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meet the sight words youtube

Meet the Sight Words Level 2 - "my". Sight Word AppsSight Word Spelling Learning Sight WordsRhyming WordsSpelling ActivitiesSight Word Activities Calendar. CLICK HERE to go to our YouTube page, or see our list of available products above. All of our Board Books as well as our Meet the Sight Words Easy Reader. HeidiSongs products also meet the Common Core State Standards for helping your Heidi Songs: Benchmark Kindergarten Sight Word Song Collection “ Thank God I found your blog with all the useful tips on teaching CVC words and that.

Great CCSS alignment for writing. Normally we have to follow our districts curricula but I made a proposal, presented your info along with the common core and won! I am pleased to say that as of today 34 out of 46 of my kindergarten students can fluently read the 58 sight words that are expected of them by the end of kindergarten. They can't wait till its time to sing our letter of the week.

meet the sight words youtube

On Friday we have been singing all the ones we have learned so far. So far their favorite is B and M! And they really are learning their letters.

meet the sight words youtube

I will continue to add to my resources as my money allows. I definitely feel that since teachers often spend their own money for their classroom, these resources are well worth using my own money to help my kids.

meet the sight words youtube

Again, thanks soooo much! One of my students asked me to tell you that "You write the 'bestest' songs ever". They truly love your DVDs, and I love all they learn from them. When I wrote "king" on the board my class suddenly broke out in song singing "i-n-g spells ing like king, bow to the king, bow to the king Thank you so much!!!

He doesn't really talk but is able to repeat or say words just not really in complete sentences. He started kindergarten this September and his teacher has your DVDs. My son loves it, especially the 'Singable Songs' for Letters and Sounds". It just makes me happy to see him so excited about your DVDs.

The worksheets are amazing too, and complement what we are doing in class. It has been very helpful in establishing routines and procedures.

Later she told me she was having such fun she just couldn't stand to leave!!!

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Needless to say my scores are exceptionally high!!! So thanks to you for introducing you to me to such a fun teaching method!!! I've been looking for a good way to incorporate building words into K5. Simplex Spelling does just that, using the original Dolch Sight Words.

This app provides leveled lists to practice spelling skills with complete ease. Easy to use, great record keeping and the sentences spoken for the word to be spelled are clear and well written. I work with students with autism and my students absolutely love it. It is an amazing way to learn the basic sight words.

My students were motivated to keep spelling the words. My students loved when the program said and they saw good job, excellent, mastered go on the screen, it was a positive reinforcement.

I also love that this programs gives phonic hints that allow the students to press when they need help [to] remember what letter is next and it gives you the letter and its sound. This is a wonderful concept.

My students have increased their spelling correctly by fifty percent.

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It also helped to reinforce my classroom letters of saying the word and sounding it out to spell it. My students created beautiful writing pieces from a read aloud and spelled all of the words in their sentences correctly.

I would recommend this application to all parents and educators.

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Thank you for creating this wonderful application. This is an essential I-Pad application for our early learners and I would get it as soon as you could. Thank you to Simplex Spelling for their wonderful application. They feature lessons that let them work through at their own pace. The first is that there are no in app purchases, no links to social media or pop up ads.

So everyone in your class can use one iPad and work on the app. You can start a student with an easy or difficult lesson. You could also use the app to meet a student's specific spelling needs.