Kobeys swap meet dogs allowed

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kobeys swap meet dogs allowed

Purchase of a Seller's License (the "License") offered by Kobey's Swap Meet (" Kobey's") constitutes be considered public and available for dissemination at Kobey's sole discretion as allowed by Bus. . No dogs/cats may be offered for sale. Anthony Pretto invites you to sell your wares at Kobey's Swap Meet. Some of our sellers have been selling at Kobey's for over 20 years. Yes, Kobey's is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday Are pets allowed in the swap meet?.

For a complete list click here. How do you obtain them? If you are selling new items, yes, you will. For information on how to obtain a California Seller's Permit click here. Do you rent tables?

If so, how much per day? For our full price list of rental items click here. How big are your rental tables? Do you rent canopies? Can I pay for a space with a credit card or mail you a check or money order? Do I need to book my space in advance? If so, how far in advance?

Can you come the day of? You don't have to buy your space in advance, unless you want to become a regular monthly seller. However, there are certain times of year where we sell out regularly that you will need to purchase space in advance -- usually during the summer and Christmas shopping season. Is the Friday selection number of booths as extensive as the number of booths on the weekend?

Fridays is a "small" day at Kobey's, but the booth rental is much less and there are many regular shoppers and tourists who like to come that day. Can I sell food at Kobey's? You can only sell prepackaged nonperishable bulk items, or produce at Kobey's.

You can reach them at We need electricity to offer our service, can we have a generator? Yes, you can use a generator as long as it's quiet and approved by our managers.

Kobey’s Swap Meet Welcomes Pets

Kobey's also has spaces available with electrical outlets. For their locations and prices click here. Is it possible to have the same spot for a year or more? Generally, the longest period of time we sell a space for is one month, however, registered monthly sellers get first right of refusal on their space for the following month.

We also hold auctions two times a year to assign available spaces to sellers for six months or longer. As far as the spaces go is it first come first serve? Or are there enough to choose were you want to be set up?

kobeys swap meet dogs allowed

Basically, our spaces are sold on a first come, first serve basis unless you are a registered monthly seller see above.

Certain times of year we sell out regularly and you will need to purchase space in advance -- usually during the summer and Christmas shopping season. Do I have to charge or pay tax? Yes you do, unless you are selling certain food items or garages sale items.

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Consult the state and San Diego regulations for the exact items that need to be taxed. For San Diego information click here. May I sell raffle tickets at Kobey's? It's our understanding that non-profit groups can as long as their raffle is not considered a lottery and their prize is under a certain value. In most cases non-profit groups can avoid this definition by only accepting donations for their tickets.

This means that if someone asked for a free ticket they would have to give that person at least one ticket. However, to make sure you are not in violation of the law contact the San Diego Police Department at or visit their Web site at http: Certainly, as long as you have the proper state and city business licenses for your arts and crafts items. What are the size of your seller's spaces? Our seller's spaces are the size of two parking spaces. What do I need to do to sell my car at Kobey's?

Just rent a space and have the proper DMV paperwork pink slip. Not additional licenses are needed since this is a "used item. The exact number varies according to our set-up. Approximately how many buyers are there?

This varies according to the time of year and weather conditions, but we annually host about 2. We average well over 20, most weekends. What steps do I have to take if I want to have a garage sale? As long as you are simply selling used items from home all you really need is to purchase a space and bring your stuff to Kobey's.

kobeys swap meet dogs allowed

Most Swap Meet days you can just show up early in the morning no later than 6am recommended get in line and purchase your space on the way into Kobey's. If you want to buy in advance you can come to our office Wednesday or Thursday during office hours to purchase a space or on Friday through Sunday from 10 to 3 at the Swap Meet itself. By law you are allowed to sell used items up to two days in a calendar year without obtaining a resale license State of California Tax Certificate.

If you have more than six garage sales in a year, in addition to the resale licence State of California Tax Certificateyou'll need a San Diego Business License. Click here for some tips on how to have a successful garage sale.

Is it necessary to get a business licence or tax certificate for a garage sale? By law you are allowed to sell used items up to two days in a calendar year without obtaining a resale license. Are the costs for regular vendors the same as garage sellers? Garage sellers are usually places on the less expensive rows.

Other than that there is no special discount for garage sellers.

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Seller may not sell merchandise, solicit business, or distribute flyers anywhere at the Swap Meet or on the Premises other than from within a Space. All canopies erected in a space used by Seller must be properly constructed and anchored; specifically, each corner pole must have a cement block weight with a thumbscrew completely enabled. Kobey's may require Seller to use additional cement blocks on Seller's canopy, or require Seller to dismantle its canopy due to windy conditions; although it is not Kobey's responsibility to instruct Seller to dismantle its canopy.

Seller will hold Kobey's harmless from and indemnify Kobey's against any Injury or liability resulting from Seller's use, construction, or removal of Seller's canopy at any time or for any reason including, but not limited to, windy conditions. Seller may not extend an electrical cord to any space, other than those designated "Electrical", without prior approval from Kobey's.

Kobey's is not liable for any damage or injury caused from electricity, electrical cords, or wiring. Seller may not bring to, store on, or sell, trade, or transfer at, the Premises or the Swap Meet, any gasoline, petroleum, explosives, guns, ammunition, stun guns, cross-bows, mace, mace-like products, pepper spray, martial art weaponry, fireworks, drug paraphernalia or, pornographic or counterfeit merchandise, or other dangerous or obviously harmful items.

Seller shall hold Kobey's harmless from any violation of the foregoing. No persons, except officers of the law, or licensed and on-duty security guards, may wear or possess firearms on the Premises.

Seller may not sell food or drinks for consumption at the Swap Meet. Bulk or pre-packaged food items intended from consumption off the Premises such as produce, breads, and nuts may only be sold with prior, written approval of Kobey's.

The County Health Department is located at: Any vehicles must be out of the Swap Meet walkways and aisles by 6: The speed limit inside the Swap Meet is 3 M. Seller must vacate the Premises each day at 4: Excessive noises such as stereos, radios, televisions, generators, shouting, or amplified voices will not be allowed if such noises disturb other sellers or shoppers.

Seller or Seller's Employees' violation of this Rule may subject Seller to revocation of further selling privileges. Bike riding, roller skating, or skateboarding is prohibited inside the Swap Meet. Pets are allowed in the Swap Meet. Owner is responsible for animal.

Pet must be leashed at all times and must be under the control of the owner at all times. All other animals offered for sale must receive prior approval from Kobey's. Seller must conform to all applicable County of San Diego Health regulations, and all other laws governing the sale of animals.