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Lord Sugar 'takes a risk' as he hires Leah Totton Lord Sugar with her business plan for a chain of cosmetic clinics across the UK off stiff competition from 15 other candidates to win The Apprentice . Mounting pressure: Luisa seemed to crumble under the pressure of the presentation. The following is a list of candidates from the British reality television series The Apprentice. . In the boardroom he mounted a vigorous defence, attacking Jim, although Jim countered by stating Alex's contribution had been "nada". Lord Sugar .. ^ "The Apprentice, Series 9: Meet the candidates". BBC One. On 8 July , an episode called The Final Five aired, which profiled the remaining is the first episode of the reality television series The Apprentice (UK ) - Season 9. so much time thinking through themes that they are late to meet their client. the tension mounts, this programme profiles the remaining five candidates.

He was educated at Prior Park Preparatory School in Cricklade, a co-educational Catholic independent school until year six where he moved to Downside Schoola co-educational independent school in Stratton-on-the-Fosse in Somerset, followed by the University of Exeterwhere he studied Politics and Economics.

He is the son of a farmer and a nurse and is also a professional tennis coach. Stuart Baggs[ edit ] Stuart Baggs was a telecoms entrepreneur from the Isle of Man and was 21 when he appeared on the programme. At thirteen he launched his own telecommunications company, Bluewave Communicationswhich became a limited company on his eighteenth birthday and which he continued to run. WalesOnline perceived him as "one of the truly great Apprentice villains.

Whilst on the show, he claimed to have tried a food called Panayiotou, when in actuality, it was George Michael 's surname. In Februaryhe appeared on The Sarah Millican Television Programme and said that The Apprentice had "made him the most unemployable person in the country". After leaving university, he worked for nine months for JP Morgana commercial and investment banking institution in London, and left it to appear on the programme.

His past jobs have included working in an off-licence and a pub. Bates was the first male Runner Up of the apprentice UK. She was educated at Jewish Free Schoola voluntary aided comprehensive school in Kenton in north London. Formerly a hairdresser before venturing into food business management, where she single-handedly increased the share of the Kosher food market for a major retail chain. She also co-wrote a jingle for a successful supermarket advertising campaign for the same chain.

She returned in episode 12 to help the finalists with their task, and was selected by Stella English to be in her team. Stella English[ edit ] Stella English left school with no qualifications, but at the time of entering had become Head of Business Management on the trading floor of a Japanese investment bank. She was born and grew up in ThamesmeadLondon. English proved to be a very successful candidate throughout the series, holding the best record against all other competitors.

She showed terrific leadership abilities in the second task, where she was dispatched to the boys' team and led them to victory by stopping their arguing and managing them well. She continued to win most of the tasks throughout the series, but in the run up to the final in tasks 9 and 10 she was accused by her fellow candidates of being "wooden" and " vanilla corporate", but Lord Sugar claimed this was because of her working in a Japanese Bank.

Due to her consistent performance throughout the series and her serious, some would say ruthless, determination, Lord Sugar made her a finalist.

She showed excellent leadership and organizational skills in the last task, and in the boardroom Lord Sugar made the decision to hire English. She commented she was looking forward to the future and she was extremely happy.

After winning, English worked at Sugar's company Viglen. A spokesman for Lord Sugar said: English said "I thought it was over. English ignored five letters from the police requesting the information. He later ventured into corporate communications before losing his job, allegedly because of the recession. Alex improved in the second and third weeks — the latter especially, where he secured several clients for the bread-making task.

Ultimately, his bad habits resurfaced in week 5, where he guided his, and project manager Paloma's team into multiple retail-related errors. His sales ability was also heavily criticised. In week 6, a mixed performance thus far, Alex found himself as project manager for a marketing campaign for cleaning products. Despite his background in communications, Alex broke fundamental advertising rules, and combined with his Machievellian selection of Sandeesh for firing, despite her competent performance, was enough to see him fired by Lord Sugar.

Lord Sugar implied that Laura Moore might have been fired instead of Alex, had Alex selected her to return to the boardroom. He returned in episode 12 to help the finalists with their task, and was selected by Chris Bates to be in his team. Christopher Farrell was a year-old mortgage broker from Cheshire. Lord Sugar stated that he felt Christopher was a hard worker and excellent logistically, but lacking in the special talent that is necessary in 'The Apprentice'.

He returned in episode 12 to help the finalists with their task, and was selected by Stella English to be in her winning team. Farrell has since left the public eye after selling his Financial Services company for an undisclosed fee. However, he was reported to be in the millions.

He is now investing in property and is reported to have a portfolio of up to 30 buildings. Dan Harris[ edit ] Dan Harris is a year-old father-of-two and a sales director from Oxfordshire.

He is a former GB triathletewho has completed three ultramarathons as well as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. He once jointly held the world record for the fastest ascent and descent of Mount Kenya. After graduation he worked briefly for a head hunting firm in Farehambefore leaving to join a weapons logistics company in Pittsburgh. Ahead of the new series, here are the shiny suits and bradaggio-filled estate agents set to dominate your small screen: A tax advisor from East Yorkshire.

A year-old senior marketing manager from London.

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Frank says he enjoys pushing boundaries with his humour, which means he probably offends people when he makes jokes. He is guilty, he says, of playing people against each other to achieve his own aims. A year-old sponsorship consultant from London.

Jackie admits she takes criticism badly, but she's also sold a company and published a business book, which she definitely won't tell anybody about.

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A year-old learning and development manager from the West Midlands Kundra apes the career of US millionaire life coach Tony Robbins having spent her career teaching others to improve their lives. Don't be fooled into think she's a soft touch, though: A year-old professional speaker from Cheshire What does Kayode speak professionally about? It remains a mystery. Maybe he can motivationally talk his way to the top, though.

She also says she has a "hot head", which may make life difficult for the idiots on the series.