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Like many battles in history, it was fought because one person wanted to be king of another place. Edward was was his distant cousin and William said he'd promised him the job. At the end of Septemberhe sailed over to England from France with around ships and a very large army.

When King Harold II learned about this, he marched with his army straight down to Sussex to meet the invaders. The march meant they were exhausted when they arrived. The battle lasted all day and thousands of men were killed and injured.

The army from France were much better-trained than the English, and had better weapons and horses. The English army were tired from the journey and also because they had recently had a battle with a Norwegian army, whose leader wanted Harold's crown too.

Eventually, King Harold II was killed. It is thought he was struck in the eye with an arrow, although historians are still arguing over whether this is actually true. Some believe this embroidery shows King Harold II being killed by an arrow - although some historians are still debating if this might be a different soldier The Normans had conquered England.

William became known as William the Conqueror - and he soon became King of England. Why is it important?

The Battle of Hastings was extremely important for the history of England as it completely changed who was in charge.

The Anglo-Saxons had ruled the land for over years since the Roman times. Now, the Normans had taken over, which meant big changes. In addition to the sightseeing we had two good group dinners in local restaurants, with no riding until late the following morning!

In total we covered about miles, door to door. The ride, which aimed to achieve a good mix of riding, sightseeing and socialising was a big success. Thursday 19th - Committee meeting Thursday 19th - St. Barnabas Hospice ride - Photos Wednesday 18th - Evening ride - Photos Sunday 15th - Port Solent ride - Photos Trevor Rawlings led twenty-two riders from Burger king in Guildford along to Loomies where we met up with another six Chapter members before continuing on to Port Solent Marina where we were joined just prior to arrival by a trike ridden by Titch.

A fabulous selection of eateries to choose from at lunchtime to accompany the lovely sunny weather. Only mishap was when one rider don't worry Martin, we won't name you! Fortunately the back markers chased them down, retraced the route, picked up drop offs and re-joined the ride at Milford. Special thanks to Cliff Michie and Paul Andrews who unertook the back marking duties! We were joined later by thirty plus bikes and four trikes so we split into three groups with four Road Crew per group.

Each group took a scenic route via Petworth to Whiteways near Arundel. A great ride with only one issue of a drop off leaving their point when they saw a Highviz, unfortunately it was another biker not from Hogsback! Bring it on for next year. After dropping of Lewis we then retreated to a local pub for a well earned drink. Thursday 5th - Club Night - Photos As predicted, the great weather meant that a lot of members turned up on their bikes! A busy Club Night with Robin valiantly holding things together in Dell's absence.

Sunday 1st - Brooklands ride - Photos 1 2 Jane Robertson led thirty-one bikes and one trike for a great day out with gorgeous sunny weather to Brooklands Motorcycle Day. There was no shortage of things to do and see at Brooklands including: A dealership staff member took on the challenge charging up the hill like a Bat out of Hell and struggling to stop at the top Name withheld as innocent until proven guilty!!

A highly recommended venue and a day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thanks to Steve foster and John Holmes for doing a sterling job keeping us all together.

After a short siesta in the shade riders gradually made their way home or stayed to sample further the delights of the dance floor.

Saturday 23rd - Midnight Madness ride - Photos 1 2 3 A bright midsummer evening attracted fourty-eight Harleys and pillions on the return of Midnight Madness. Madness is back in style! Fri 22nd-Sun 24th - Montacap - Photos On a slightly overcast Friday morning, a small but perfectly formed group of Hogsback members assembled to ride to Stratford-Upon-Avon for a comfortable and relaxed weekend.

After some lovely country roads, we stopped for morning coffee just north of Henley before taking some more scenic country roads to a particularly picturesque public house for lunch. After some rest and recuperation, the group assembled for an early evening meal before attending a modern production of Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre on the banks of the River Avon.

On Saturday everyone was free to amuse themselves and absorb the many attractions and experiences in Stratford. Due to medical reasons, the group leader was unable to ride, but lead the ride in a car driven by his wife. No incidents were experienced by any member of the group and nobody was lost or left behind. Sunday 17th - Along the ride - Photos Saturday 16th - Southern Comfort ride - Photos Five go to Eastbourne aka Corkies Southern comfort ride Have you ever considered the optimum number of bikes for a ride-out: Well, the answer according to ride leader Steve Cork is five!

