Finn and jake meet fionna cake chapter 4

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finn and jake meet fionna cake chapter 4

Finn and Jake meet a dying frog-turned gnome knight who is bestowed upon . In this gender-swapped episode, Fionna and Cake fight the evil Ice Queen from . episode was a continuation of the season 3 finale, and the season 4 finale. "Fionna and Cake" is a fan-fiction book written by the Ice King in the episode " Fionna Ice King was writing a sequel called "Fionna & Cake Meet Finn & Jake." . BMO looks about the odd scene at the dinner table. Finn and Jake sat opposite to Fiona and Cake. Fiona and Cake BMO scrutinizes at the.

We're taking you home," Cake stroked her long hair. I love being here with Ice King. I love…" her voice trails quietly until Marshall Lee firmly takes her shoulders and shakes her. Snap out of it ya dork! Only empty eyes stare look on, seeking out her master. Everything was completely messed up, this thing… this perfect little doll… this shell was not their Fionna. Undead hands slide down her cold arms, causing the callous demon to wince at how lifeless she really was.

finn and jake meet fionna cake chapter 4

Fionna stays here with me end of discussion. Cake's paws reach out to stop her sister's hypnotic march, but she's already stopped after just two steps. She won't budge any further with her hand tightly locked in Marshall Lee's. Still compelled forwards, but with no progress to be made, chained to an unmoving wall like the Vampire King. Instead, Marshall Lee raises up both their hands for all to see, a smarmy smirk on his lips, "It's not me. It was all Fionna, tightly gripping the underside of his wrist instead, refusing to let go.

This was the human girl, the heroine of Aaa they'd come to rescue. Whatever spell that was cast on her, she was in her own way fighting it. Skillfully Marshall Lee twirled Fionna back to his side, her dress rippling gracefully, long snowflake frosted hair tangling over her shoulders. The short dance set the Ice King into a tizzy, growling and preparing to turn the vampire into an icicle.

It was a blood red blade at his nose that reminded him that there were other adversaries to contend with. With a comical cry and flying kick from Jake, the crown of power was knocked off the balding head. The royal headpiece rolled across the floor under Marceline, who scooped it up and twirled it around one finger. The Ice King murmured under his breath, but slouched down in defeat regardless. His chest growls softly in an attempt to quiet her struggles, only to have her retaliate with a sharp heel to his shin.

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Readjusting his hold, he levitated them up just a few inches so she'd lose some leverage. Expectably he refused and denied knowing of any spell. It was becoming exceedingly irritating to play his game, but Marceline expertly kept her cool. No one here knew or remembered, but she'd been dealing with the Ice King's nonsense longer than anyone in Ooo.

Marceline scrutinized to girl with rapt interest, receiving a complacent stare in return. Her claws slither gently under the girls chin, turning her head left than right. She exhales a curious sigh, furrowing her brow as she stumbles upon a discovery. There's doubt in her mind, that there's anyway the feeble old man could achieve anything of this magnitude.

Regardless Marceline draws in a deep breath around her, drawing in the essence that is the girl, much like her devil father devours souls. No aura of her human soul appears.

Her male counterpart has the answer too, tightly squeezing his fingers into the girl's flesh, "You removed her soul? Marceline's own frown deepens as she turns to the cornered king. How did you even bring her here? This is way beyond you," to emphasize her point she waves the crown about, "Tell us! His shaggy white brow knits tighter, resolved not to reveal any secrets.

Carefully passing Fionna to Cake, he fluidly shifts his form, morphing into a large winged monster.

finn and jake meet fionna cake chapter 4

Before Marceline can thwart him, the vampire king has the old man pinned to the cavern. Shards of ice break loose, tinkling and shattering against the ground. The vampire kings friendly advice in not so much, "Than start thinking. Her whining protests are quite irritating, if not a bit sad as she loyally attempts to reach her imperiled king. Orange and white arms stretch and loop tighter around her, and attempt to soothe her with calming words. It wouldn't take much to extinguish the old wizard's life Marshall Lee knows.

There is no mercy for those that cross the vampire king, especially not this tiresome old fool, probably not even his world's Ice Queen. Still something holds him back, and it's not the fact Marceline is trying to pry his arm away from the Ice King's throat. Quick to right herself, she flips her dark locks out of her way, cursing the arrogance of this doppelganger.

Her form steadily morphs into an equally gruesome form to match and hopefully exceed her alternate self's strength.

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The sudden release causes Marceline pause, hoping that a repeat of the days earlier rampage is not necessary. The old king slumps down onto the floor, coughing but quick to scramble away from the angered creature. Still he tries to get the last word in, "Fionna and I love…" "That thing is not Fionna!

His head drops down, messy black locks covering his demon eyes. AKA his snooty highness," Marshall smirks, "Seems there' others that wound up in this place. If this was really Gumball and she's right about her gut feeling on Marshall, then You oughta tell her you're here.

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Now Marceline had to tell the Princess. But just as she's about to burst into Bonnibel's lab, Marshall yanks her towards the doors.

Let me-" "Come one I can't stand the air in this snobbish place. He mockingly bows to Gumball before leaving. Gumball scratches his head, confused. Peppermint butler suddenly bursts in, arms flailing.

Fionna and Cake (book)

We must prepare for a national snowstorm! Amid all the head-reeling revelations, he'd forgotten that if all his comrades and rivals were here, then she must be here as well. His crazy stalker, Ice Queen. And if this world was really such a reciprocate, then there is a male version of her probably as nutty and powerful as she. He didn't like it. He'd gotten a whiff of the scent lingering on these doppelgangers of the Princess, Finn and Jake.

They smelled of magic, the kind of Magic so great and dangerous Belle Noche had to be created to destroy it. It is dark in the lab, save for green luminescence where Bubblegum was crouched over her work.

There is trouble approaching from the Ice Kingdom! I've seen the clouds! We must tell the citizens to lock down! The green luminescence lamp fizzles as the electricity is suddenly sapped and all of the kingdom goes into darkness.

The night scares several of the citizens and they explode. Some get angry about being interrupted in the middle of their business.

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They bump into each other blindly shrieking as a sudden chill settles from the sky. Powders of fine snow rain down like sugar as voluminous clouds gather in the night. Blue lightning streaks across, growing in intensity. Fionna and Cake start to fight her before she mysteriously disappears.

Gumball who is apparently unharmed arranges a date with Fionna. Cake decides to come along to help Fionna out. The group then flies through the air while Gumball serenades Fionna with the song "Oh, Fionna" and eventually asks her to be his girlfriend. When Fionna and Cake get to the ball, Prince Gumball takes Fionna to his room decorated with candles and rose petals and locks the door.

finn and jake meet fionna cake chapter 4

She becomes flustered and backs away when he begins to take his shirt off. A drop of water lands on her shoulder, she looks up to see the real Prince Gumball trapped inside a giant icicle on the ceiling. The fake prince is revealed to be Ice Queen. Fionna is soon incapacitated; Cake senses trouble and rushes to her rescue. Enraged by the deception, Fionna takes out the crystal sword to fight. Cake hears noises from downstairs and senses Fionna is in trouble.

Undaunted, Fionna uses the ice to beat Ice Queen over the head. Ice Queen pushes her off with a burst of snow which allows Fionna to get close to enough to break Prince Gumball free and knock out the Ice Queen with a broken icicle.