Meet the mormons channel 4 uk on demand

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meet the mormons channel 4 uk on demand

The Islam Channel, 6 March , 5. Hostel 2 (trailer). PRO4, 28 March , c) certain sections of the BCAP Code: the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising, which relate to those areas Television On-Demand (“ATVOD”) or the Advertising Standards Authority. (“ASA”) Meet the Mormons. Meet the Mormons (Channel 4) attempted to shed light on a set out to find out about the beliefs of the UK's , Mormons by following an. Channel 4's Too Posh to Parent enters the world of 'parental of bespoke services on offer, catering to more or less any demand of parent or.

Vance Jacobs Not all the produce is for immediate consumption. Fundamentalist Mormons believe that the Apocalypse is coming, and it is an article of faith to be prepared — all the families at the Rock have cellars filled with food to last three and a half years, and firearms, in case the community is attacked; on top of the Rock is a watchtower.

Mormon fundamentalists believe that plural marriage, or "living the Principle"helps them come closer to God by becoming more selfless, overcoming the human struggles with jealousy and insecurity, and learning to put others before themselves.

Today, claiming multiple wives is punishable by five years in prison, and most polygamists in the US therefore keep their plural marriages secret. The cluster of cave-like dwellings at the Rock Credit: He has two wives, Catrina, 37, and Lillian, 30, and a total of 18 children.

meet the mormons channel 4 uk on demand

Lillian is currently pregnant with his 19th, and in May, he will marry his third wife, year-old Lydia. One of Enoch Foster's wives, Lillian Credit: Vance Jacobs At the Foster family home, one of the largest at the Rock, Catrina and her 11 children live upstairs, while Lillian and her seven live downstairs.

When Lydia arrives, she will take the guest wing.

Meet the Mormons – TV review

Enoch, who currently splits his nights between his two wives and their two apartments, will rotate between the three wives in order. Disney films are also not shown in their home, as Cary believes they contain messages about witchcraft, magic and sorcery.

meet the mormons channel 4 uk on demand

Lillian and I sit on the patio, where chickens and cats mingle. Catrina, fresh-faced, joins us, carrying her youngest, Noble, just two months old.

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She was not raised in a family that practised polygamy. She met Enoch when she was just 14, and he was He was such a good dad, and an amazing provider; he had so much to offer, and I wanted somebody else to be able to experience that.

meet the mormons channel 4 uk on demand

With more than a decade of plural marriage under their belts, the Fosters appear to have a smoothly running routine. Catrina and Lillian share a postal delivery round — when one is nursing a new baby, the other works — and have a structured domestic schedule. Enoch Foster with his wives Lillian and Catrina Credit: Where does he leave all his stuff, I ask?

Meet the Mormons- UK- Channel 4

Do first wives, I ask, feel more secure? They must have been an Elder Berry at some time too, no? More serious than dropping his name, he also has to drop his family and friends for two years!

When training is complete, he's teamed up with Elder Bauman, who is Swiss and will be his companion for the next two years. They're not actually shackled together, but frankly they might as well be. They can go to the lav separately, otherwise they must do everything together: And try to convert the people of Leeds.

Who of course are not interested, or they're Muslims, or Sikhs.

meet the mormons channel 4 uk on demand

It is funny because of what Mormons believe in: She does get into trouble for asking about sex and celibacy. It's also dead sad.

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There are doubts there, clearly. He would have given up and gone home, he admits, if Elder Bauman wasn't there the whole time, watching over him.

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Elder Bauman, further gone, is both less likable and less normal — a bit creepy too, to be honest. Earlier, at the training centre, Alleway notices Josh She talks to one of the officials.