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one piece meet franky morales

Franky also noted angrily that his bounty was the only one among the .. At the beginning of the Movie after the Going Merry was taken the Straw Hats met a thief called Borodo. Miles Morales and the Spider-Verse Heroes Explained. Usopp advises Franky that they must dock the ship because the riders have an . Upon entering they meet the owner of the bar Shakuyaku (Shakky for short), .. Luffy is quickly losing his morale after seeing four of crew disappear right before. Voices roar as the fake Luffy boosts his followers' morale. the newly refurbished Thousand Sunny, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper meet up with Franky and Robin.

However, as he says that, a pirate ship suddenly floats back up from underwater, now cut in half. The captain of the ship scolds an individual on the mast, complaining how he ruined their dream to get to the New World. The said figure is not phased and just tells him it was their bad luck to meet him. It is then revealed that the person on the mast is none other then Zoro, who grumbles about getting on the wrong ship. Chopper gallops through Sabaody Archipelago's Grove 35, in his reindeer form, yelling wildly for Robin the fake one that was kidnapped while also questioning the actions of the Straw Hats the fake ones.

He abruptly stops as Usopp and Nami ride by on one of the Archipelago's bubble contraptions calling to him. Finally reunited on the island, they embrace as long-seen old friends. Both Usopp and Nami comment about how big and fluffy Chopper has become as he tries to separate fake Nami from the real one before him in his mind. Catching himself, Chopper informs them of Robin's kidnapping. Revelations abound as all three ride the bubble, Chopper is brought up to speed on what's going on such as that the kidnapped Robin is a fake as the real one would not be easy to catch and that the Straw Hats he met before were also fakes.

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Chopper, though, swoons at the idea of how famous he is motivating him to want to create a signature. Usopp comments that he's already created his own while Nami adds that they are famous in a bad way.

Meanwhile, Fake Zoro and Fake Sanji chase after the real Chopper, after their Captain makes the realization that it was the real "pet", but run into Luffy also the real one whose identity they are still ignorant of. Upon his last run-in and Hancock's suggestion, he finally dons the fake mustache given to him and mistakes the fakes for the real ones though they question whether he was the "kid" they were looking for.

In Grove 41, the real Zoro states his intention to fish at the beach. The real Sanji responds by yelling at him explaining they do not have time to search for a "wayward marimo" should Zoro's incredible talent for getting lost remain intact and that they, together, should head to the ship as everyone will gather there soon.

Turning away from Sanji, Zoro complains to himself that 7 thinks he's so high and mighty over 1, with the numbers being a reference to the order the Straw Hats arrived on the archipelago. Sanji, now beyond annoyed by Zoro, starts a fight. Caribou spots a Marine spy. In Grove 46, a Marine is spying on the new rookies trying to join the "Straw Hats". He confirms four of them: Gashed Albion at a bounty of 92,, Lip Service Doughty at a bounty of 88, and the brothers Caribou, Wet-hair and Blood Splattered, at bounties of , and ,, respectively.

As the Marine is speaking on the den-den mushi, he further adds how unthinkable it would be for the future if this company of people were to be united as one crew with "Straw Hat Luffy's" as their Captain, when Wet-hair Caribou suddenly looms over from behind the fractured wall that the Marine was leaning against.

The Marine falls back on the ground in horror as the Caribou Brothers intimidate him, prompting his superiors to bring in back up upon realizing that their mole had been spotted at the other end of the Den Den Mushi line.

Frightened, the Marine reaches for his gun causing Wet-hair to stab him with a spear. Further increasing the severity of their action, Blood-splattered starts digging a grave as his older brother preaches to God on the "sins" this Marine has committed. Tensions rise as a confrontational statement is heard "That's as far as you go, Caribou"! Luffy with Fake Zoro and Fake Sanji.

Voices roar as the rotund fake Luffy amplifies his followers spirits, who all believe that following him will lead their pirating careers to greater heights, having achieve such notoriety in the past for instigating massive damage upon the three prominent facilities of the World Government Enies Lobby, Impel Down, and Marineford. Some of them even root for him as a worthy candidate for the next Pirate King, and being part of his crew meant some shared glory in the future. He appropriates them as extensions of himself, his "hands" and "legs".

