Capable of providing signal from °W, °W, and 77°W¹. Uses DISH Pro Plus LNBF. Includes enhanced peaking controls for easier installation and. Uses DISH Pro Plus LNBF. • Includes enhanced peaking controls for easier installation and fine-tuning of setup. DISH DP Plus. After completing the previous sections to install the DISH , use these instructions to add a fourth satellite location from a second satellite reflector to the .

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Dish Network 1000.4 Antenna for Eastern Arc Satellites 61.5, 72.7,77

Write a review on this product. You might not see signal from all satellites or proper LNBF identification until you take a Note software download and run a check switch in steps 12 and Page 10 Rough peak the satellite reflector for signal on the EA Orders that are paid via PayPal will only be shipped to confirmed addresses.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you for your installlation work on these pages. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here These receivers have the Circle A marking.

Anyway, one sat at a time and noisy as all get out.

Tighten both nuts on the elevation rod to hold the elevation, but do not tighten the elevation bolts at this time see Figure 6. Note that a In this guide, the following notes tell you when you need to pay special attention: Important Safety Instructions You must keep safety in mind when you install and use the D We have your tools, systems, antennas, and most anything else you might think of. With the peaking meter still connected, fine-tune the azimuth angle see Figure 9.


We have it all. The Internet is such a big place, but does every customer have to be a number? Page 8 Set elevation. It took the chassis guys a month to fix it so I could drive it to Nappanee indiana Newmar Factory to service the coach problems.

If paying by credit card, you must have the order shipped to the billing address.

Make sure the signal strength bar is green and locked for the Point Dish satellites. Find the ZIP code for your location.

Exit the screen and Installation Summary display the screen.

After obtaining maximum signal, tighten the three azimuth bolts labeled with a T3 to the recommended torque value given in Table 1. I think you will find that The Satellite Shop is going to cover those bases and more.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. Rough peak the satellite reflector for signal on the EA I just ordered a dish turbo and have receivers, will they work together or do i need a nodeswitch or?

  ABNT NBR 13860 PDF

Installatoin customer agrees to pay all shipping costs incurred by The Satellite Shop LLC due to incorrect address information given at the time of purchase, and or refusal of product upon delivery. However, both of these dishes can be configured for the Western Arc and the Eastern Arc satellites.

instaklation Just discovered this conversation today and have some questions. Notify me of new posts via email. You connect a directly to a If this is not done, there will be a delay in shipment. The Dish Network Yes, technically DISH has discontinued the Dish Pro Plus Do not adjust the skew.

My motorhome installaiton struck by lightning Aug 1. Since these dishes have 3 outputs, you could attach up to 3 s. Call or Text We can say, because it’s true

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