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tyler perry meet the browns troublemaker

Meet the Browns Episode Meet the Troublemaker. Episode Premiere. Sep 16, Genre. Comedy, Drama. Production Company. Tyler Perry Company. Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns: Meet the Troublemaker. Original Airdate: 9/16/ A student brings a gun to Cora's classroom; London is saddened when she . "Meet the Browns" Meet the Troublemaker (TV Episode ) cast and crew credits, including actors, Carole Wurst executive assistant to tyler perry.

She agrees, but there's an emergency at the hospital. Afterwards, he tries to change his flamboyant ways and act and dress more conservatively. But one can't leave She tries to get rid of the body before Brown finds out. Meanwhile, Brianna rejects Sasha's mothering efforts when Sasha buys her a fancy dress for the upcoming legacy ball. Meanwhile, London is expecting a visit from her wealthy father, and is heartbroken when he doesn't show up.

Erik Estrada as Francisco Absent: He vents to Brown about his doubts, but Brianna overhears him. She and Joaquin, thinking they're not wanted, run away. Everyone convinces Brown to market the secret family barbecue sauce recipe and he gets excited about getting rich, but he loses the recipe and scrambles to recreate it.

Sasha is jealous of her until she realizes who she's really attracted to Edna is considering plastic surgery, so London convinces her and the ladies to throw a "Botox Party". But he milks the situation and has the residents wait on him hand and foot, until they rebel. Edna has a health scare and decides to change her sensual ways. When Cora tries to convince Brown to make a will, he thinks she's out to kill him. Note-This episode and a couple others had the child abuse number before the credits.

Brianna freaks out when classmate Jamal makes an innocent pass at her. Hughes gives Cora a full-time teaching job and she's immediately challenged when troublesome Angie shows up to class drunk. The Colonel discovers he's lost his nest egg and tries to get a job. Brianna gets arrested for shoplifting at the mall. Jo Marie Payton as Shirley Absent: Another running gag is whenever Mr. Brown is making fun of Reggie's weight.

She is a praying woman who is very active in church, but shows aspects of her mother, Madea, when angered.

tyler perry meet the browns troublemaker

In "Meet the Candlelight Dinner", it was revealed that Cora is allergic to laxative medicine. Cora later gets engaged to Reggie Brooks, a football coach at Cora's school who lives with his mother Thelma. Cora is also a widow with no children whereas in the play and movie she had two adult daughters. In "Meet the Attraction", it was revealed that Cora is afraid of mannequins and test dummies.

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In seasons 3 and 4, Cora is caught in the middle of a love triangle between her Reggie and Gordon, and Cora chooses Reggie instead of Gordon. Her age is never said in the series, though in the episode "Meet the Big Wedding" she covers her mouth when she almost blurts it out 'Mr.

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Brown I am "covers mouth" years old. In the television show continuity, Cora has known that Mr. Brown was her father for a very long time, and Mr. Brown has given her 18 dollars for Cora's first 18 years for Cora's child support. Lamman Rucker as Dr. William "Will" Brown, MD: He and his wife, Sasha, are adopted parents to Brianna and Joaquin Ortiz. According to Brown Will has nor will never get to meet his father as Vera his alcoholic mother met Will's father drunk. Sasha is married to Will.

Sasha is a nurse and decides to work for Brown helping with the medical needs of the residents. Having been married to Will for a couple of years she is ready to start having a family. She and her husband, Will, are adopted parents to Brianna and Joaquin Ortiz.

tyler perry meet the browns troublemaker

In one episode Sasha becomes pregnant however has a miscarriage. Tony Vaughn as Colonel Cleophus Jackson: Underneath his hard exterior however, he has a soft heart. He is engaged to Edna Barnes.

tyler perry meet the browns troublemaker

In season 3, they moved out of Brown Meadows to a nearby house down the street. Edna is a year old woman.

Meet the Browns Episode 2.25 Meet the Troublemaker

She has always wanted to be a singer, but never really pursued it. The majority of her close friends and family have passed. Everything to her somehow relates to sex. Her fiance is the Colonel.

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A running gag includes Brown saying that Edna is like an animal i. Brianna is a foster child who comes from a broken home, and an unsafe foster environment. Because of her tragic childhood, Brianna has developed anger problems and often carries a chip on her shoulder.

Feeling she and her brother, Joaquin, are alone in the world, it is the only relationship she nurtures. Brianna was portrayed by Brianne Gould in season 1. At the end of the first season, Gould left the series for undisclosed reasons and, from the start of season 2, Logan Browning took over the role. Gunnar Washington as Joaquin Ortiz: He is a foster child who comes from a broken home. He and Brianna have been moved from foster home to foster home.

As a result, he is anxious to find a good home and be settled. Joaquin is a smart, sarcastic and loving little boy who sometimes lets his mischievous ways get him into lots of trouble. Overall, he just wants to be loved. He loves to make his sisters life miserable.

Meet the Troublemaker

Vaughn as Renee LaToya Smith: Renee is a loud-mouthed nurse at the hospital where Will, Brown, Derek and Sasha work. She joined the cast as a regular in Season 4, after being a recurring cast member in Season 3.

tyler perry meet the browns troublemaker

She says to have 4 kids. Robert Ri'chard as Derek: A buffoonish frat student who lives next door to Brown Meadows. He often provides service to Brown Meadows, and is often either the mastermind or participant in Brown's antics. He debuts in Season 3 as a recurring character, and in the fourth season, is promoted to a main character. Brown's younger sister and Will's mother. Vera means well but she is very loud, controlling and is an alcoholic.

tyler perry meet the browns troublemaker

She spoils Will and subtly despises Sasha. She along with Mr. Brown, Cora and Will appeared in the film version of the series. In one episode, Vera and Brown get into an argument, and Vera says "I'm about to be an only child," which either indicates that their brother, LB, has died or does not exist.

Tasha Smith as Tanya Ortiz: The biological mother of Joaquin and Brianna, who originally only wants them back for money. She is either in denial or simply ignoring the fact that Brianna was molested by a former boyfriend of hers. She served as a major antagonist to the series in her first two appearences. Then later tries to redeem herself and make amends to everyone except for Sasha as they despise one another.

Lisa Arrindell Anderson as Karen: Karen is the Colonel's pushy daughter. Ciara Wilson as Simone Taylor: