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ward 2 meet your candidates la

This event will include an opportunity to meet and talk with the Ward 1 We will be hosting a Meet N' Greet with Ward 2 City Council Candidates on Thursday, .. Diane Burns est la conseillère scolaire au sein du Conseil des. Meet the people running in Windsor, Essex County and Pelee · #WEvotes - CBC Windsor's municipal election coverage Ward 1 | Ward 2 | Ward 3 | Ward 4 | Ward 5 | Ward 6 | Ward 7 | Ward 8 | Ward 9 | Ward 10 .. at St Clair College / Treasurer of "La Fondation Richelieu International" / Vice-President "La. The City of Toronto will be carrying out a ward election after the Court of Appeal .. I recently met with renowned Transit Expert and Head of the European Union 2) How do you plan to reduce criminal activity in Toronto? .. Minh Le Jaye Robinson* Nikola Streker. Councillor, Ward 16 Don Valley East.

I'm a people person with very strong team building and community networking skills. My goal is to protect our community's lifestyle, environment and heritage for many future generations. The City of Guelph is an attractive community to many newcomers therefore it attracts a lot of new development proposals but the needs of the community and the environment must come first.

I'm prepared to work tirelessly to preserve Guelph's quality of life. Mary Thring What is the most important issue facing your ward? I would like all of us to feel safe in our homes, have access to green space and have a sense of stability and optimism about our neighbourhoods and communities.

The crime rate is increasing year over year. While I support the police, we need to examine the Guelph Police Service approach to community policing. We need a stronger and more comprehensive approach to illegal drug use and the opioid crisis. Addiction is a complex issue and Guelph needs an effective and wide-ranging strategy to address this concern and its impact on our residents. We need to respect and enhance our urban forests and tree canopy in existing neighbourhoods and new developments.

Trees are one of the most helpful mitigators against climate change, are cost-effective and an investment in the future. We need more parks and managed green space, and to protect our natural heritage, rivers and groundwater.

We need to make long-term commitments to building sustainably, to ensure both market desirability and mandated growth. The city needs to use the tools of zoning and planning to require greater variety, imagination and energy efficiency in our built environment. We need a healthy variety of housing stock for a broad range of incomes. This also means providing for and managing increased traffic.

A city that can't move people and goods safely and efficiently can't thrive and grow. For sustainable growth, we need to look to the opportunities posed by clean, alternative industries and new technologies for innovation and stable employment.

ward 2 meet your candidates la

Why are you running for council? I was thrilled to return eight years ago to the city that I grew up in, and make my home in Ward 2. As a city, there is a lot we can be proud of and there are many reasons for optimism.

ward 2 meet your candidates la

We enjoy relative prosperity, and continue to work toward mandated growth. There are, however, things that can be done or made better. I believe that elected officials and those who are paid by the public purse are absolutely responsible to the people who entrust them with the stewardship of their interests.

I would like people in Guelph to have a clearer understanding of the city's finances. People need to see that resources are being managed appropriately and responsibly.

ward 2 meet your candidates la

This means municipal communications that include benchmarks and key performance indicators. People need and want to know how their money is spent and why. A city councillor should not represent any particular special interest or advocacy group. A councillor should be neutral, open to consider issues from all perspectives, and balance the viewpoints of all stakeholders. For a city councillor to be truly effective it is important to really listen to their constituents, to be non-partisan, and to work collaboratively around the council table and with city staff to address the practical realities of living in Guelph, which, after all, is council's job.

He said this was not the right time because the city has to get back to focusing on priorities. Shale Ward 4 also said no and added that the money already spent on studies and design work could have been better spent on other city priorities. Fex Ward 2 said he was in favour, but with conditions. Feldman Ward 2who described himself as a pool user on a regular basis for several years, said no. Feldman said he uses the pool often and said not one of the regular swimming crowd has spoken of the need for a new pool.

Campbell Ward 3 also said no to the pool project and added it is a project where there has been no needs study done. Nor is there any indication of what the operating costs might be for a new facility, he said.

Meet the candidates in Cambridge's Ward 2

Speaking in favour was candidate Dorrington Ward 3 who said in her experience of knocking on doors and speaking to prospective voters, people do support the pool. She said she would like to see the complex include a new arena at the outset. She said in order to retain the population in Timmins and to attract new families, the city needs newer and modern facilities such as the rec complex. She added the project would be contingent on provincial and federal funding.

Auger Ward 2 said no. He said any new pool or recreational facility is only going to drive up taxes. Wawrzaszek Ward 2 spoke up to say he was in favour of a new pool complex. He said the current pool is inadequate and is closed too often for maintenance. Council spending Candidates were also asked what procedure or process should be used when city council decides to spend money on unbudgeted projects such as the new Whitney firehall and integrated emergency services building at Northern College.

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It would provide us with an opportunity to build a mixed-use neighbourhood on this section of the waterfront to attract a mix of film and technology companies, and other commercial uses, alongside beautiful, green, waterfront side housing and retail. City-wide, one of the greatest challenges to affordability in Toronto is housing. My housing affordability plan includes buildingpurpose-built affordable rental homes in the next 10 years, along with an innovative Rent-to-Own program to help people make the leap from renting to owning.

Your property tax bill is the biggest single cheque that you write to the city every year. Through prudent leadership we have made major investments in transit, housing and poverty reduction while keeping tax increases at or below the rate of inflation.

I am committed to keeping this promise in the next term to keep Toronto affordable. I am proud that during my time as Mayor we have made transit more affordable through the low-income fair pass, Kids Ride Free program and the hop-on-hop-off two-hour transfer.

An area where we need to do more in the next term is building more affordable housing. I am committed to building 40, affordable housing units over 12 years. Through developing city-owned land, inclusionary zoning and partnerships with private industry, we can achieve this target and offer thousands of families an affordable place to live each year. Large employers, with large workforces, will only locate or remain in a city where their employees, customers and clients can find housing, and are not stuck in gridlock.

My housing and transportation platforms are the most important when it comes to job creation. Toronto must also nurture and encourage entrepreneurs, who are important job creators themselves. We must reduce the red tape that sees permits for legitimate business taking months or even years to be granted.

We must reduce the far too high property tax on small businesses. We must make sure that there is available and affordable space for artists, musicians and other independent small businesses to create, exhibit and sell their offerings to the public.

By addressing zoning laws, the way we generate revenue and our housing and transportation challenges we will be a city with economic opportunity for all residents. I will stimulate local economies in all of our Neighborhood Improvement Areas by creating subsidies for small businesses to hire locally. I will render Toronto the Conventions Capital of North America by leveraging my relationships with international partners and civil society organizations to make Toronto their first-choice host city for annual conventions generating new streams of revenue for our city.

I will increase per capita funding to the arts and culture sector which currently contributes This is why investing in arts and culture is necessary to enjoy continued economic development.

I will support programs designed to give young people entrepreneurial skills to succeed in creative endeavors in the City of Toronto. I will commit to investing in programs like Hxouse- an incubator and accelerator that is at the forefront of fostering innovation and opportunity for creative entrepreneurs. The City is planning to spend billions of dollars on major infrastructure projects over the next 10 years, and Community Benefit Agreements are a great way to ensure that local Toronto workers can share in that prosperity.

I will develop rules as part of the development application process to mandate that all major private sector development projects include a Community Benefits Agreement to support local hiring and achieve social, economic and environmental benefits for the local communities impacted by proposed developments. Intel, Microsoft, Uber and Shopify all in one week expanded their footprint in Toronto.