Each unit armed with a mortar weapon system gives examinations semiannually. Other units may conduct examinations or allow their eligible members to take. 90(FM ). MORTARS. DECEMBER DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors only. Title: FM 9DEC, Version: CHG-1, Date: Dec, Status: Active, Desc: FM (w/ CHANGE 1) MORTARS.

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Maintain compatibility and quantity of ammunition, as outlined in TM Dropping down on one knee in front of the bipod, the gunner supports the bipod with his left hand on the gear case. The candidate carries his scorecard from station to station. Each unit armed with a mortar weapon system gives examinations semiannually. When fired from the M mortar, greater ranges are achieved than those shown in the M2 and M19 firing tables.

To lay the mortar correctly, he takes a compensated sight picture Figure The baseplate, M8, Figure is a one-piece, rectangular, aluminum-forging base. After sufficient preparatory exercises, candidates are given the gunner’s examination.

Contact the seller – opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to moryars location. He determines mask and overhead clearance by sighting along the top of the barrel with his eye placed near the base mortarz. Watch list is full.

M 60mm Light Mortar

Seller does not offer returns. He levels the instrument and orients the aiming circle so that the line is in the general direction the mortar is mounted. All other mortars are mounted at mils deflection and mils elevation. The gunner strikes the barrel sharply several times with the heel of his boot just above the handle assembly. This is a precaution if the charge changes during adjustment. For the 32-90 trial, using the 4. People who viewed this item also viewed.

He swabs the barrel every 23-0 rounds or after each end of mission. If he takes the first trial for record, then he must take the second trial for record even if he fails it. The gunner removes the sight, places an elevation of mils and a deflection of mils on the M64 sightunit, and places it in the case. Organization for conducting gunner’s examination carrier-mounted. The ammunition designed for the M2 and M19 mortaars can be fired from the Mortare mortar.


Ammunition that is wet or dirty should be wiped off at once. Mortar ammunition is painted and marked with a color code for quick, accurate identification.

If a round set for near-surface burst NSB fails to burst at the near-surface distance above the target, it automatically bursts on impact.

The tests below morrtars substituted respectively for the reciprocal laying and for the refer and realign stations. The commander having authority to issue special orders appoints the board. Have one to sell?

FM Chptr 3 mm Mortar, M

The gunner announces, ” gun number up,” to his squad leader. The locking cap rotates mils, giving the mortar mortqrs firing capability. This method should not be used; it increases the chances of double-loading the mortar and causing an in-bore premature detonation.

The M is a standard point-detonating fuze M with both impact and 0. The 23-900 is attached to the barrel at the lower saddle, and the elevating mechanism is fully depressed. The spread cable is a plastic-coated steel cable attached to the bipod legs, which controls the spread of the two tubular steel legs.

The evaluator records the time and checks the candidate’s work after each command has been executed. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. If the elevation mortard between to mils, the high saddle is used.

The mortar is prepared for action on an azimuth by the evaluator and his assistants.

FM 23-90 (w/ CHANGE 1), ARMY FIELD MANUAL: MORTARS (09-DEC-2002)(TO 11W2-5-13-21)

In an adjust-fire mission, he should prepare the round and delay cutting the charges until FFE is entered. Add to watch list Remove from watch list. If dented, he mrtars not try to fire the round again. The candidate is given two trials; his credit score for the test is the total of these two trials. He is allowed to start each trial with his hand on the deflection knob.


He indicates the initial direction of fire by pointing in that direction and gives the command ACTION, at which time the candidate begins mounting the mortar. He then centers the traversing mechanism and unlocks the collar with the collar locking knob. As soon as the 2390 data are announced, the gunner places it on the sight, elevates the mortar until the elevation bubble floats mmortars, and then centers the traversing bearing.

When he fails in any trial through the fault of an examiner, defective sight, mortar, mount, or other instrument used, that trial is void and the candidate is given another trial as soon as possible. If the primer has not been dented, the firing pin on the mortar should be checked for proper seating and tightened down if needed. The assistants do mortats manipulate the sight or mortar for elevation or deflection.

Complete cartridges being fired should be handled with care.

The examining board consists of one officer and two senior NCOs who are proficient with the weapon. The traverse extension 223-90 is not used during the gunner’s examination. After he lays the mortar on the realigned aiming posts, he announces, “Up. However, moisture and high temperature can damage ammunition. The cooling fins at the base of the mortar allow the high rate of fire to be maintained for long periods.

He then levels the elevation bubble and reads the setting on the elevation scale and elevation micrometer.

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