Tom jones meet elvis

Elvis Presley and Tom Jones

tom jones meet elvis

Dec 15, Tom Jones has thought a lot about Elvis Presley. As a teenage fan growing up in a small village in South Wales, Jones used to tell his rock. Tom Jones: I went to Paramount studios in Hollywood to talk about a song for a movie, and they said 'Elvis is here today filming and he would like to meet you'. Jan 20, The pair have met before a number of times after Tom met her late husband Elvis back in the Sixties and the trio then posed for a picture as they.

I did the same thing for myself. I thought, 'I want to go out there and do what I feel is natural for me'. My own singing career had taken off, with three hit records and a big-selling album, and I was on my first trip to America.

Elvis Presley and Tom Jones

I went to Paramount Studios to talk about recording a song for a movie and someone told me that Elvis was filming on the neighboring sound stage and wanted to say hello.

I thought to myself, 'Oh, my God! Surely Elvis Presley doesn't know who I am'. But I walked on the set, where he was sitting in a helicopter, and he sort of waved in my direction. I couldn't believe he was waving at me, but I waved back, just in case.

Then he came over and said he knew every track on my album and he sang one of my songs, With These Hands, all the way through. He said to me, 'How the hell do you sing like you do? He told me that when he heard me singing What's New Pussycat?

I thought that was a bit ironic, as I'd thought he was black when I first heard him singing.

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That was when our friendship began, but it wasn't until three years later, inthat he paid me the ultimate compliment. He hadn't done any stage shows for some years because he'd been too busy making films and turning out hit records. He was making a stage come back in Las Vegas, but was nervous about whether audiences would accept him. The music scene had moved into groups by then, and I was one of the very few solo singers performing in Vegas, so he wanted to see how I went down.

I couldn't believe it. Luckily, I didn't know in advance which show he would he attending; otherwise I'm sure I would've been terrified. Afterwards, he carne backstage and said I'd given him the confidence to perform live again. He told me, 'Everything's changed so much.

Groups are big now, with The Beatles being so successful, and I was afraid that the day of the solo performer was over.

Tom Jones Remembers Elvis Presley

Also, I didn't want to put on a show that would seem old-fashioned, but you've shown me that there's still a big demand for the sort of thing I do'. So, Elvis made his comeback, and was a huge success. I was very pleased about that because I felt I'd been able to do something positive to help him in return for all the musical enjoyment he'd given me.

He, though, didn't see it like that.

Elvis Presley and Tom Jones | The Flamingo Hotel | June 10,

Elvis Presley came to the show with his new wife Priscilla. He was also accompanied by his buddies the Memphis Mafia. He sat in the front row, probably only 10 feet away from me. As we played through the show, I could see that he was turned on by the music which we played with great passion. Elvis was on the edge of his seat throughout the show until we reached the climax of the show with a number called Land of a Thousand Dances, a Wilson Picket number. The whole thing starts with a groovy drum and guitar riff.

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As I looked out to the audience, Elvis was out of his seat and the whole thing went along like a train. We were high on adrenaline and gave it our all. When it came to my guitar solo, Tom would dance towards me and me towards him, playing my heart out.

tom jones meet elvis

We had a picture taken, and he said to me, 'How the hell do you sing like that'? And I said, 'Well, you are partly to blame, you know, listening to your records in the 50s'. He said, 'What's it like in Wales then? You come from Wales? And he said, 'Do all people sing like that in Wales? My volume is where I come from'.

So I said, 'It's a combination.

tom jones meet elvis

I have a Welsh voice, but because of American music influencing me so much, I am sounding like I do'. Because they thought I was black, you know.

When they first started playing my records in America, they thought I was black. And so did Elvis Presley. Which was strange for him to say because they thought he was black when he started. We became friends from that day on, and that was in We were friends until just before he died. We worked Vegas a lot together, at the same time.

He came to see me at The Flamingo in '68, because he said he wanted to make a comeback, live, because he hadn't sung live for years.