Fast and furious 7 meet the cast of chicago

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fast and furious 7 meet the cast of chicago

How a Multiracial Cast Lead to “Fast and Furious 7's” Success And because I didn't meet 'Brian O'Conner' through words on a page, his story arc As a Mexican-born immigrant, raised in Chicago who speaks English and. Vin Diesel Helping Plan Paul Walker's Exit From Fast & Furious 7 "P.s. Tomorrow we meet with the studio, regarding the future of the Fast saga and the Vin Diesel and Paul Walker lead the returning cast of Fast & Furious 7, which Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, True Thompson, Chicago West. Furious 7 () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

His team needed to alter the buildings and strew debris to make the area look disheveled and appear as a Rio shantytown. Wenham remarked that, though the development was difficult, in part due to the heat, it was "a walk in the park" compared with filming in the Rio favelas themselves. He only chose to add a multitude of colors in the favela set. Navy base pier 60 miles outside San Juan stood in for the bridge for scenes involving the vault smashing cars.

Furious 7 () - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

The scene was considered difficult to shoot, as pathways were slippery from moist tropical heat and the scene involved actors and stunt doubles running while avoiding dogs, chickens and other stray animals loose in the area. To capture the scene, a foot cable-camera rig was used to allow for a fast moving, birds-eye view of the action, and cameras on cranes were set up on rooftops and in alleyways.

It was required to allow enough space for stunt drivers to drive into the building, and it had to include an integrated lighting system. The design team removed walls, hauled out old railway cars, suspended rusted car parts and auto-plant car rails, and constructed smaller buildings within the main building to transform the site. With twenty-five pages of script to shoot in a limited time, cinematographer Stephen Windon and his team spent three weeks setting up a series of high-powered, motorized lights in the rafters of the building, that could be controlled remotely to allow lighting to be altered quickly while fully illuminating the set.

The characters were written to be equally formidable, so the fight was punctuated with moments of character development, as Moritz felt this made the fight more exciting. The scene required several weeks of rehearsal and more than a week of filming by the actors and their stunt doubles, who incurred several minor injuries. The climactic vault heist required four weeks of preparation with every scene and camera angle determined in advance. Filmed on the streets of Hato Rey, [47] the chaotic scene demanded specific timing that had to be synchronized with the various character interactions also occurring during the scene.

How a Multiracial Cast Lead to "Fast and Furious 7's" Success

Razatos chose to use a series of camera cars including a crane-mounted camera atop a Porsche Cayennewhich allowed him to film from a variety of angles and heights while the vehicles were in motion, and a Subaru Impreza with a steel cage built around it that allowed for tracking shots. Padelford also developed a top-mount dual-drive system for the Chargers that allowed a stunt driver to control the vehicle from the roof, while the actor focused on their performance inside the car.

Another vault was a reinforced, four-wheel self-drive vehicle that was connected to foot cables and dragged through the streets of San Juan by the two stunt Dodge Chargers. John Brotherton as Sheppard, Mr. Fazal described his role as a cameo. Tokyo Drift as Twinkie and Neela, respectively.

Development[ edit ] On October 21,the Los Angeles Times reported that Universal Studios was considering filming two sequels— Fast Six and Fast Seven— back-to-back with a single storyline running through both films.

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Both would be written by Chris Morgan and directed by Justin Linwho had been the franchise's writer and director, respectively, since The Fast and the Furious: On the decision, Diesel said: The studio said, 'You can't fit all that story in one damn movie! Despite the usual two-year gap between the previous installments, Universal chose to pursue a sequel quicker due to having fewer reliable franchises than its competitor studios.

Moritz and Michael Fottrell returning to produce and Morgan returning to write the script, his fifth in the franchise. On April 16,Diesel announced that the sequel would be released on July 11, Separate scenes with Walker also shot in the same location on the same night, [45] including one half of a phone conversation between his character and Jordana Brewster 's.

The day after, Diesel posted a picture from the night shoot with Black on his Facebook page. Cameras needed to be mounted onto cars in a way that they would not be destroyed when the cars landed, and the crew had to figure out a safe way to get the cars out of the plane.

They performed a dry run with a single car falling out of a plane [61] and did this six times. At about 5, feet, the parachutes deployed.

fast and furious 7 meet the cast of chicago

In addition to cameras on the ground, there were cameras remotely operated inside the plane and another three mounted outside each car. Additional cameras were on a helicopter, where Razatos was stationed watching monitors. Three skydivers used in the shoot wore helmet cameras to help shoot the sequence from multiple angles.

fast and furious 7 meet the cast of chicago

Sky divers would either jump out before cars or after them. To get that right, the team set up a pulley system that had cars six to ten feet above the ground. When they were dropped from the cranes, the stuntmen who were sitting in the driver's seats raced their engines at about 35 to 40 miles per hour and slid to the ground at full speed. Those cranes were then later removed from the film with computers. And then after that, heartbreaks started sinking in and we realized that Paul [Walker] wasn't going to be around with us anymore moving forward, and it was a really hard one.

And finishing the movie was the last thing on my mind at that point.

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It was more the idea of The idea of that was very daunting for me, but it became very apparent to all of us that we needed to finish this movie to honour Paul's legacy and to basically honour his memories Instead, choosing fast cars, beautiful people and exotic locations to speak to a wide margin of audience members -- using the bicultured cast as a vehicle.

It took time for the franchise to find its niche. By outgrowing its obsession with street races and Asian culture, and focusing instead on the its bicultured cast and its reflection of present day America, the franchise evolved from niche fetish to blockbuster.

Corporate execs hoping to capitalize on the purchasing power of Latinos, should do so without typecasting Spanish speaking, dark hair, eyes and skinand should look to their stars to forge those connections. Will Smith's promotion of "After Earth," a sci-fi thriller out nationwide May 31, on Univision created a dual sense of pride. As an American, I was impressed by Mr.

Smith's agility in weaving together sentences in Spanish that were coherent and punctuated with a strong emphasis of each letter. As a Mexican, I felt a sense of triumph to know Univision was now deemed important enough to command the attention of a superstar. A moment appreciated the most - by people who flow fluidly between both worlds.

A person with Mr. Smith's magnitude, makes it 'cool', mainstream and important to speak the language. Smith's embracing the language acts to combat the ignorance associated with assimilation-and make no mistake, it is ignorance that leads a person to reject their culture and view their heritage as an embarrassment that needs to be forgotten. What happens next is worse.

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Their children carry physical characteristics, and none of the sustenance. Making them ill-equipped to fit in one world and wander aimlessly through both.