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touma and misaki relationship memes

The similarities with Misaka Mikoto's relationship with Touma are clear, and they can be described as acquaintances that often run into each other in the city. Touma Kamijou is an Ordinary High-School Student living in Academy City, Laconic · LightNovel · NightmareFuel · Pantheon · Quotes · Recap · TearJerker · Trivia centering on Academy City's 3rd Level 5, Mikoto Misaka, and the daily life in a Certain Magical Heavy Zashiki Warashi's Simple Killer Princess's Marriage. Hello everyone I posted 2 polls till now regarding shipping with Touma, Misaka won the first one with Othinus and Misaki on the 2nd spot.

Underline, a network of Nanomachines that makes Aleister effectively omniscient in Academy City. Index, Agnese, and Himegami. From the preview of New Testament Volume 1: This is a world where Touma Kamijou does not exist. On his way home Touma sees now-familiar habit-wearer Index sprawled on the floor near his apartment door. Knowing Index's appetiteTouma can expect her hunger to be the cause again, and proceeds to help her up, quickly getting whiplashed by not knowing what's with all the blood pooling under her.

Komoe-sensei gets drenched in Aisa's blood after Oriana mistakenly attacks her in Episode Komoe-sensei is anything but innocent herself, but considering that she looks about six it probably still counts. Last Order is regularly seen sporting these. Also Index from time to time.

Mikoto as a kid. Many students live in boarding schools like Tokiwadai. Touma, Motoharu, and Aogami Pierce. Fremea Seivelun's arc in New Testament Vol 7 begins and ends with her debating with her classmates about whether or not Santa Claus exists. Most characters developed their powers, but there are some that were born with their powers.

These characters generally also won the Superpower Lottery. NT Volume 10 is essentially this. It consists almost entirely of Touma's friends and allies.

The author even noted he wanted to subvert the usual manner of a Boss Rush by having the most powerful opponent attack first not that the subsequent opponents were not extremely dangerous. Mikoto does this to Touma in Episode 18 of Season 1 to try and keep the fake Mitsuki Unabara from bothering her. Episodes 17 and 18 in Season 2 largely give Touma a day off from having to save the world.

Instead, he's forced finally fulfill his bet with Mikoto that he lost, and has to deal with her, along with two of the Misaka clones, and getting beat up by Kuroko. New Testament Volume 2. Part of the novel is a Recap Episode regarding all the magical incidents, justified in that Shiage and Accelerator are being introduced to magic, and Leivinia Birdway wants to provide context for the new magical threat targeting them.

Other parts include the numerous comedic interactions between the characters, the fate of the other members of GROUP, and seeing how Touma's associates dealt with his disappearance. There was some drama involving a possible Colony Dropbut there wasn't much combat in averting it. At one point, Index uses "Sheol Fear" against an army of nuns from the Roman Catholic church, which incapacitates zealous religious types by pointing out contradictions in their teachings.

Most of the nuns collapse clutching their heads and screaming in agony until they jam pens in their ears to puncture their eardrums so they can't hear it. Touma, as a direct result of Imagine Breaker negating all the good luck he comes across.

touma and misaki relationship memes

Given that about half of the members of his harem are sadists, hardly surprising. In the manga, Touma has a dream of some of the future events of the series including the Angel Fall incident. Too bad he's forgotten about it, since he lost his memories. Played with but still unclear whether played straight or subverted. Aleister somehow called Aiwass, the currently most powerful entity of the series, and has kept him on Earth. Harzak Lolas is a gardener and he is the kind guardian of Lindy Blueshake, who indulges her with stories even when she should be studying.

The series's artist, Kiyotaka Haimura, realized this too late and apologized to the fans. Touma's "Such misfortune fukou da " To a lesser extent, Touma is also fond of telling people that he's going to "break that illusion", or more specifically, he says "I'll kill it Cue punching things with his right fist.

He inverts his catch phrase in episode 23 of Index, where he says "Let me show you now that in this world you reside in there's still hope! And I'll show you that your illusion won't break down because of small things like this!!!

Touma always finishes narrating the next episode preview by saying, "When science and magic cross paths, a story is born. Justified in that one has an unusual power, and the other is sought after for her information and thus protected by a large part of the world.

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Remember that satellite that Index destroys in the Episode 6 of Season 1? That satellite and the fact that it was destroyed appears in various places throughout the anime. Any time Touma encounters a magic item and doesn't destroy it, it's going to be important later on. In New Testament Volume 2, Leivinia recaps everything about the magic side known so far, including how espers can't use magic due to the backlash to their bodies. In Volume 3, it turns out that Umidori Kuroyoru was listening to the whole thing while imprisoned in Touma's bathroom.

She collapses a cliffside on a bunch of mercenaries by using her Personal Reality to make the ground as part of her body, and then purposely attempts to cast magic, controlling the backlash to affect mostly the ground. In Volume 15 of the original series, Rikou tries to use her powers to hijack Kakine's Dark Matter, and fails. Volume 22 hints at her potential.

Then in New Testament Volume 6, she inadvertently did manipulate Kakine's Personal Reality, which leads to a dark matter drone he created to claim to be the real Kakine Teitoku, hijacking control of Dark Matter in the process.

Misaki Shokuhou, the fifth Level 5 Esper, has been hinted at ever since Volume 1 and has finally made an appearance in Chapter 40 of the Railgun manga. Early in New Testament Volume 3, the President's aide reads a magazine article listing the most influential people in America.

