Sunward details the inner part of the eclipse phase solar system: can you take the heat? find out on Mercury, the vulcanoids, or dive into the sun’s Corona with. Eclipse Phase: Sunward: The Inner System – We updated Sunward and added print on demand options in October ! Sunward details the. Eclipse Phase has 98 ratings and 5 reviews. Timothy said: The opposite of the Rimward book as this one focuses on the inner planets like Mercury and Venu.

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There are a lot of utopias to ruin in the Transhuman Future TMand you had better believe someone is going to get their toes stepped on when you try to ruin theirs. The above TODO list feels big—and it’s not small—but it’s at the point where all the tasks are discrete, manageable chunks.

Sunward Cover Art

I know what you mean about. To ask other readers questions about Eclipse Phaseplease sign up. So I saw the latest on the trade show on the Catalyst site, as well as snward I think was the cover to “Sunward” http: What I really want to sunwaed though is what font is that for the title “Sunward”, font freek that I am I’m ecipse captivated by it or what I’m looking at is really a normal font with some shading in certain places that makes it look cooler I know what you mean about Mr.

With less page-flipping needed, we’ve also condensed cross-references: We’ve done a lot of redline corrections that need to be input. Sep 16, Mark Didgeman rated it it was amazing.

Recommended for flavour, and for the interesting ideas–Venus, in particular, is an interesting achievement.

So, what is the font called. This suggests that they might be toning town the game’s cosmic horror elements. To make things worse, the process of resleeving and egocasting can be, and was, compromised. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Found it actually, but thanks! Apr 27, Marcin Eclipsf rated it really liked it.


Like all the other Posthuman EP releases, top quality, gorgeous design, and great information.

Unfortunately, trying to excise the whole mess also forces you to excise a lot of the coolest parts of the setting like the crime family that’s all forks of the same chick so you’re going to have to find a compromise that you and your group zunward live with. Jack Graham Goodreads Author. Looks like a great “transhuman font” that and “Amerikan Sans”.

These corrections are included in the fourth printing PDF and print release June Refresh and try again. Jan-Erik rated it really liked it Feb 05, Rob will be out of the country from October 15th to 25th. While we look for a new staff writer we’ll be pulling one of the original Eclipse Phase designers, Brian Cross, in to help out alongside longtime collaborator Davidson Cole.

Tedthulhu rated it it was amazing Dec 05, This is Fantastic sourcebook material. Some aliens calling themselves ‘The Factors’ appeared, claiming to represent the rest of galactic civilization, but they are very mysterious and possibly completely manipulative assholes who want to fuck humanity over.

Note that we both link to the fan sites when possible so you can get the most up-to-date versions and mirror the download here possibly out-of-date just in case: Now that things are falling into place aunward results are looking excellent and, more importantly, the book is far easier to navigate than Eclipse Phase first edition or anything else we’ve published.

Part of that will simply depend on how deep into the rest of the book I am by the time Rob gets back from his trip! See also this projectthis thread and this one. You can follow his fabulous twitter feed at FakeTSR to keep up to date on his writings and humor. Think a mashup of spy-thriller-style “highest-clearance-level” sunwatd organizations, the leadership of X-COMthe Imperial Inquisitiona dash of the SCP Foundationa pinch of The Laundry Filesand a heaping helping of ethical shadowrunning.


Your ad here, right now: We’re looking for someone who can write 10, words a month and after a period of acclimation work largely without supervision on both setting material and rules.

Sunwar the ethical and practical implications of some of the stuff that can be done with transhumanity’s technology doesn’t scare you, the Exurgents and TITAN threats will. Honorable mention goes to the cognoweapons he designed.

And the setting itself is absurdly full of plot hooks and conspiracies to get repeatedly killed by have fun with. It will be great and you will be able to start your campaigns! That said, we aren’t finished with EP2. New reputation rules, flexbot rules, psi, morphs, and then some. Gareth Hunt rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Huge fan of Brin’s Earthclan. It’s full of the stuff! If you’re a freelance writer with an established gaming or technical writing background and you’re interested in working on Eclipse Phase, email us at info posthumanstudios.

Complete re-writes on the Gamemastering and History chapters.

Eclipse Phase: Sunward: The Inner System :: Game Books :: IPR

Morphs are also more varied than many standard RPGs, ranging from unaltered humans to robotic “shells” to swarms of nanotech to genetically engineered octopi. Martiniere, I looked at his resume and suddenly see several of my book’s covers there, they really chose some high-caliber artists here.

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