His orders are to find and crush the real Straw Hats that humiliated him. Luffy speaks to the fakes assuming them to be the real ones yet noticing that they are more friendly than he remembers. The fakes call for their captain's attention, and the target, Luffy, stands before his eyes.

Unfortunately, the Marines and his former managers have flanked him. The Marines confirm him as "Humming Brook" with a 33, bounty and a member of the Straw Hat crew. Brook's fans become distressed at the news, while others were silently musing that Brook should be granted leniency, even if he truly was a member of the Straw Hats, since that crew of Pirates were long thought to be dead and gone.

His managers explained that by honestly telling them that Brook would be retiring, it would be the end of the business exploit hence inciting them to have Brook die with them. In fact, this incites Brook to call on his band and dancers in helping him declare that the rumors were false. Ridiculous--Tell This to the World. The Marines are held by the fans as Brook rocks the concert ready to go to the New World.

The Straw Hats reunite with Franky. Back on the Thousand Sunny, newly refurbished, Nami, Usopp and Chopper meet up with the rest of the crew. Usopp holds Chopper as he gawks at the new upgrades on Franky who now sports concealable hands within his giant ones and a hair-frizz feature. Nami is overjoyed to see the real Robin again and, to a shyer extent, the real Franky. Rayleigh and Shakky show up. Shakky updates the current crew on deck where the others are and the situations on the archipelago.

Rayleigh heads to Nami intent on teaching her how to navigate a coated ship. Usopp, worried since Luffy has not shown up, asks about him. Rayleigh replies with a smile on his face that Luffy has already disembarked. Edit Meanwhile, in Grove 33, one of the Marines report in that they are unable to capture Brook as the crowd has held them back and the musician had run off during the chaos. We soon find that he was with the Flying Fish Riders who comment that Shakky told them to pick him up.

Brook is more than grateful and excited to reunite with the Straw Hats. In Grove 41, Franky contacts Sanji with Zoro, telling him where to meet up.

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When Zoro asks what going on, Sanji slowly spells it out for him causing a brief argument. However it's interrupted when they notice some noise coming from a nearby island. In Grove 46, the Fake Luffy is about to sic his pirates on the real Luffy, commenting that it'll serve as a warning to whomever crosses him while Luffy asks Fake Zoro and Fake Sanji if he Fake Luffy is a friend of theirs. Before anything can happen, the Marines arrive and surround the pirates, ordering Fake Luffy's surrender.

Fake Luffy orders Caribou and Coribou to use the Marine they wounded earlier as a shield to make an exit. Caribou however comments that it's too tall an order and kills the Marine right then and there, claiming it was punishment for lying about not calling the Marines. Pacifistas attacking the recruits of the Impostor Straw Hat Crew.

With their bargain chip gone, the Marines rush the pirates who attack in kind. The real Luffy wonders what the heck going on as his fake self quickly loses control of the situation.

If that is not bad enough, the Pacifistas arrive and begin shooting at the pirates. Doughty is caught in the blast and knocked out, surprising the pirates that an 88, bounty did not stand a chance.

Return to Sabaody Arc

But Pappag comments that wounding one would make the offender the target of one the admirals. When asked what gives the nobles such special treatment, the starfish tells them that they are the descendants of the ones that created the World Governmentand due to this they have become abusive with their influence.

The Eleven Supernovas Edit Despite having witnessed the cruelty of the nobles, the group continue on encountering a few bounty hunters along the way. After Luffy, Chopper and Brook easily take care of them, the group find themselves in Grove 16 which Hatchan explains is a lawless region of the island. He goes on to explain that Grove which make up the interior of the island are like this while the surrounding Groves house the entertainment and shopping districts. Finally after a bit of traveling, they reach Grove 13 and a bar where the coating engineer is said to stay.

The elite rookie pirates: Upon entering they meet the owner of the bar Shakuyaku Shakky for shorta former pirate and friend of Hatchan. After the usual meet and greet, Shakky reveals she been following the Straw Hats' exploits and that she was even chased by Garp during her pirate career. When asked about the engineer Rayleigh, Shakky tells them he is not there though has not left the island. When Luffy suggest waiting for him, she reveals that he has not been back in a half a year pretty much wandering the island's bars and casinos.

