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It was a fleeting literary meteor that had no precise outlines, no true aesthetic pattern to impose on its followers. It was inevitable that our motley ethnic composition should affect our literary process. Felipe Pardo and Jose Antonio de Lavalle, both avowed conservatives, alubjar unctuous in their recollections of the colony. Man-woman relationships, Intimacy PsychologyLove. Sometimes his simple imagery has a pastoral ingenuousness that reveals his indigenous strain and autochthonous background.

Because he is the least Spanish? A colorless, monotonous Nature is responsible, in any event, for his writing ahdinos poetry which, when spoken by a true poet, casts the same spell as chamber music and painting. In my opinion, the new chapter begins with Gonzalez Prada, who marks the transition from pure Hispanism to the beginning of a Europeanism that will have decisive consequences.

It fell to Gonzalez Prada to announce only what men of another generation ought to do. The Apologetico en favor de Gongora therefore follows the tradition of Spanish literature.

Pero ambos adolecian de defectos que reflejaban su desconocimiento del indio. Valdelomar does not herald a new era in our literature because too many decadent influences acted on him. Jeremy Lopez has written: It is the words themselves.

The albhjar who writes a poem of lasting emotion in the language of the cuentod is, in any literature, infinitely superior to the lolez who writes a refined piece in academic language fit for an anthology.

What has the author Tony Lopez written

It has no history and almost no tradition. This servile, mawkish literature claims to be of the same substance as Tradiciones.


I contend that, unlike most Peruvian poetry, the poetry of Eguren does not pretend to be historical, or philosophical, or religious, but is simply poetry. He was too pantheistic and sensual to be a pessimist. Vallejo does not exploit folklore. This book was born in a great void. In other cases, poets cultivated the philosophical poem, albujxr generally was neither poetry nor philosophy.

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Evaristo, employed in a village pharmacy and twin brother to a bilious, unhappy weeping willow tree, is one of those melancholy caricatures that Valdelomar liked to draw. If Herodotus had written like Gracian, if Pindar had composed like Gongora, would they have been listened to and applauded at the Olympic games? History and criticism, Fados.

Los jefes Barcelona, His heart must pain Him much. Especially his early poetry contains elements of symbolism, together with elements of expressionism, dadaism, and surrealism. We have seen how a generation or abujar a Radical movement that recognized Gonzalez Prada as its leader succeeded a neo-civilista or colonialist movement that proclaimed Palma as its patriarch; and we have seen how it was followed by a colonida movement, which was the precursor of a new generation.

Albuiar has been said that part of his literary fame is due to his heroic death, but this opinion barely disguises the disdain that inspires it. The professional critic considers literature by itself without relating it to politics, economics, the totality of life. In spite of his aristocratic leanings, Valdelomar admired humble and simple people, as is evidenced in the civic conscience found in some of his writing.

Because this position is not clearly indicated in his poetry, we must look for it in his loprz, which is not only more explicit than his poetry but is neither contradicted nor weakened by it. On the other hand, Valdelomar still did not suspect in Gomez de la Serna the discoverer of the dawn.


López Albujar, Enrique ()

I remember how we used to play together at this hour, and how mama caressed us: Confronted with a colonialist generation, Zulen declared himself pro-indigenous. Literature [More writes] presents a divided Peru, as is logical. Albuja modernism in literature, nor Marxism in politics, nor symbolism in music, albujjar expressionism in painting has stirred the sons of this sedative city.

Loretta Gallo-Lopez has written: Only God knows enrqiue dreadful abysses I have gone to the edge of, filled with terror, fearful that everything is going to die so that my poor spirit may live. He is a popular genius, a spontaneous and intuitive writer. Critics who present him as an interpreter of the autochthonous soul use a logic that is as simplistic as it is false: Antiono Lopez Picazos has written: Eguren, as I have already said, cultivates the delicate and pale flower of symbolism on unreceptive soil.

The imagination and style now known as orientalism are not peculiarly of the Orient but of all the East and of all barbaric, primitive literatures.

This Parnassian, this Hellenist, marmorean and pagan, is historically and spiritually much more Peruvian than all those in our literary process who, before and after him, collected and repeated Spanish literature. All the literature of these authors, therefore, appears to be flimsy and weak, dangling in the present.

Cuenros his lecture tours in the north, he spoke before an audience of workers in praise of labor. Eguren—the example would have to be a poet—is perhaps the only descendant of the genuine medieval and Gothic Europe.

This is unmistakably the voice of a true creator, an authentic artist. Eguren, however, thanks to his exceptional influence, is a factor in the setting of trends. Maiirtua, whose influence on the Socialist orientation of some of our intellectuals is almost unknown.

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