a Halloween and Christmas outfit in the Nightmare Before Christmas world.

Powers and abilities Sora's primary strength lies in his ability to use the Keyblade, which not only allows him to vanquish the Heartless and other Darkness-based beings but also acts as his primary weapon against foes big and small. Unlike other Keyblade wielders, Sora did not inherit the ability to use the Keyblade from someone else. Instead, it chose him over Riku, it's true owner, due to the darkness in Riku's heart when the two of them were being absorbed by the darkness engulfing Destiny Islands.

Over the course of the series, Sora becomes a skilled fighter and has triumphed in various feats against the most dangerous of the game's enemies.

He is extremely strong, as he can crush rocks and some extremely powerful Heartless with a strike of the Keyblade. His strength affects the Keyblade's strength. Sora is also knowledgeable with magic, which allows him to cast various spells to aid him or cause damage onto foes. He can also use spells to heal himself and his allies or revive them whenever they fall in battle. Applying magic with his fighting skill, Sora can access other magical abilities that affect his own physical prowess, such as Drive Forms.

However, these abilities only last for short periods of time. Sora is also able to fight in combined attacks with allies or other characters.

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With allies, Sora can perform special attacks known as Limits in combat. In cases when the character is not physically available, Sora has the ability to summon them via Summon Gem, card, or charm for a temporary time.

Sora wakes up in Traverse Town. The two explain the Keyblade and the Heartless to him. Next, he meets Donald and Goofy. Sora begins traveling through many worlds, becoming good friends with Donald and Goofy and making other friends also. Again, he encounters Riku, who has just defeated the Beastwho had come to rescue Belle out of sheer willpower.

Defending the Beast, Sora stands against Riku. However, Riku takes control of Sora's Keyblade, claiming that he is the true master of the Keyblade. Donald and Goofy choose to abandon Riku and go with Sora because of their friendship with him. Because he has his friends, his heart finds new strength, allowing Sora to take the Keyblade back, to Riku's disbelief and shock that the Keyblade abandoned him so shortly after claiming it, and brings down Riku, who retreats in disgrace and shame.

Sora holding a comatose Kairi. When the group finds a comatose Kairi with the rest of the princesses in the Great Hall, Sora rushes to her to wake her up. Riku now possessed by Ansem appears and reveals that Kairi is asleep because her heart was within Sora the whole time, and proceeds to extract it from Sora, but Sora refuses to let Ansem take it so easily and faces him in combat. After defeating Ansem, Sora stabs himself with Ansem's Keyblade in order to release Kairi and the rest of the princesses' hearts, causing Sora to fade away and turn into a Heartless.

Although confused in his new form, Sora follows Donald, Goofy, and Kairi back to the Entrance Hall, where Kairi is able to recognize him and manages to turn Sora back to normal. However, the group is forced to flee as Heartless begin to flood Hollow Bastion from the unsealed Keyhole, placing Kairi in the safety of Traverse Town while the trio returns to close the final Keyhole, being aided by the awoken Princesses with holding back the darkness coming from the Keyhole, and the Beast, who refused to leave Hollow Bastion so long as he was reunited with Belle and could protect her from the Heartless.

Although successful, they discover that Ansem has departed to open Kingdom Hearts itself. Sora and company proceed to track Ansem down to the Door to Darkness in the End of the World and defeat him after he transforms himself and his Guardian into the World of Chaos in a final attempt to defeat them and claim victory.

Ansem, severely weakened and in desperation, tries to open the door, but Sora states that behind the door is light, which vaporizes Ansem. Sora promises that he'll come back to Kairi. Unfortunately, with the door opened, Heartless begin appearing.