Hearing this, the group agree on searching for him to which Shakky warns them to be careful in doing so, as since the Straw Hats arrival, that now makes eleven rookie pirates with over , bounties on them that have reached the Red Line, Luffy being the second highest of the ranks in terms of bounties. The story then shows said pirates, most who are in grove First off comes Capone "Gang" Bege ,a mafia type pirate who is dining at a restaurant and complaining of the food.

When one of his crew tries to warn him of the Marines, he attacks him with a fork. Then we meet "Big Eater" Jewelry Bonney ,who's in the same restaurant and living up to her title by eating an enormous amount of food and demanding more of it despite the cooks going as fast as they can. There is also "The Magician" Basil Hawkins ,who tells a pirate who got spaghetti spilled on him that its an unlucky day for him.

In another section of the grove two of the rookies Eustass "Captain" Kid , and "Roar of the Sea" Scratchmen Apoo , are fighting against one another. Meanwhile, in Grove 21, two more pirates are doing the same: As Drake walks on, the last of the rookies, "Surgeon of Death" Trafalgar Law ,asks him how many people he has killed.

We then go back to Luffy's group as Shakky tells them all the pirate beyond this point are the best of the best.

one piece meet franky morales

She also reveals that Eustass only has a higher bounty than Luffy himself because he caused damage to civilians and that she's rooting for the Straw Hats. Even after hearing this, Luffy responds that he will just relax for the time being but is a bit worried for the engineer. However Shakky tells him Rayleigh will be fine because he's times stronger than all the rookies. Edit Finished at the bar, Luffy's group soon head out to look for Rayleigh. Shakky sees them off, informing them that although the Marines are aware of some of the big names on the island, they have their hands full with another matter and gives one last warning not to make a big scene before they head out.

Meanwhile in another section, another kidnapping group led by a large individual named 'Hound Pets' Peterman has found out about Camie being a mermaid through the bounty hunters the Straw Hats encountered earlier and plans to kidnap her.

Luffy's group reach Grove Though moreover spend their search riding the rides and having good time, even fulfilling Camie's dream of riding the Ferris Wheel. However unknown to them, they are being followed by Peterman. Meanwhile in Grove 24, we meet another noble Saint Charlos who was left behind by Shalulia and their father, which he blames on the pirate he was riding on like a horse by kicking him. Charlos then spots some doctors transporting an gravely injured man by stretcher and stops them.

One of the doctors plead with Charlos to let them pass so they can save the man, the hospital being right in front of them. Charlos however "helps" by kicking the stretcher over, asking which is more important: He then spots the nurse with them and instantly claims her to be his wife.

Both the nurse, named Marie, and one of the doctors, who incidentally is her fiancee, object to this which Charlos responds by shooting the man with his pistol much to Marie's horror. Charlos then has his servant take Marie away as she pleas for someone to help her lover. Zoro just happens to walk by, minding his business and of course ignorant of the rules about nobles but catches the attention Charlos who steps in his way.

Zoro ask if he need directions which angers Charlos, the noble instantly pulls his pistol on Zoro and fires. But the swordsman easily dodges and goes for a counter attack. Bonney however tackles Zoro into the ground before he can do so, putting up an act as if he was shot and killed. Charlos, at first thinking Zoro dodged, shrugs it off and buys it before he and his subordinates go on their way.

Once gone, Bonney instantly chastises Zoro for his actions and almost bringing the admirals on them. Zoro however is clueless to the whole situation while most of the supernovas, who were watching and commenting on everything, are impressed by his strength and murderous intent.

Zoro then picks up the doctor that was shot and goes to locate a hospital, much to the confusion of Bonney since after all he is a pirate. Back on the Sunny, Franky, Usopp and Sanji are taking a break when the Den Den Mushi calls revealing Chopper on the other end, he frantically informs them that that Camie was kidnapped yet again.

one piece meet franky morales

Peterman's gang somehow got the drop on Luffy's group and manage to steal her away, making matters worse is that they do not know which group took her and where she is since the island is very big and there are many human shops. Sanji tells them to stand by, since they are dealing with a kidnapping gang they need experts in this field. To which Sanji reveals he's calling the Flying Fish Riders.

Duval and his gang soon reach the Thousand Sunny albeit latewith him still going on about how handsome he is. But soon he and the Straw Hats get to the task at hand. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Brook is pretty calm about it, even having a cup of tea. Chopper yells at him for this, but Brook convinces him to relax by mentioning Sanji has it covered until they get there.

