A short Anzia Yezierska biography describes Anzia Yezierska’s life, times, and work. Also explains the historical and literary context that influenced Bread Givers . Bread Givers has ratings and reviews. BlackOxford said: Male LiberationA gem in so many dimensions: King Lear with an extra daughter, a proto. Anzia Yezierska, Bread Givers (New York, ). Chapter 1: Hester Street. I had just begun to peel the potatoes for dinner when my oldest sister Bessie came in.

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So loud was my yelling, for my little size, that people stopped to look at me.

I found this on my bookshelf with no recollection of when or where I bought it and whether it was a recommendation or just something that caught my eye.

But that morning, I had refused to do it anymore.

Bread Givers – Wikipedia

I hated how controlling he was and This book was assigned in my English class as part of our reading list for the Spring semester. But now I was so happy with my money, I didn’t think of running away, I only wanted to show them what I could do and give it away to them.

It lifted me in the air, my happiness. His eyes were raised to God.

“New York Times” reviews Yezierska’s “Bread Givers”

A true story of contention and strife! She makes an effort to be a part of the social circles around her but is not accepted by her American peers. I’m willing to give up all my earthly needs for the wine of Heaven with you. Your opinions and suggestions will just go in the ear and out th Even up to this day, in the Philippines, fathers are still considered the head of the family. Immigration officials used the oldest child’s name, Mayer, as the last name of the family and switched Anzia’s name to Harriet, and so she became Hattie Mayer.


Mother had just put the soup pot and plates for dinner on the table, when Father came in.

It’s infuriating, but of course one has to understand the behavior within the context of the religion and time period. Take it for granted if you are in the same boat.

“New York Times” reviews Yezierska’s “Bread Givers” | Jewish Women’s Archive

The contradiction is obvious to everyone but himself so he ends up participating in the same tragedy which he has inflicted on his daughters brexd, as a widower, marrying a woman who expects nothing but … a bread giver. Men are biologically stronger than women. Her hard eyes glared at Father. Beautifully redesigned page for page with the previous editions, Bread Givers is an essential historical work with enduring relevance.

Reb Smolinsky is portrayed as belonging to many different societies and charities. She’d broken free of poverty and patriarchy! She The Long Way to Independence: Seelig himself, who had quietly entered the room and stood enjoying the performance.

I must buy what I got to sell. You might go mad at him that you might feel like engaging him in a debate over religion and life. But not even then she is not free; in the end, old Reb Smolinsky threatens to ruin even her new household by becoming so yyezierska that he lives with Sara and yeziersja husband. Each of her sisters, by contrast, becomes trapped by marriage even the one who marries richand all of them, including Sara, have forever to deal with the terrifying power that their tyrannical, ultra-pious father holds over them.


Given these initial reactions, though, there are a few things that distinguish The Bread Givers from other versions of the “immigrant experience novel.

Bread Givers

But Mashah went on brushing her teeth with her new brush and wiping her face with her new towel. Not the grocer, not the butcher. He went on chanting: Bread Givers is the story of Russian Jew immigrant Sara Smolinsky and her desire and struggle to achieve the pinnacle of what it means to be an American; the opportunity to invest one’s self in individual pursuits. I love books about immigrants during the early 20th century. However, as the story goes deeper, the more foolishly miserable the story becomes until I come to the point that it might be a disappointing story after all.

Reb Smolinsky’s self-satisfied assumption that he deserves to live off the sweat of his wife and daughters, while the only way he contributes to their spiritual well-being is to berate them with self-serving aphorisms, is therefore undeniably horrifying to me, as it becomes to Sara herself.

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