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Fareed Zakaria is host of CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS." This article is adapted from the conclusion to "The Legacy of Barack Obama," which airs. "fareed zakaria gps" is next. this is "gps," and welcome to all of you in the united . in a way that defies morality. so in , after more than a decade of decline, . we are now talking about, who would have thought 17 years after 9/11, . and one of the things then someone has to do in the nsc meeting is at. MEET THE TEAM program held by the Nashville-based Global Action Platform, columnist, author and TV host Fareed Zakaria delivered a keynote address.

Hide Caption 6 of 22 Photos: Richard Nixon's life and career Republican presidential nominee Dwight D. The Eisenhower-Nixon ticket won the election that year.

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Hide Caption 7 of 22 Photos: The two leaders engaged in an informal debate about the merits of capitalism versus communism at the opening of the American National Exhibition in Moscow. Hide Caption 8 of 22 Photos: Richard Nixon's life and career Nixon poses for a portrait with his wife, Pat, and their daughters, Tricia and Julie, circa Hide Caption 9 of 22 Photos: Kennedy take part in a televised debate during their presidential campaign. Kennedy won the election that year. Richard Nixon's life and career Republican presidential candidate Nixon campaigns in New York in Hide Caption 11 of 22 Photos: Richard Nixon's life and career Nixon addresses supporters after winning his party's nomination again in Hide Caption 12 of 22 Photos: Hide Caption 13 of 22 Photos: The president was on hand to greet the astronauts after their splashdown in the Pacific.

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Richard Nixon's life and career InNixon announces the invasion of Cambodia to the American public. Hide Caption 16 of 22 Photos: Richard Nixon's life and career President Nixon, left, briefs the Congressional leadership in before his televised announcement of the ceasefire in the Vietnam War.

Hide Caption 17 of 22 Photos: Richard Nixon's life and career InNixon ran a successful re-election campaign. Gerald Ford, right, became his vice president when Spiro Agnew resigned in Hide Caption 18 of 22 Photos: Richard Nixon's life and career Surrounded by family members, Nixon delivers his resignation speech on August 9, Add in professional psycho-social services, which research shows help patients and families better manage the stress of diagnosis and treatment, and you have the best and most comprehensive speciality setting for successful recovery from cancer.

All of which makes for superb coordination of care among clinicians and better results for patients. Cambridge developed state-of-the-art multispecialty clinics for Mercy in Arkansas and Missouri, facilitating efficient, patient-centered workflows.

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Nearly one million square feet later, THR continues to find ways to engage with its nearly 7-million person community. THR has developed a population health strategy to keep people out of the hospital — including working with Healthways to measure well-being and with the Blue Zones Project to create a more walkable, bikeable Fort Worth. In response, Texas Health Resources opened one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the country with a focus on quality, wellness, prevention and education — all close to home.

The hospital includes a medical office building developed by Cambridge which is integrated into the facility design to provide for convenient access between outpatient and inpatient service areas. The medical office facility includes an ambulatory surgery center, imaging, therapy and multi-specialty physician offices.

As part of a market-wide expansion of surgical services across Dallas-Fort Worth, Cambridge developed three short-stay hospitals in partnerships with THR and physicians, along with another short-stay hospital and medical office building project in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The strategy paid off. Patient and staff satisfaction in these types of facilities is among the highest in any market. We think our best efforts involve bringing everyone together to contribute diverse skill sets, innovative ideas and varied perspectives.