The Evolution of Technology (Cambridge Studies in the History of Science) [ George Basalla] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Presents an. The Evolution of Technology by George Basalla (Cambridge University Press ) pp. viii , $, ISBN 0 I Pbk. The Evolution of Technology by George Basalla. Review by: Colleen We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms.

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In many societies, it became a popular artifact, used for commerce and warfare. The second theme is necessity: Contents Diversity Necessity and Evolution. History is more than just a series of events happening in sequence.

The Evolution of Technology – George Basalla – Google Books

Therefore, the popular but illusory concept of technological progress should be discarded. Challenges the popular notion that technological advances arise from the efforts of a few heroic individuals who produce a series of revolutionary inventions that owe little or nothing to the technological past. When Europeans evoluhion this knowledge home, it sparked immense innovation that led to major changes in their way of life.

However, there georve something itches my mind: Diversity Necessity and Evolution. There is no shortage of better ideas. All of the aspects were clearly examined and after each chapter, Basalla states a geotge summary of that chapter and shows his implications. Technological evolution follows a similar curve. One of the most thought basalla books I’ve ever read Overall a good introductory book. The loss or concealment of crucial antecedents: By treading so evolutuon, Basalla avoids overreaching and weakening his argument.


Cathy Brandenburg rated it really liked it May 31, Rajesh rated it did not like it Mar 05, This is not a coincidence. His factors are technoolgy, although in this case he pays more attention to involvement of the economy and the military. Basalla divides this analysis into four major types of factors that he splits across the two chapters: Why did they occur in specific regions?

Trivia About The Evolution of Selection As defined by Basalla: He does tend to focus on nineteenth- and early baswlla innovations, including the steam engine and the automobile, probably because of the plethora of economic and historical data available for these inventions and the people involved in their production.

Novelty This chapter aimed at understanding how to account for differences and diversity in technological artifacts. Want to Read saving….

Initially this analogy was used from technology to biology to describe living organisms in mechanical terms and then the other way around, as a way to arrange technical objects into “genera, species and varieties and proceed from this classificatory exercise to the construction of an evolutionary tree illustrating the connections between the various forms of mechanical life”.

The Evolution of Technology works because Basalla articulates his thesis so clearly and precisely that his entire argument is, if not convincing, at least admirable. Three themes appear, with variations, throughout the study. The evolution of aboriginal weapons by Lane-Fox Pitt Rivers.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Agriculture and architecture are new novelties, not necessities. I was drawn to this book thanks to several discussion threads.

To him, both are wrong and ” key artifacts such as the steam engine, the cotton gin, or the transistor, emerged in an evolutionary fashion from their antecedents “. The Thee of Technology by George Basalla.

G.Basalla: The Evolution of Technology

Such dissimulations are the result of a system that attempts to impose discontinuity on what is essentially a continuous phenomenon ” The confusion of technological and socio-economical change: If it’s the case that “revolutions” are more a product of historical analysis than actual fact, what criteria can we use for calling an artifact or invention “novel”, and what factors in society determine these criteria?

The material in technooogy was highly useful in general and relevant to our project that aims at mapping the evolution of joypads.

It is a well-written examination of the scientific and technical development history of the human kind. The autopilot runs the tevhnology. History of Science in General Philosophy of Science categorize this paper.

Shannon Green rated it liked it Feb 20, Zeynel rated it really liked it Teh 30, Their culture had a healthy resistance to change, because their time-proven traditions kept them on a good path.

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