So it was that five lucky bikers, led by Steve, with Richard bringing up the rear, set off along the A, leaving the clouds behind them and soon were enjoying the gentle curves and twisties along the A in bright sunshine before heading south again over the South Downs to pick up the coast at Newhaven and along to the Seven Sisters and the Birling Gap for a well deserved pit stop and coffee.

Just time for a photo opportunity at Beachy Head, with cliff edge views of the lighthouse, before riding on to experience the delights of Eastbourne's seafront and a stop for lunch at the Redoubt Fortress, built years ago to keep Napoleon and the pesky French out.

Returning home via the A27 to Brighton and up the A23 gave the group time to reflect on the elements of history, geography, geology, geomorphology, palaeontology and the benefits of small group riding they had experienced throughout the day. Open roads, stunning scenery, gorgeous weather bit misty the first day but we were up a mountain! Loads of laughs with the iconic local experiences, to be sure!! Ride Leader Carl Christensen had included some adventurous and challenging mountain roads single track giving everyone a magic moment of achievement and something to discuss over a well-earned dinner.

An early start to Le-Mont-Saint-Michel on Saturday morning where we spent a long day exploring the site, and restaurants, during another sunny day, returning to a free evening for everyone to enjoy their gastronomic preferences.

The weekend finished with a group meal in the Port. Thursday 14th - Fish 'n' Chips ride - Photos Thirty three Harley riders picked the right evening to ride with Dell Evans to the coast for fish and chips.

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The opening event for the World Cup was on and there was no one but us on the roads! A great ride there and back on a warm summer evening. A great day with lots of authentic atmosphere. Cliff then led a ride back to Guildford. Huge success with all attendees putting hands up for his next adventure.

Thursday 7th - Club Night - Photos Busy Club Night with plenty of members turning up on a variety of bike including some mighty V8s; lots of new members introduced to the Chapter; Liz Getgood was patched up as the new Ladies of Harley Officer and Paul Cutler as additional photographer for the Chapter; and finally, Howard only went and won the Golden Key jackpot! Led remaining ten bikes mid pm past Goodwood racecourse, Petworth finishing ride at Milford.

Back markers Paul Andrews and Cliff Michie. No mishaps and much merriment had by all enjoying wealth of period buildings, re-inactors playing people of yesteryear, military games, horse display and jousting.


Saturday 2nd - Littlehampton ride - Photos Catherine Cork led eighteen bikes and two trikes on a scenic and relaxed ride to the East Beach Cafe in Littlehampton which was designed by Royal Academian Thomas Heatherwick who used driftwood as his inspiration. The sun shone on us as we had coffee, cake or fish and chips on the outside benches and some even indulged in a full lunch with desert inside the cafe. It was good to be able to welcome several new members. The ride back was also leisurely.

Special thanks to back markers Steve and John for their assistance. Despite threatening weather forecasts, it was an absolute scorcher of a day and a great event. Cliff led a more direct return ride back to Guildford. Visiting points of interest on each day, the highlights were the night out hosted by the owner of Troyes H-D, some lovely riding stopping off at the source of the river Seine and of course the Chateau visit in Beaune. Best of all was the people we travelled with making every moment such fun.

The gods were certainly with us: The final destination on our way home, was lunch at the American Diner Route Special thanks to the Hogs and Hogets riding the five trikes and ten bikes which made the whole trip such a laugh. Fri 18th-Sun 20th - Ladies and Ghents - Photos 1 2 Eleven lucky members riding eight resilient Harleys spent a glorious extended weekend travelling through France and Belgium staying in the wonderful city of Ghent. Dining and imbibing the finest that Belgium had to offer and topped off with Champagne breakfasts to boot.

It was a weekend to cherish forever. Sunday 13th - Coast ride - Photos Ride leader Robin Seymour changed the destination from the Coast to the Mayfly pub near Stockton taking thirteen bikes and one trike to the pu via a very circuitous route 2 hours lots of back roads and twisties and in glorious sunshine!

Robin briefed the temporary road crew and put the trike behind telling the crew to keep it in their view. He also explained how it would work to the trike and they were all happy. The ride was non eventful except for Robin going around a roundabout twice which did cause some confusion but no break up of ride. All in all a very enjoyable ride.

Sat 12th-Sun 13th - It'll be all Wight - Photos 1 2 3 A great weekend with only one downpour and the sun came out to finish the ride off nicely. A big thank you to you all our fabulous singers and now our very own professional dancers which added to a memorable evening. The riding especially the Ventnor hill climb in the rain with a slippery surface was impressive and ride leader Andy England claims that he would never have gone down there if he'd thought it was going to rain!

