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There were many days in which I would end up having to finish “Denver the Last Dinosaur” came out at a time in which dinosaur themed television shows seemed to be in vogue (“Dink the Little Dinosaur”, “The Land Before Time”, etc.) likely have already seen by watching the intro of the cartoon series). It isn't long afterward that you end up in the final area: the "cavern of The theme of "weirdness" was a lot more subjective than the .. This could have been a pretty fun little Dink adventure, but it ends just a "fire dinosaur" (flame bonca), a dragon and a skeleton warrior. .. I wonder if there's any relation. Freshman Dorm, Pop Quiz and Dink, the Little Dinosaur, for which he won an Emmy In , he composed the theme music for the Nickelodeon television series scourge and crucifixion, ending with a brief depiction of his resurrection. . The attempt to have a relationship with no emotional connections but, like all.

But when you win, the script fails to remove the objects, and you're stuck. This vase is meant to either hypnotize the people or protect them from evil hypnosis. I don't know; you try figuring out this nonsense. Desperate for some closure, I cheated my way past this.

It isn't long afterward that you end up in the final area: The final boss the hypnotizer himself is too hard - maybe not impossible, but too hard in my book.

He's a slayer who moves fast and can paralyze you with his spell of "hypnotition" reallymaking it impossible to dodge his attacks. It seems to me that this kind of ruins the entire idea of Dink Smallwood's combat system. There's no resolution if you do beat him - Dink is told to go take a vacation.

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Some ending to a trilogy. I can't wrap my head around why this DMOD is so terrible. Lancemads had so much time to learn. I don't enjoy hating on this, you know. It could have been an amusing, if nonsensical, romp. There's a neat bit where Dink dodges a fireball, matrix style, by bending over using half of his falling animation.

But this sloppiness is inexcusable. The readme also blames any bugs on beta tester Glenn, but there are some bugs you don't even need a beta tester to catch, and every one of this guy's DMODs has that kind of bug.

If you can't play your own DMOD from start to finish, you shouldn't release it! No more Dink's Father and no more Lancemads. The theme of "weirdness" was a lot more subjective than the previous themes. You can't get more clear than "the hero has to be someone other than Dink," and while "evil" is a bit more debatable, people generally have a good idea of what it is.

But what, exactly, constitutes a "weird" DMOD? This is how Redink1 explained it: The D-Mod must be 'Weird' in some easily identifiable way. So it could be an arcade-type game, point-and-click adventure, non-interactive movie, extremely odd looking and playing D-Mod, an adventure where you or someone else real is 'sucked into' the D-Mod, or something that nobody has thought of yet.

A DMOD that consists of Dink walking around talking to people and killing monsters can certainly still be very weird. Instead, this is a reference to a old file category that isn't used anymore. At least it's clear enough.

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Three entries were submitted to the contest; they were released on February 8, February 8, "You have become nothing to me but a mere toy. I have been but playing with your mind. The consensus seemed to be that, while it wasn't a bad DMOD, it didn't fit the theme very well. Indeed, it doesn't seem to respond to the prompt at all. Even by a more conventional definition of "weird," this DMOD isn't really any weirder than most. It's unclear whether he's awake, dreaming, or in a state that's a combination of both.

There's some pretty interesting decoration in this DMOD. Dink's dream is filled with reflections from his past. We see a childhood for Dink that doesn't quite seem to line up with what we know about him, although it doesn't directly contradict anything from the original game. It's all pretty sentimental until Dink's childhood crush suddenly goes mad and starts attacking him.

It turns out Dink's mind and dreams are being manipulated by somebody called the "Silent Knight. Quite early on, the path to continue is hidden on the edge of a screen. It looks like a solid wall of trees. You have to walk right from here. C'mon, that's terrible map design. I found my way past that, but ended up getting completely stuck on another puzzle later.

Dink The Little Dinosaur end credits with Hanna Barbera logo

In discussions of the file, I see people talking about a telescope and a puzzle that involves looking at stars, but I never found any such thing. In the absence of a walkthrough, I gave up. I guess I'm not all that smart, but I combed every screen and saw no way to proceed.

There's plenty of baddies to fight. There's an interesting shop where you can buy stat potions - not for gold, which doesn't exist in this DMOD, but for experience points.

This doesn't replace the leveling system, since you can only spend experience points earned on your current level, but it supplements it in an interesting way. Potions get more expensive as you buy them. Congrats, Illusivefing, I guess. Simon Klaebe Release Date: February 8, "At 6 inches, you are no longer a small wood.

Well, final for now, anyway. We all know that "Necromancer" is coming out tomorrow, right? It came in second in the contest. It certainly is a weird DMOD by any definition.

What can one do at this point but shrug one's shoulders, shake one's head, and laugh? Simon Klaebe, ladies and gentlemen. Let's give him a big hand. This is a game where you shoot sperm into They open and close and spin around, making hitting your target somewhat difficult. Successfully create progeny and your dick will level up! Charmingly immature comments are made for every level up to 12 "The tripod has landed!

I think I almost had an addiction to cartoons. There were many days in which I would end up having to finish homework assignments the morning before school because my addiction to cartoons took over.

Yet I still managed to get fantastic grades As you might have already guessed by the blog, I love talking about cartoons that I used to watch as a child. Some of them were well-known cartoons that millions of kids watched, such as Bugs Bunny and Tweety, Garfield and Friends, and Spider-Man.

But I also loved cartoons that were one-shot deals. Cartoons that only lasted a season or two. And whenever I try to talk to people about cartoons that were short-lived, many don't even know what I am talking about.

They either don't remember the show, or they believe that the show didn't even exist. Such was the case with this particular television series. The show debuted in syndication as a one-hour television special on April 1, and ran until earlyand was one of the few cartoons to air that was recommended by the National Educational Association NEA as the program focused on subjects such as ecology, conservation, and friendship. So, what was the show all about?

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His species name is Corythosaurus and he is the only dinosaur to be born in the twentieth century. How did this happen? It all began with the teenagers preparing for an Ancient History Test. In preparation for the test, they decide to take a trip to the La Brea Tar Pits, which was a huge source for extinct plant and animal fossils.

They also make a visit to the museum where they happen to run into a gang of bullies. The leader of the pack of bullies, Nick, and his followers, Scott and Rod, have a confrontation with the teens, and chase them back to the Tar Pits.

They manage to lose the bullies when they hide behind a fence nearby, but they notice something rather peculiar on the other side of the fence.