13 fear is real episode 1 meet the mastermind

Fear Is Real TV Review

13 fear is real episode 1 meet the mastermind

Watch Fear Is Real: Meet the Mastermind from Season 1 at oculo-facial-surgery.info 1, MEET THE MASTERMIND. The contestants paired up and had to locate their partner, who was tied up in the woods. The last team. Connections · Soundtracks · Fear Is Real (). /10 Season 1 | Episode 1. Previous. All Episodes (8) · Next · Meet the Mastermind Poster. Add a Plot».

13 fear is real episode 1 meet the mastermind

Veteran horror film director Sam Raimi is one of the executive producers on 13, and his expertise shows. The series looks and feels like a real horror movie, which doesn't go unnoticed by the media-savvy contestants. The unseen host, known as The Mastermind, intentionally uses language that evokes death and murder, making the already spooky challenges seem even eerier. The participants are often visibly shaken Though it's obviously a reality show, the situations seem so much like a movie that the players -- and the viewers -- can't help but wonder where the line will be drawn between reality and fiction, or if there's a line at all.

When players are tied up and blindfolded in the woods, alone at night, The Mastermind says some will face a terrible fate. And when two contestants are nailed into coffins and actually buried alive, terrified, it's clear that he wasn't exaggerating. Even for a reality show, some of these situations seem less like a TV show and perhaps more real than necessary. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about horror films.

Why are they so popular? How do many recent horror movies, like the Saw series -- which seem to focus on violence and torture -- differ from earlier films?

13 - Fear is Real

What's appealing about watching people be subjected to such unpleasant fates? They individually searched for rings, which would be found in the favorite classrooms of the school's students who had been murdered.

13 fear is real episode 1 meet the mastermind

Hints as to where specifically in the classrooms the rings might be found were written on the classroom chalkboards. There were two fewer rings than players, so that the two players left without rings failed the ritual. The contestants were transported to a slaughterhouse. Partners were chosen by who was sitting in the room with them at the time of the ritual.

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One partner was locked in a cage, and the other partner had to find them. The partner then had to find a key to unlock the cage, which could have been in any of the holes in the wall marked "? The last team to have the caged partner freed failed the ritual. The contestants are put into a dark room with a large snake.

13: Fear Is Real

They were then put into straitjacketsand had to escape them. The last two contestants to escape their straitjackets failed the ritual. The final three contestants are taken to an isolated part of the woods in the Bayou and forced to outwit each other in the final ceremonies.

13 - Fear is Real - Telugu Horror Story - Epi 1 - Nov 28, 2015 - Zee Telugu TV Serial - Webisode

They are then directed to make a voodoo doll of the opponent who they believe poses the biggest threat to them and place a drop of their own blood on the doll to "sanctify" it. They are provided with lancets to prick their fingers for this purpose.

Part One — Contestants had to locate one of three single-use death boxes hidden in the woods.

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The challenge did not end until one contestant found a death box and used it to kill off another player. Part Two — The first contestant to find bolt cutters in an animal grave, find a barrel, cut it open, and get the key covered in body organs inside is saved from execution. Part Three — The final remaining contestant has to unlock a hut in which there is a bag containing the prize money.