Looking forward to doing it again next year! Monday 7th - Hastings Bike Meet ride - Photos Sunday 6th - Goodwood ride - Photos Henning Roesch led a delightful ride comprising thirty-seven bikes and two trikes along the beautiful countryside to glorious Goodwood for breakfast at the Pavilion.

Good riding by all the members made for an effortless and enjoyable ride. Thank you to everyone for making it a great ride! Saturday 5th - International Ladies Ride Day ride - Photos Liz Getgood led a select group of ladies to Hayling Island to celebrate the ladies we know and those we don't know yet who ride.

With clear windy roads four bikes and two trikes had a sunny ride to the Ferryboat Inn to enjoy lunch overlooking the sea before moving on to enjoy ice cream and a chance meeting with an unusually yellow Harley from Guildford but now lives on Hayling. Many thanks to Jane who rose from her sickbed to backmark and encourage a trike rider who has now managed to survive two of Liz's rides!

PA then led the final motorway leg via Peterborough with Ian Newton as temporary sweeper. Excellent weather each day. Thursday 3rd - Club Night - Photos A beautiful sunny evening made for a busy Club Night with over seventy bikes on show! April Sunday 29th - BikeSafe with the Met - Photos On a rather chilly, overcast but dry Sunday morning on April 29 than eager group of seventeen Chapter members assembled at Cobham Services in readiness to ride to the sports centre of the Met Police in Hayes near Bromley.

The attendees were then allocated in pairs to a police rider and proceeded to enjoy the rest of the day being assessed by the officer.

What happened at the Battle of Hastings? - CBBC Newsround

Each person was given personal feedback by their police mentor before the group rode back to Cobham Services. Before leaving Cobham Services in the morning, the group had a whip-round and donated one hundred and forty pounds to the Police Benevolent Society which was warmly and gratefully accepted. Saturday 28th - Hamble ride - Photos On a grey and overcast day but crucually one with no rain, Stephen Foster led a total of fourteen Chapter members on eleven bikes down to the coast for a cup of tea and a chat with help back marking from Paul Andrews and Roger Bonnici.

Fri 27th-Mon 30th - Cider Rally - Photos John Holmes led a small contingent from the Dealership down to Weston-Super-Mare picking up members en route stopping at Thruxton race track for a cup of tea and to give us all a chance to prepare for a heavy downpour and Cheddar Gorge for a drink to revive us before reaching Pontins at Sand Bay, the venue for this year's Cider Rally. Other Chapter members had wisely checked the weather forecast and decided not to brave the conditions and opted to go by car instead!

The usual mayhem and madness that is the Cider Rally followed! If all goes to plan Jo will ride miles in 17 days and visit 4 countries! We also had with us on the road a prize winner pillion on Trevor's bike. Thanks to Cliff Michie for back marking and special thanks to John Holmes for being rear marker behind the trikes.

This really confirms the Chapter instructions in how to ride safely in formation. We then rode back to GH-D Thursday 19th - Amble to Amberley ride - Photos Liz Getgood led a ride comprising of eleven bikes and one trike on a scenic route to the Riverside Tearooms in Amberley, and if the saying "the sun shines on the righteous" is correct, then the twelve of them were truly righteous!

They sat by the river where they were joined by Kate and Dave and enjoyed a lazy lunch before taking the A the old A3 back to the dealership. Thanks to Paul for riding behind the trike, Jez and Richard for being tail end sweepers.

One member managed to miss the marker at the final junction, but a member went to retrieve them. Other than that there were no mishaps. Thanks to John B for back making. Saturday 14th - Surrey Oakey Cokey ride - Photos The heavens looked down kindly on the thirty-three bikes and two trikes ride leader Roger Bonnici led on a very pleasant rumble through some of the most scenic roads in Surrey and Sussex to arrive at the final destination, the 'Surrey Oaks' in Newdigate where some excellent grub was consumed.

Warm sunshine together with the best temperatures so far this year were soaked up by all forty-one happy Chapter members during the ride there, through lunch and the return ride back to the dealership. Big thanks to assisting Road Crew, Cliff Michie and Robin Seymour for keeping the ride tidily together at the rear and the Surrey Oaks for catering so well for us all. If only every riding day's weather was this good! There was a modern museum and pleasant cafe. But all was not lost as back marker Andy did manage to see the car of his dreams in the form of an Austin Allegro Panda Car.

Each to their own!