An international bestseller, Klaus Kinski’s memoir has become a cult classic, telling “Probably the most outrageous autobiography ever–less a memoir than a. All I Need Is Love: A Memoir is the autobiography of the German actor Klaus Kinski first published in It was withdrawn from publication then, after the author’s death, retranslated, retitled, and republished in as Kinski Uncut: The Autobiography of Klaus Kinski. Few celebrity memoirs are remotely as raw, pornographic and confessional as this notorious self-portrait by German actor Kinski (), today best known .

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Kinski Uncut: 4the Autobiography of Klaus Kinski

I get the feeling of what that meant to him even if he hated it in the end. His parents died during the war.

My total being is one large breeding ground for the shocks of the world past, present, and future. Books by Kniski Kinski. If anyone is qualified to make that comparison, I am.

I dug the hell out of the way he delivers all of his information if you can call it that. The descriptions of incest, copulating on a church altar with a virgin, and sex with a giantess whose back he would scale and hair he would hang on to so as not to fall, indicate that this is autobiography as performance art.


Why did Kinski act, then?

Neither book would klau likely to reach the public in Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Half the stuff I just don’t believe – he comes off as a sociopath who only randomly excuses his behavior because he has “so much love to give” – but “love” might be a mistranslation of “sex” – because I didn’t see og love at all: The Autobiography of Klaus Kinski.

Kinski as the Wrath of God. Painted here is a man who was willing to sacrifice everything for his art – which is about the only redeeming quality of this book. Good job at describing this, Mar.

Kinski Uncut by Klaus Kinski

Malaria of the soul, recurring again and again. Lo sugestivo fue mi torpeza. I smash the windowpanes of the Schlossparktheater. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Don’t buy this book, if you are reading it right now, give up on it.

All I Need Is Love – Wikipedia

Paperbackpages. I think without question he was a terribly, horribly tormented man, who raged at everyone and everything around him. Preview — Kinski Uncut by Klaus Kinski. All I Need Is Love: Archived from the original on Thanks for tthe us about the problem. The entire universe pours into me, rages in me, rampages through me and over me. Jul 24, Mark rated it really liked it. The guy was fucking insane in the best sense of the word.


Kinski Uncut

A lot was said and written about Kinski being intense, being crazy. Best pur Without a doubt one of the most outrageous “autobiographies” I’ve come across, this is really just a detailed inventory of the multitudes of women Kinski claims to have bedded.

And I’m reading it in translation! It kunski me, commands me, envelops me, threatens me, and waits for me everywhere and all the time. Or so one surmises reading what must be the most incredible autobiography ever written, in English translation titled Kinski Uncut. A prize for every hell, every dying, every resurrection? Does anyone else have that problem?

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