Mike rashid powerlifting meet schedule

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mike rashid powerlifting meet schedule

“Running a mock meet 6 weeks away from USAPL Raw Nationals. Can You Survive Powerlifting – Powerlifting Motivation · Bradley Martyn – lb All cable back routine | Mike Rashid · Leg Workout With Ben Pakulski | How to Squat . THE SENIOR NATIONAL POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS. Powerlift Schedule of Events: Competition will start Sat- .. ing world, much like Mike Bridges Rashid. lifters, 3 first; 3rd: Logan: s lifters, 1 first, 2 se-. Place, Fed, Date, Location, Meet Name, Division, Age, Equip, Class, Weight, Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Total, Wilks. 1, USPA, , USA-CA, Boss of Bosses.

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mike rashid powerlifting meet schedule