Varys and tyrion relationship

varys and tyrion relationship

While Varys generates fear and suspicion, Tyrion generates loathing stirs up the dirt, purposefully sabotages relationships, creates suspicion. Her attack on Varys was justified in a way, but the way she swatted The cracks in Tyrion's relationship with his Queen don't stop there though. Jorah and Tyrion's relationship didn't get off to the best start, seeing as 'Varys and Tyrion take Essos' gives the Bronn and Tyrion show a run.

Varys and Tyrion reunite (510)

The first is the reunion between Davos Saeworth and Melisandre while the second was a little more subtle, you'll probably have considered it briefly before the many distractions in the last episode. Since Tyrion fell into Daenerys' path, or rather was thrown into, their relationship has blossomed. It culminated in her making Tyrion her Hand at the end of season six. Advertisement With Tyrion's political nous and Daenerys' As we all know though, very little is straightforward in Westeros.

There are signs of Daenerys beginning to follow in the footsteps of her father Aerys Targaryen, or The Mad King, and they were no more evident than in 'Stormborn'. Her attack on Varys was justified in a way, but the way she swatted away Tyrion's attempt to defend him, and the threat of 'burning him alive' after he pledged his allegiance were completely unnecessary. We don't believe Varys is as committed to her as he lets on for a second, and there's nobody whose opinion Tyrion values more.

Strangely, The Spider is his best friend in ways. The cracks in Tyrion's relationship with his Queen don't stop there though. Daenerys appeared to be very receptive to Olenna Tyrell's advice not to listen to 'clever men' and while she also accepted Tyrion's battle plans - not using the Dothraki or Unsullied to invade King's Landing - that could change too. Advertisement The episode concluded with Euron Greyjoy slaughtering the Ironborn and Dornish on their way to Sunspear, who do you think will get the blame for that?

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Melisandre encouraged Daenerys to summon Jon, which Tyrion of course agreed with, but her demand that he "bend the knee" is the biggest sign yet that her power has gone to her head. Tyrion sent the letter to Winterfell but did you spot what he left out? Below is the letter, released in an official HBO image. The Seven Kingdoms [illegible but something about Cersei judging by the same conversation]. Was this where his super-spy skills had disappeared to?

Was this why Daenerys was failing at every turn? As it turns out, no, to all three. Thankfully, the question was not the true value in this conversation, but the answer. This is a man who risked life and limb, for multiple decades, all to help out what were essentially strangers. Because he cares for the realm.

Did you spot Tyrion's risky move in the last GoT episode?

Indeed, Daenerys built her success on the freeing of slaves and the love of the smallfolk. And yet, no-one…no-one in the show is more dedicated to the people and the realm than Varys.

This is a man who knew he was despised by all whatever he did, knew the upper class and the machismo of men would view him as a lesser being, allowed himself to serve people we have to assume he despised and all with the risk that at any second he could be caught and then subjected to the most horrible of deaths. Not only did he do all this, but he was good at it.

No one detected, no one suspected, and Daenerys and Viserys did survive. Dany did return to Westeros with the largest possible army. He did destabilize the realm in the hopes of helping the people. The more important factor? He serves the realm. If that means going against her, so be it.

varys and tyrion relationship

Varys tells a different queen how it is. His refusal to swear blind loyalty to Daenerys challenges the very idea of feudalism, the rock that Westerosi society is founded on.

Such a concept is responsible for a great many of the crimes in the series, and yet a character like Jon receives the credit for his truth-keeping, or Daenerys and her wheel-breaking. Varys got there first though. At the time, Tyrion was reflecting on Daenerys and the destructive power she wields with her dragons, having just seen it first-hand on the Field of Fire. The lies he had to tell himself.

As Varys once told Tyrion, people like them will never rule.

varys and tyrion relationship

Which brings us to the final, and shortest conversation of them all. Firstly, can there be a more interesting person for Varys to talk to than Melisandre? Luckily, the casual viewer was reminded of this in season 6 when Varys came face to face with the red priestess Kinvara. If the look of disgust on his face was anything to go by then, then the ultimate red woman makes for an even more interesting meet up. Especially since it was Melisandre Varys was specifically referring to way back in season 2 when he spoke of how Stannis would be terrible for the realm, as he was the champion of magic.

Almost all the examples of magic throughout the show are negative. A shadowbaby assassin, a cult that collects the faces of the dead and then wears them, the freaking white walkers. I look forward to the day when the Night King shows himself to all, and Varys can slyly mutter I told you so.

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Luckily, he gets his wish. Melisandre promises she will be back, because she is destined to die in this strange country, and so is Varys. There are several points to consider in this threat or promise. Varys dying in Westeros could just represent him winning everything and living until the age of Most likely though, the message is pretty clear: Varys is supposed to die soon.

Which leaves us with the problem of whether we believe her or not, or more specifically, how could this occur? Characters are going to drop like flies.

varys and tyrion relationship

Forget the human conflicts, a damn army of the dead just walked into the realm. Oh, and an ice dragon. The possibilities become endless.