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Evaluation of Capacity of Essential Oils in Dissolving ProTaper Universal Gutta-Percha points

vd Xylol has been shown to dissolve the root filling materials most effectively but it was reported to have carcinogenic potential and toxicity to tissues 7. Fixed None by ondrejv2.

Support Center Support Center. There might be some debug messages which could help to reveal the bug. See the log file attached. Footnotes The authors deny any conflicts of interest related to this study.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. J Appl Oral Sci. J Health Sci Inst.

So far it’s planned for 6. In terms of immersion time, xylol control group exhibited a markedly superior ability in dissolving the gutta-percha points compared to other solvents and, also, showed statistically significant differences.

The methods used in this study are similar to those used in numerous basic studies conducted on gutta-percha solvents in which the dissolving efficacy of solvents was assessed by the difference between the original pre-immersion weight and the post-immersion weight 814 Looks like these are some strange sockets left behind.


Thu Oct 8 Ok, disabling dyndns seems to have helped a little bit, but not much. I might have captured the previous log froma diskless machine.

Sorry for the Inconvenience

Two-hundred samples were randomly divided into four experimental groups and further subdivided in fifty samples for each solvent Table 1. Also, the standard deviation and mean weight d of F3 ProTaper Universal gutta-percha point is presented. Results All solvents showed that the first five minutes of action was the period of greatest dissolving power.

It’s not 50-218 to me from code how could it happen. Created mappings may not be loaded. A continuous dissolution was observed in all groups. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

It has been suggested that hand file 210 including stainless steel hand file 210rotary instruments 11reciprocating systems 12ultrasound 3 and immersion of gutta-percha point in the solvent solution 13 can be used to effectively clean the root canal system.

It would be good to know whether it causes FD leaks. The results of their study also showed that eucalyptus oil exhibited the best dissolving capacity. I will disable it next time so the logs are more readable. The mass loss was recorded by weighing which was performed after every minute of action of the solvent on the points. All solvents showed that the first five minutes of action was the period of df dissolving power.

Dissolving efficacy of some organic solvents on gutta-percha. No, I can replicate it quite easily – actually right now I need to put in place a cron job restarting SSSD every week.


It is noteworthy that although gutta-percha points are composed of gutta-percha itself, zinc oxide, waxes, resins and other compounds, the solvents acted only on gutta-percha. Solvent capacity of different substances on guta-percha and resilon. If you do 50-182 need this feature.

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One leak by “leak” I mean socket where lsof can’t identify protocol is created immediately after daemon restart, second one 50-28 about Tue Oct 6 When the primary treatment fails, a non-surgical endodontic retreatment is indicated 2. Journal List Acta Stomatol Croat v. In accordance with the present research, Gomes et al.

Abstract Purpose Gd may be used to remove the filling materials. Organic solvents are chemical compounds which have been shown to aid in removal of the root canal filling materials 4 – 6. The full text of articles published in this journal can be used free of charge for personal and educational purposes while respecting the copyright of the authors and publishers.

For commercial purposes no part of this journal may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the publisher.

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