At the end of Volume 22, Ollerus name drops Othinus as the one who stole the title of Majin from him. Aleister Crowley and Lola Stuart being the most prominent. Fiamma of the Right too actually, but he gets demoted after volume Othinus becomes a literal example of this after her Redemption Demotionbeing treated as a plaything by Sphinx. The female characters in the series who know him and are not in love with him could very easily be counted on one hand, and there are a LOT of female characters here to work with.

Included in this equation are all of the Misaka clones Of which there are thousands. They're a bit of a Hive Mind so it's not as ridiculous a scenario as it sounds, but it's still most definitely a staggering number of suitors. Unlike most examples of this trope, it even extends to the background characters — every single one of his female classmates bar Seiri probably is in love with him. Given in-universe justification when Index theorizes that Touma's right hand negates the Red String of Fatewhich is why all the girls fall for him.

Amusinglyit seems his father Touya is one too, ending up in a Meet Cute situation with Mikoto's mother. Kamijou was not amused nor pleased. While there are a lot of Catholic characters in this series like Kaori, the series also shows other Christians of different denominations like the Church of England and the Russian Orthodox Church. However, the resemblance to those entities is still purely superficial; this series is a big fan of the Nuns Are Mikos and Anime Christianity sort of Christianity.

This is not a reliable source for your Church History project. As explained by Mikoto and Index.

Misaki and Touma's previous relationship

You're another "I didn't ask for help but he came to help anyway? Mostly they use magic see Religion Is Magicbut they'll happily use mundane weaponry as well. Academy City, of course, which is justified by the city's entire goal being to produce Espers and research their abilities. This goal is ultimately implied to be a cover at the end of Volume One of the directors who ambushes Shiage all but outright states that they will lock Rikou Takitsubo in a concrete cell and never let her out, if it means they can mass produce the army of Level 5s needed to make the world their plaything.

NT Volume 18 provides the real reason: Aleister created the city as a place of supernatural conflict specifically to draw in the user of Imagine Breaker.

Because of the city's unwillingness to share its research with the rest of the world, a lot of organizations have sent spies into the city.

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In Volumes 17 and 18, Britain gets into a civil war with the two princesses of the British Royal Family vying for the throne, which leads two of the major magic factions of England to support one side against the other. Esper powers affect reality based on their users' internal reality. However, he genuinely cares for her as shown during the Sister's Arc, when he stopped her from trying to get herself killed, as well as consoled her when she cried.

Misaka was the first person to discover Touma's memory loss albeit by accident. It's hinted that she has feelings for him. He was also more defending for Touma, as Kanou Shinka had blamed Touma for not being able to save Frenda Seivelun in time before she died, which Shiage found such a thing to be both unreasonable and impossible as Touma didn't even know Frenda, much less knew that she was in danger. He is also his neighbor. He is superior to Touma in fighting [30] and Touma respects him for that.

Likewise, Tsuchimikado respects Touma as good person and even told Kanzaki that she can trust him. Tsuchimikado even went as far as to warn Aleister Crowley that if he continues toying with people lives, Touma would break his illusion. As a spy from the Anglican Church and othershe drags Touma under orders from the church to different missions like the English Civil War.

touma and misaki relationship memes

Even if Touma does not want to go, Tsuchimikado uses some extreme ways to carry out the order. For example in the aforementioned arc he calls Touma telling him that Index is needed in England and being her caretaker Touma has to go with her. When Touma flat out refuses after what happened in the previous excursions; Motoharu simply throws a canister of knockout gas into his apartment and leaves them both stranded at the airport with no choice but forward.

Edit Tsukuyomi Komoe is Touma's homeroom teacher in a certain high school. She describes him as a naughty boy when he enrolled and says that "a lot of things have happened". During that time he thought that she was an innocent person who he had dragged in all this and took her with him, only to find out that she was the leader of this magic cabal. Later, he will be involved in a magic-related incident and Birdway explained that she's here to seek assistance from Index and Touma.

There he finds out through Mark Space that she is a person who would sacrifice her own subordinates in order to succeed in her plans. He thought of her as someone cocky [36]but he still thought of her as someone he can rely on while she sees him as someone who is pretty tough and fun to play with.

It was like fate was bringing them together or so she thought. Now again i haven't read it yet so i don't know the exact order of events but during his 1st encounter with Misaki the DIVINE FALL one Touma dropped his phone and well stuff happened due to which he couldn't save a girl Mistuari Ayu who was about to commit suicide and wanted Touma to save her.

She survived though and was angry at Misaki as she believed it was her fault so she tried to kill her but was stopped by Touma. Touma gave her a whistle to use whenever she is in trouble and he will come to help her she keeps that whistle with her even at the current time Now here is the super sad part after there many fated meetings Misaki fell in love with Touma they hanged out together very often i think she even invited him to her dorm room not sure though but then the tragedy happened Misaki was targeted by some group of i don't remember the name but they were like skill out and hated espers she was about to get killed but Touma protected her from them but then there was a moment where he had to directly shield her from an attack using his body, which left him bady injured, the paramedics said he wont make it to the hospital without anesthesia which was not available at the time.

So Misaki used her powers to cut the connection of the nerves of the pain receptors but she forgot to tell the medics that her power works on the principal of altering the body fluids cerebrospinal fluid- I am a medical student so i know and this cost her the Ultimate price. Touma got well but he lost all memories of her moreover to add to the injury he can't make new memories with her either. The doctors gave up and told Misaki now only a miracle can help her.