This is the story of my progression from the JGRO cnc router design to using the OpenBuild system. In the process I think I have learned some. Steps for: Build a home made CNC machine (JGRO router). Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. JGro CNC router from Stock setup. There is an error in the Z axis assembly – the fixed section holding the tubes on which the slide moves is too.

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Changing X-axis envelope during What Additional Software is Needed? I got the servos off ebay used they are Vexta PH series oz, 0. Used a pair of oillite flanged bearings in a routter fit hole, the flange is recessed and trapped by the pair of fender washers.

By the way, John is a far better craftsman then I, so we can expect a higher grade of work from rojter. If you look closely at the picture of the assembly you can see that each side piece has the two slot profile of the milled into it. Trace an object or pattern on a digitizing tablet and save it as a graphics file on your computer. What jrgo a Digitizing Tablet?

Carl Looks as if you are well on your way!.

Place an object or pattern on the digitizing tablet, start the digitizing software, place the pen stylus or cursor where digitizing should begin, push the buttons on the pen or cursor to start digitizing and digitize the object, pattern, design. Trace outline with pen stylus or cursor. Wow, the plans are great, easy to understand, read, and simple to build.


I tried some roter springs but these seem to work best on the compromise of increased rod friction vs movement, still very free movement. CNCzone is the definitely the place to go for the best advice. It will also be a HobbyCNC. I started with the two base assemblies. A few more details.

I did not put the preload nuts on the z axis, really wanted to get this running and time keeps adding up. We’ll get these built someday.

The home brew acme preload seems to work well. Routet sure agree with the comments from “HayTay”. Its a small world! Hey John, The bearings arrived.

JGRO router is functional

I will change to 10 feet of this wire on the x and y axis soon to allow the computer to be moved back some from the machine. If you can get ACME or trapezoidal threaded rod I would definitely go with that instead of the quarter inch all-threaded rod for the lead screw.

EDO, Heres a German group that cuts their cores with a router.

Master 5 works well but moves in somewhat discrete steps, each move then causes some distortion of the cut by torquing the gantry in resistance to the cutter. Replaced stepper motors with oz from Hobbycnc. One outer edge will have to be fouter down to clear the gantry floor. Threads 1 to 20 of Flanged bearings on the lead screws.


JGRO router is functional – The Hell Ya Beller

Last Jump to page: If the problem is laying the wing flat when you turn it over, can’t you cut a “mold” to lay it in? There is no noticable free play in the coupling, the spider is a tight fit in the hubs. Digitizing can be point to point, continuous curves, freehand drawing, lines, arcs, circles, and curve fitting between points. Actually they go further and vacuum bag these wings in a mold.

If, that is, I can clear my head of this CNC router bug. So, if you see him on RCSE, please don’t tell him about my creation.

See the attached picture. CNC may not always be the most efficient way to make guitar parts a band saw and pin router is often the most sensible way to do guitar woodwork but they are a flexible way to convert complicated 3D computer designs into reality.

The machine is operational but still needs rokter of tuning.

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