Meet the ridiculously photogenic homeless guy from big

I took a photo of Ridiculously Photogenic Homeless Guy. Sign is awesome, too. : pics

meet the ridiculously photogenic homeless guy from big

The photographer, Mr. Tu, captured a few shots of a homeless man, who he said Cat shared the story of how Brother Sharp lived when they had first met in . China Daily – Most handsome vagabond wins cult following through the cyberspace . 6 MIN READ US Navy woman dresses up as a giant HUSKY DOG . In this post you can “admire” 16 of the most incredibly photogenic people that This homeless man. via: Advertisement. This guy riding Splash Mountain 10+ Adorable Photos Of Pets Who Can't Wait To Meet Their Baby Human Meet Bone Bone, The Big Fluffy Cat From Thailand Who Is Going Viral On. Last night I met a homeless guy named Brad. More story: The sword was in his giant back back. Ridiculously Photogenic Sword Guy. Reply.

This is an essential part of the development of a civilized city. However, many netizens opposed to this idea and others even criticized the mainstream media's overwhelming scrutiny of the man as "harassment. Media Appearances Brother Sharp made his first appearance in public on March 2nd, Due to Brother Sharp's heavy accent and ailing mental health, Cat provided translations of his words to the locals.

meet the ridiculously photogenic homeless guy from big

In the interviews, he persistently refused to take help from the Ningbo shelter. According to Cat, Brother Sharp expressed feelings of confusion with the sudden, overnight internet fame and did not understand why they kept "visiting" and taking his picture.

Respecting Brother Sharp's wishes, Cat also advised against admitting him into a homeless shelter. Cat said he had first asked Brother Sharp if he was hungry.

meet the ridiculously photogenic homeless guy from big

Replying only with "hungry", Cat wanted to test his extent of self-care and gave him 10 yuan to let him buy food from a nearby store. Unexpectedly, he took the money and bought a pack of cigarettes.

Homeless guy picture

Cat asked him why he didn't buy food. Brother Sharp pointed to a trash can, and after a while, Cat finally understood what he meant: Cat also recounted how Brother Sharp was longing for a companion. HIs stories were immediately met by sympathetic responses from the readers, who pleaded the officials not to "cage this free bird" and demanded "please don't mess with his peaceful life!

So, he puts on woman's clothing and imagine himself as a woman. That way, combined, he would have both happiness and a home. Some people may laugh him, some people would make fun of him. But who will go to help him?

meet the ridiculously photogenic homeless guy from big

His younger brother met him in the hospital and recognized him as his long lost brother. Brother Sharp's real name was revealed as Chen Guorong, who was born on October 10th, and raised in the Boyang County, Jangxi province.

Brother Sharp (犀利哥) | Know Your Meme

According to his younger brother, Guorong left his hometown in with others to find work before losing contact with family in The family members explained they had been searching for his whereabouts as recently as in It was also reported that Guorong suffered heavy losses in when his wife and father were killed in a car accident.

On March 8th,it was reported that Brother Sharp returned to his home in Poyang with his family. Locals and authorities supported his homecoming by sending the family food and supplies. One local logistics company offered to donate yuan, while the local government helped the family apply for subsistence allowances. URLs in image or album descriptions are prohibited. We enforce a standard of common decency and civility here. Please be respectful to others.

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meet the ridiculously photogenic homeless guy from big

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meet the ridiculously photogenic homeless guy from big

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