Usagi and seiya relationship quizzes

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usagi and seiya relationship quizzes

The Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask relationship has been a constant in all the By contrast, Usagi and Mamoru have very little in common. Usagi is. Seiya is a mixed between Mamoru/Haruka. She/he becomes good friends with Usagi while on Earth. The two have a playful relationship such as Seiya saying in . 1) Usagi supported Mamoru going overseas to attend the American So their relationship never ended at all, but it was tested time after time.

Of course, that doesn't last, and the girls are soon fighting the latest menace. Mamoru stays blocked longer so he can't become Tuxedo Mask.

Instead his instinctive desire to guard Usagi manifests as a psychic projection, the Arab-cosplaying Moonlight Knight. Same come-and-go style, same use of roses, but the new identity kept the Scouts guessing, as they had about Tuxedo Mask. To further confuse things, the Knight, being a psychic projection, sometimes wound up in the same room as Mamoru, proving they were different.

Eventually, of course, Mamoru got his memories back and switched back to evening clothes. One of the changes was how Tuxedo Mask debuts. In the anime he shows up to save Sailor Moon and that appears to be all he wants. In the manga he also shows up to save Sailor Moon. However he states that he wanted to steal the Silver Crystal from the jewelry shop where Sailor Moon first appeared. He only protected her on impulse. The crystal is a talisman of power with ties to the Moon Kingdom which explains Tuxedo Mask's interest, but readers don't know that yet.

Tuxedo Mask seems to be a thief with a heart of gold - or at least silver. Sailor Moon Crystalthe recent anime which hews more closely to the manga, also used the is-he-a-bad-boy approach.

Sailor Moon

Some of the changes applied to names: The American dub also changed the nicknames Mamoru throws at Usagi. In Japanese he mocks her for her hair style as "bun head," though it's sometimes translated as "bump head.

Another change is in the name of Sailor Moon's team. The English dub made them Scouts and the later subtitled versions have stuck with that term. At time of writing it hasn't been seen in America, though you can find clips online, such as the live-action transformation sequence. The final episode, "Special Act — We're Getting Married" takes place four years after the previous episode.

usagi and seiya relationship quizzes

Usagi, Mamoru, and the Scouts are now living normal mortal lives and the wedding's in one week. Usagi-Mamoru bickering threatens to derail the marriage for good, even before Mamoru is — wait for it — kidnapped again, by a villainess who also wants to marry him.

Becoming their super-identities for a final time, the Scouts defeat the enemy and Usagi and Mamoru tie the knot. Usagi realizes her Sailor Moon years are done — it's time to start adulting. In the manga, when Usagi becomes 22, she turns into Neo-Queen Serenity.

With her ascension to her full power, the silver moon crystal stops everyone on Earth from aging. The planet becomes a united kingdom with its capital in Crystal Tokyo, from which Serenity and Endymion rule over all the world. The anime edited out the year reign. Destiny favored Mamoru, not Seiya, to be with Usagi for all eternity.

Usagi reminds Seiya of his own princess. Why did Seiya and the other starlights come to earth in the first place? To find their own princess, Kakyuu, after what Galaxia did to their home planet. For all the "Seisagi" fans to say that the two are a better couple, they forget an important reason why Seiya was attracted to Usagi in the first place: Because she gives off a much similar presence as Princess Kakyuu!! The songs that the Three Lights sung were a way to communicate to their princess, not Usagi.

Maybe the reason Usagi reminded Seiya of Princess Kakyuu was because they had similar personalites.

So perhaps Usagi just filled the void left by Kakyuu until Seiya was reunited with her. I already stated above why Seiya, Yaten, and Taki came to earth in the first place. Yaten and Taki started noticing Seiya caring more about Usagi than finding their princess. If the other two knew eventually that Usagi had Mamoru, then wouldn't you too in their shoes be scolding Seiya for not focusing on the task at hand? Here's Usagi worried to death about Mamoru, and yet here is Seiya not taking a hint, not knowing when to stop getting in between that relationship.

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What made it worse was, not to the fault of Seiya's, was accidently trolling Sailor Moon with the Tuxedo Mask-like interference. A poor crying Usagi has to tell Seiya what that rose did to her, and he has the nerve to ask her "Am I not good enough? You "Seisagi" fans still want to defend this shipping and completely stomp all over Mamoru, after seeing that scene!??

Sailor Moon eventually finds out what happened to Mamoru. Alright here is the last one. Now let's say you're in Usagi's shoes. You let your mamo-chan go overseas to study abroad, he proposes marrige to you and gives you an engagement ring reminds me of how I gave one to Zena two years ago.

So he leaves, and you're already missing him, so you start writing letters to let him know how life is with yourself while he's away. However, you find out from Galaxia the truth.

usagi and seiya relationship quizzes

He tried to fend her off, but his starseed was captured. So wouldn't you also break down in tears like Usagi did!? Didn't you feel for her during that scene? You even saw how much of a man Tuxedo Mask was, leaving his fate, and the fate of the world, to his moon girl and the sailor guardians!! How could you not feel for Usagi at that point?? Are you "Seisagi" fans still with me at this point? All you Mamoru haters out there?

So when the battle with Galaxia, which then turned out to be a battle with Chaos, came to a close, a naked winged serenity saved earth and the universe from an evil unlike any other.

usagi and seiya relationship quizzes

When the Sailor Senshi were revived and surrounded her, another light appeared behind her. Who do you think the director of that episode saved for last?

None other than Endymion!! The emotional reunion was magical, and everything just felt right again in the universe.