AsciiDoc with Dart support. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Asciidoc package including dblatex dependencies. You have searched for packages that names contain asciidoc-dblatex in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 1 matching packages.

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Apply the The verse paragraph style, the rendered xblatex preserves line boundaries and is useful for lyrics and poems. AsciiDoc is backend agnostic, the asciidoc command has no knowledge of the syntax or structure of the backend format that it generates. Alternatively you can set the configuration entries from inside your document, the dblatdx examples are equivalent to: Why is there a period after the block title in the PDF output?

HTML from DocBook can optionally include automatically generated indexes, tables of contents, footnotes, lists of figures and tables. The images imported from an HTML file will be linked, if your document contains images you should convert them to embedded images:.

Here are some examples: Est ne magna primis An inline comment line. Where can I find examples of commands used to build output documents? The docinfodocinfo1 and docinfo2 attributes allow you include document information files containing DocBook XML into the header of the output file. For example the following command will generate a single article. How can I include non-breaking space characters? If you want the HTML title element to contain the document title then define the notitle attribute this will just suppress displaying the titlefor example:.


Alternatively you can set the configuration entries from within your document, the above examples are equivalent to: How can I stop lists from nesting? Yes, just enter the reference in your document.

Use an inline or block passthrough macros. One of the biggest hurdles for new users is installing, configuring and using a DocBook XML toolchain. How can I selectively disable a quoted text substitution?

Ubuntu – Details of package asciidoc-dblatex in disco

Db,atex roles to select fonts for PDF Some applications require mixing fonts beyond the set of faces normally provided by default normal, monospace, italic etc. For example by setting it using the asciidoc 1 -a command-line option: For example, put this in the document header:. This technique can be applied to any block element attribute just beware of possible ambiguity, for example, table and image blocks both have a width attribute.

If you are using a2x 1 use the –stylesheet option it sets the html.

As AsciiDoc can not provide presentation markup since it is not provided by Docbook this is achieved by marking text which should use a different font with a custom role which can be rendered by the the docbook toolchain. How do you handle spaces in included file names? The Docbook toolchains dblaex have to be configured to render the text that you mark with the custom role.

Here are some examples:. How can I include chapter and section tables of contents?

asciidoc-dblatex : Artful () : Ubuntu

For example by setting it using the asciidoc 1 -a command-line option:. Add the following line to the distributed docbook-xsl. Mixing doubled-quoted text with inline literal passthroughs can produce undesired results, for example, all of the following line is interpreted as an inline literal passthrough: DocBook files are validated, parsed and translated various presentation file formats using a xblatex of applications collectively called a DocBook tool chain.


By default the xhtml11 and html5 backends auto-position the TOC after the header. asciidod

Package: asciidoc-dblatex (8.6.10-3)

How can I disable special section titles? Dbltex could also set it by adding an Attribute Entry to your source document, for example: If you have a number of listings it makes sense to factor the conditional attribute to a normal attribute: If you want the HTML title element to contain the document title dbltaex define the notitle attribute this will just suppress displaying the titlefor example: The –resource option allows you to inject any file not just font files into the EPUB output document.

FOP is more feature complete for example, callouts are processed inside literal layouts and arguably produces nicer looking output.

If your document has blocks that have block titles, you may notice in the PDF output generated by a2x 1 using the –fop flag that a period gets added to the end of the block title. Escaping is unnecessary inside inline literal passthroughs backtick quoted text.

In addition to the built-in styles you can define your own. Attribute hcol tells the column from which to retrive sample values from. How can I convert documents from other formats to AsciiDoc?

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