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broadsoft meet me conference

BroadSoft Meet, a key capability of BroadSoft Business, is a virtual of the meeting by simply dialing the dedicated audio conference bridge. BROADSOFT PARTNER CONFIGURATION GUIDE – PATTON BroadWorks SIP Access Device Interoperability Test Plan [4]. Meet-Me Conferencing. Yes. Uboss is not providing either the BroadSoft Hosted PBX or cellular services These include Meet Me Conference Bridge – An option “Default Conference.

broadsoft meet me conference

This includes, logo on screen, access to BroadWorks Group and Personal directories with dial-by-name, inbound directory name tagging, firmware revisions and button functions. Our branding capability includes the ability to massage the BroadSoft solution into your own bundles and price points.

May 23, For too long Service providers and carriers have shirked their responsibility for addressing toll fraud and passed that risk to their customers.

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May 8, As adoption of Hosted PBX accelerates, how well positioned is your offering to maximise sales potential and margin in each opportunity? We are not talking about winning deals, we are talking about taking the maximum revenue opportunity available in deals you have won.

broadsoft meet me conference

Uboss provides the most extensive go-to-market commercial options available in the UK today. For advanced UC requirements add Premium Mobility can be added. The need to ensure customer satisfaction, to train and supervise call centre staff, to achieve quality targets, to have a record of what was said in the event of a subsequent dispute — all these have inevitably led to widespread monitoring and recording of calls.

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Our Unique features make call recording suitable for customer service and evidential requirements. These include the ability for on-demand call recording and the ability to pause and resume a recording. Meet Me Conference Bridge: Feb 28, Meet — Me Conference Call Application is a cloud-based, virtual meeting room for customers to dial-in and connect from anywhere and from any phone.

broadsoft meet me conference

For VanillaIP Partners, this is another value-added service integrated within the Uboss core, meaning customers do not have to access off-platform, isolated, third party bridges. This avoids having to […] Continue reading Activity Logs We have been adding Activity Logs to provide an audit trail of changes within Uboss. The latest service to have Activity Logs added is Call recording and this will display changes to the service and who made them.

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Clicking in from the summary list shows the specific changes Continue reading Service Creation and Configuration within Uboss Two changes have been made regarding service configuration. These two changes will provide greater flexibility and ease of use when creating and managing packages, services and devices in Uboss.

broadsoft meet me conference

More information is available here Uboss supports this regulation through the use of linked numbers, whereby if an 08x number is assigned to a business then the corresponding 03x number will automatically be added to the business number […] Continue reading Number Categories in User Packages In a new enhancement to the Package creation in Uboss, we can now include a number category with a user package.

Suitable for Call Centres of any size, Unity Dashboard provides the flexibility to display your key call handling metrics. It is designed for BroadSoft platform Owners to manage all call traffic, users, devices and call quality issues on your network.

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As an automated system, Uboss will alert you when customers report poor quality calls allowing you to maximize customer service. Through the use of a template, users […] Continue reading Uboss Custom Reports Uboss features a number of unique reports that add value for customers and provide differentiation for BroadSoft platform owners.

broadsoft meet me conference

Among these are the Heat Map, which will graphically show the pattern of incoming calls and the Auto Attendant Activity Report, which reports on which options inbound callers are choosing on the AA. Both options provide customers considerable insight into incoming […] Continue reading Private Label Branding Uboss supports bespoke branding for Distributors, master Agents and Private Label Resellers at all levels from customer apps and portal to invoices and IP phones.