Malmö, with its , inhabitants, is the third-largest city in Sweden. Since , Malmö has been connected to Copenhagen by the Öresund Bridge, yet it has. The theme of Bo01 is the City of Tomorrow in an ecologically sustainable information and welfare community. Beauty and stimulation are keywords in the new. Sweden’s first international housing exhibition, Bo01, will open on 17 May in Malmö. The “City of Tomorrow” in the ecologically sustainable information and .

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Cycle traffic is the most important element in the area’s transport system.

Once your profile has been activated, you can return to this page and apply as a local contributor for the project. Augustenborg — Eco City The project Ekostaden Augustenborg was launched in and ran from to as an initiative of an extensive urban renovation programme by the local housing company MKB and the industrial estate.

We will review your request and be in touch. With few exceptions, courtyards, ho01, streets and piazzas have barely been tmorrow. Therefore the expo was moved to the Western Harbour and delayed by a year. Priority was set on the cooperation with local residents as well as numerous stakeholders both in the public and the private sector.

Are you already registered on the platform? Tonorrow agreeing to these services, your data may be accessed by these companies and provided to third parties. The project of Bo01 was fully granted with approx. Size and population development. The buildings of Bo01 City of Tomorrow are the first part in the process of transforming the former industrial area to a brand new living urban district.

For further information contact: Your choice will be saved with a cookie for the duration of your choice. Despite helping to absorb the rainwater, the green roofs also provide local habitat and biodiversity.



We are going to do this is two different locations: Vote for it 0. Many knowledge tomoerow forums took place learning from the case of Bo Several houses with green roofs, solar panels, and a biogas composting-system linked to the organic house waste have also been erected.

This contract contains the following key aspects:. That is how the plan took shape. Traffic The area is planned to minimize future transport needs and car dependency. Substances listed in the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate’s list of hazardous materials will not be used in the building process.

This is why Bo01, for the first time ever, is putting green ssues at the centre of attention. The Programme included agreements about standards on material, energy, appearance, etc.

City of Tomorrow Bo01, Malmö, Sweden – Martha Schwartz Partners

This was to have a dual purpose, partly it would break up the urban environment allowing for a more pleasant experience, partly it was to break up the harsh sea winds. The entire Western Harbour area now focuses on sustainable development based on the lessons learnt from the first phase development in Bo And as a result it has actually become more rational, more valuable to build, live and stroll around in.

The nutrients or then be returned to agriculture and the metals used in the treatment process can be reused. Yes, allow to load Open Street Map. A major programme for vehicles powered by environmentally friendly fuels is planned.

Gomorrow footpath and cycleway network will be of a standard to make it an attractive alternative for short journeys. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources.

Rainwater and seawater will be used in public spaces to support a broad range of species.

If you want to save your settings for longer than the duration of the browser session an extra cookie will be set which expires after the set time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yes, allow to load Disqus. This Willow wood, the first thing which the visitor encounters on arrival at Bo01, is intended as an appetizer for the temporary green projects, all of which interact with the wood and, hopefully, will arouse widespread attention.


This means that you: The great number of inspiring dwellings are created by internationally well known designers. Funding for the project of Augustenborg came from different sources partially from local, national and EU-levels.

Our means to this end are as follows: Continuous exchange of information and trust in stable communications were the instruments which helped cope with most of the barriers and conflicts.

Bo01s strong environmental profile is evident in many of the districts features.

Ekostaden Augustenborg and Bo01 – City of Tomorrow

We know, from statistics of earlier national housing exhibitions, that there are two main visitor attractions: Google Translate helps you to translate the website into citt given language.

Retrieved from ” https: Thus, this project can be considered as ongoing, guiding the concepts to the currently planned neighbourhoods Bo02 Flagghusen and Bo03 Fullrigaren of the Western Harbour.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cyclists in the area will always be prioritised ahead of cars. Before directing into the new sewage system, the water is collected in natural ditches and reservoirs giving several aquatic creatures a new home. The Exhibitions A temporary exhibition area where the theme is discussed with theemphasis on the visionary.

The area was originally planned for less than one car per household 0. Views Read Edit View history.

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