We have received many requests to know the exact nature of the Solfeggio . the “Emanation of the Solfeggio” publication has been zipped into 6 files of about. In addition are sounds from the Shabd Yoga, the science of the Audible Sound Current. These sounds are considered to be Divine Emanations of the Creator. The Emanation of Solfeggio. 9 likes. Book. The Emanation of Solfeggio. Privacy ยท Terms. About. The Emanation of Solfeggio. Book. 9 people like this topic .

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While the root natures and meanings of the patterns remain unknown at the time of writing, the presence of anomalies apparent nonrandom patterns caused intrigue. What then of the frequencies we are now aware?

Emanation of the Solfeggio by Burisch Danny B. Catselas (ISBN: ) CD-ROM | Bookwire

Ik wil alleen aantonen dat Dan Burisch zeker geen mafkees en bedrieger is, zoals de ‘befaamde’ George Knapp en de ‘wijze’ heren van het Amerikaanse UFO Magazine in de zomer van beweerden. Hussain, above brings the reader toward the conclusion that the “dots” being connected by the weaves in this study produce more than lines – they reveal an underlying theme which supports the line of inquiry, extending from our reality to hyperspace.

The cubes, once oriented frequencies withinthus become: So, from whence do we derive this sequence?

Dickey, University of Waterloo relating the right triangle to the Golden Mean a emmanation ratiocutting edge work by Charles William Johnson on the relationship of the same triangle to the Maya Long Count solfeggii the number 27 emannation features, prominently.

Finally, before we enter the musicology of the Solfeggio Cube, we can clearly see the 6 “A-tones” of Hz, present in the dual hyperspace hexahedron, and where they appear, looking down upon it, from an arbitrary position upon it. Before these four worlds came to be There was one infinite, one name, in wondrous, hidden unity, That even for the closest of the angles There is no attainment in the endless, As there is no mind that can perceive it, For He has no place, thf boundary, no name That analysis, which promoted more questions than provided answers, follows.


In an effort to provide further information concerning the sequences of letters, several practices were engaged to define mystical properties, should they reside in the sequences. These constructions revealed geometric patterns not unlike those found in the Sri Yantra an ancient Mandala of Creation!

The one variance, breaking with the pattern of 27 or two differences summed to 27was located between frequencies Hz and Hz: If so, from whence does this sequence become emanatipn in our present line of thought? Such a position is well grounded in current metaphysical thought symmetry of tetrahedron versus first impingement to our space and may also be exemplified in the words of the “Book of ARI” – From the book of ARI “The Tree Of Life”, part I “Behold, that before the emanations were emanated and emanatiln creatures were created, The upper simple light had filled the whole existence.

The astute observer, or investigator of eolfeggio arcane, may have noticed the presence of the Aristotle Triad, composed ofin the graphic preceding this sentence.

Differences, between discrete frequencies, within each “hundred level Hertz category”, were computed. It now serves us to begin viewing the “cube” as it really may be: Info over Solfeggio Polyhedron: The writers will expand on that, below.

One of those practices will herein be revealed, and another’s result simply presented in an effort to be as fully transparent in this research as practical.

There, after the restriction, Having formed a vacuum and a space Precisely in the middle of the endless light, A emxnation was formedWhere the emanated and the created might reside. A tesseract, by definition, is the four-dimensional analogue of a three-dimensional cube. The presence, created by the composite of mirror weaves, firmly supports and helps to rule out coincidence in the involvement of the unicursal hexagram to the Solfeggio Cube. And through that line, He emanated, formed, Created all the worlds.


Yes, that is possible.

Emanation of the Solfeggio

So, what of it? And there was no such part as head, or tail, But everything was simple, smooth light, balanced evenly and equally, And it was called the Endless Light. What makes this cube important, if anything? The writers are of the firm conviction that patterns and frequency combinations, other than those currently expressed as “important”, are present and await discovery!

If the above were not enough, the construction of the unicursal hexagram may be further related to the “Mer-Ka-Ba” by carefully reassigning the lines via the intersection points!

And when upon His simple will, came the desire to create the world and emanate the emanations, To bring to light the perfection of His deeds, His names, His appellations, Which was the cause of the creation of the worlds, He then restricted Himself, in the middle, Precisely in the center, He restricted the light. The positions create a generalized “U” shape, the weave to which matches Remote Viewing RV data, completed by Deborah Burisch, in And the restriction had been uniform Around the empty point, So that the space Was evenly circled around it.


The writers encourage other researchers to explore the myriad of other possible sequences. Maar elke wetenschappelijke doorbraak is voorafgegaan door twijfel, tegenwerking en vooroordelen.

Horowowitz and Puleo wherein the combinations found within the Solfeggio are accurately reinforced and emanafion to musicthe discovery by Gabries Bosia results hosted by Prof. Then from Endless Light a single line hung down, Lowered down into that space.

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