However they take the calming bit overboard by the time the Fish Riders reach them, earning them some bumps on the head before they set off to search. The Flying Fish Riders then split up to find kidnapping teams while a few go off to collect the remaining Straw Hats.

Meanwhile in a human shop in Grove 22, Luffy shaking down the owner on if they have Camie, but the shop does not, the only mermaid they have being an extremely ugly one. The three leave with Luffy and Pappag shouting out for Camie and drawing attention to themselves. Pappag cries, blaming himself for the mermaid kidnapping as it was when he went to go get ice cream for Camie when she was abducted. The starfish then goes on about how he shouldn't have brought her to the island in the first place, claiming it wasn't just kidnappers but the whole island is their enemy.

In a shopping mall in Grove 30, Robin explains to Nami the history of the relationship between human, fish, and mermen.

one piece meet franky morales

Two hundred years ago, the Fish-Men race was classified as just that, fish, and were persecuted by humans. Even with their superior strength, human numbers outweighed their own with kidnapping and slave trade being the most common of methods on the Fish-Men. Finally the World Government signed a treaty with Fish-Man Island and these method were abolished though Sabaody Archipelago still continues this trade.

As she finishes the explanation with her theory on why Hachi and Camie have to hide their true form, some of the Fish Riders arrive with Franky quickly explaining what happen to Camie. Back in 22, Pappag also finishes explaining this story to Luffy and continues to rant about not letting Camie come to the island.

Hachi tries to apologize for the trouble but Luffy dismisses the apology by telling them they have done nothing wrong, and tells the two that all three of them are their friends now and that he vows to save Camie no matter what.

one piece meet franky morales

Just as he makes this claim, they spot the Flying Fish Riders heading toward them. We then shift to Grove 1 which is home to an human auction ground. Peterman has just left the ground, having given them Camie while Rosward and Shalulia soon arrive at the house. Also there are Kid, Killer and their crew, as well as Trafalgar Law who flips Kid off after catching his glance. Meanwhile, in the waiting room of the building, Camie is brought before the head auctioneer named Disco who is excited to have a young mermaid in the auction.

Camie yells that Hatchan will make them pay which earns her a slap and beating from Disco though the pleas of his subordinates stop him as he "damaging the merchandise". However Camie still presses her threat, before Disco can become more angry with her though he suddenly passes out. As his staff rush to find a doctor, one of the captive, a giant, tells another that he knows he was the cause of Disco fainting with his "burst of spirit".

When asked who he is, the culprit just claims he's an old man that cannot ignore a young girl. The Auction House Incident Edit At a Marine base, it is revealed to Garp that Rayleigh is being sold at the auction house, who comments that he probably is selling himself to pay off a gambling dept.

one piece meet franky morales

Revelations abound as all three ride the chari, Chopper is brought up to speed on what is going on such as the kidnapped Robin being a fake, as the real one would not be easy to catch, after all those years evading capture it'd be unlike her to get shoved into a bag and kidnapped, and the Straw Hats he met before were also fakes.

Chopper, though, is elated by the idea of how famous he is, motivating him to want to create a signature. Usopp comments that he has already created his own, while Nami adds that they are famous in a bad way. Meanwhile, the fake Sanji and Zoro chase after the runaway Chopper the real oneafter their captain realizes that he was the real one, only to run into Luffy also the real one whose identity they still do not know.

After his last run-in, as per Hancock's suggestion, he finally dons the fake mustache given to him, and mistakes the fakes for the real ones though they question whether he was the "kid" they were looking for. Back in Grove 41, Zoro states his intention to fish at the beach. Sanji responds by yelling at him explaining they do not have time to search for a "wayward marimo" should Zoro's incredible talent for getting lost remain in tact and that they, together, should head to the ship as everyone will gather there soon.

Turning away from Sanji, Zoro complains to himself that 7 thinks he is better than 1. The numbers are a reference to the order the Straw Hats arrived on the archipelago, hence Zoro's complaint. Sanji, now beyond annoyance from Zoro's comment, starts a fight.

In Grove 46, a Marine is spying on the new rookies, trying to join the "Straw Hats". He confirms four of them: The Marine falls back on the ground in horror as Caribou and Coribou intimidate him. Frightened, the Marine reaches for his gun while the enemy's back is turned, causing Caribou to stab him with a spear.