All About Life and Death, Volume 2 [Cho Chikun] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. All About Life and Death The most complete work on. Though we think of a game as being quite a distance from calculation and life and death problems, a game will still come to a stage requiring. Sensei’s Library, page: Encyclopedia of Life and Death, keywords: Life Death CD is a collection of life and death problems by Cho Chikun.

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Seemingly well enough for my entry-level weiqi skills. This classic Chinese text dates from the fourteenth century, originally published in by Yan Defu and Yan Tianzhang.

The hole at a is a weak point, but if Black simply connects at athis becomes the same position as the last pattern, and he dies. Aren’t those Yutopian books Chinese translations? Considering the subject matter I have the english ljfe I’m confident the original books would be of great value to folks who don’t read japanese like myself.

Should auto-imply Instruction-RequiredStrange and Fun. Be the first to ask a question about All About Life and Death.

Encyclopedia of Life and Death

Books by Cho Chikun Nine-Dan. Non-real game problems that encompasses an entire board, or at least the majority of it. A collection of problems created by Master Go Seigen 9p, and out of which problems No.

Mostly problems in which you’re allowed to make a move instead of your opponent. If White plays 3 at 4, Black can just defend at a. May 17, Joseph Michael Rosser rated it liked it Shelves: Where are two eyes when white plays either a or b?

Add Group

The White hane at 2 is a good move, and then answering by pushing in once again with kill the Black group. Solution 2 looks dead to me. You can’t play on a 4×4 chjkun, but there are some nice problems. This two-volume tesuji dictionary was originally published by Kensaku Segoe and Go Seigen in Supposedly this was an unauthorized translation and as a result it will never be reprinted by anyone. Dan marked it as to-read Jul 24, Recle marked it as to-read May 08, Please fhikun also that all problems use japanes rules.


All About Life and Death

Problems dealing with the basic ‘L’ shape in the corner or derivatives of. For lifd pattern the correct line of play is shown as well as a number of variation diagrams.

Gary Abdullah marked it as to-read Apr 03, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Lfie account. Max rated it it was amazing Oct 01, This book consisting of two volumes is a translation of volume 1 of Cho Chikun ‘s Japanese language book Life and Death Dictionary cikun on the dictionaries page. Nardo Leo marked it as to-read Mar 16, Nice logically-organized treatment of the subject.

Even if you don’t know Chinese like me, the dictionary cnikun quite useful as long as you know the sequence that problems are presented: Let’s look at the variations one at a time. I was told by the sales deatth at Kiseido that Yutopian is suppose to re-lease it July, but I don’t know if they were referring to the Japanese or the English edition.

Prremis added it May 29, No trivia or quizzes yet. I’ve had luck getting this and other common Japanese references such as joseki and tesuji dictionariesfrom Amazon’s Japanese web site, http: Going back to the beginning, will be the very first play that comes to mind for making eye shape, but White will play 2 and 4 and just manage to kill the Black group.


The original edition is in Japanese see the dictionaries page but it is out of print.

The plays at a and b are miai. Problems taken from real amateur games. White 2 and 4 are powerful plays, but Black 5 is a nice answer. The problems contained therein tend to be extraordinarily hard.

After making the diagonal play, Black needs to be careful about how he answers the push and cut of lifs. The descent to Black 1 is also not a very flexible answer. The sequences of diagrams are simple too as the characters for ‘correct’, ‘wrong’ and ‘reference’ are easy to recognize. In other words, in this situation there are two ways for Black to dhikun. These can often prove instructive as most of us are still amateurs, and the situations that arise in such games are relevant to our experience.

Even if you don’t know Japanese, you can usually sort through the web site by comparing it to the English version, which has the same layout. An example is included below. The original book was split into three parts, a start, a middle, and an end. Black to Play and Live. After Black’s diagonal play, is the vital point for making cchikun shape. I just bought the two volumes after I bought an used English edition of volume one.

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