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Thousands of holidaymakers left their cars with airport 'meet and greet' parking companies this summer believing they would be kept in secure. Welcome to Tudor Rose Gatwick car parking. We are an Approved Gatwick Operator for Meet and Greet parking, Valet car parking or holiday. If you are looking for Parking at Gatwick Airport our Valeting service might be a good option for you - you park your car securely with Airparks including the floors, seats and boot, leather and vinyl cleaning, windows cleaned inside and out, a full Airparks Meet and Greet Gatwick gootservice is important to me and I got it.

To that I replied well it must be someone within your company? To that he replied that they had a disgruntled staff member who they fired 2 weeks ago as he was stealing money from the company.

He had a feeling that their ex-employee might have stolen my car!! He obviously saw ' a window of opportunity when the van driver takes all the keys out at the same time and moves cars around. The so called ex-employee must have quickly identified my car keys as the tag would have said MERC He obviously wanted the latest model car.

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I was so shocked to hear this, the Manger was telling me that an ex staff member has stolen my car! He said 'believe me Madame, me and my brothers will be investigating the matter ourselves and paying this person a visit'.

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Again I just didn't know what else to say. I got their insurance details and name of the owner who by the way did not even come to see us. I left their office telling the manager to update me once he had spoken to his insurance company. We got home 7 hours later from arriving in the UK!

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Our car was immediately driven to a place with a fence, a gate, and a CCTV camera, but 24 hours later, our car was driven by what we can only assume is an RS09 employee to a residential address in Crawley. It then stayed there for eleven hours overnight, before being taken back to the car park. So what about the other two airports we tried? Then there was Luton. Although we put two cars in with two separate companies, Stress Free Parking Ltd and Swift Airport Parking Ltd, they were both taken to the same car park.

The whole point is to have it visible as a deterrent and there is none visible. As a piece of waste ground it was fine, as a secure car park, totally inadequate. Sky One Parking is operating at Gatwick Airport for last five years and very well-known and popular amongst its customers. This is our utmost priority to park the vehicles in a very safe manner.

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Due to the holiday season our parking facilities are over flowed unexpectedly with large number of vehicles. To overcome this issue and to make sure that we provide the uninterrupted service to our valued customers, we acquired an extra yard temporarily to accommodate a small number of vehicles.

We make sure that the yard is manned 24 hours a day with strict instructions to keep the gates closed all time. After your email we have ordered an investigation into the matter and the security staff is being interviewed. We take this opportunity to thank you for bringing this matter into our attention.

I can confirm that it was a member of staff that took the vehicle.