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Although Jinpachi had a loving relationship with his very young grandson, Kazuya, the His great-grandson, Jin Kazama, won the tournament and defeated him. .. Lars handed Alisa over to Lee Chaolan to fix up while continuing to lead the. That is why I'm anticipating how Tekken 6 will be. Then, they could go on a double date with Jin and Xiaoyu but that's after Jin is done. Ok don't read this entry if you don't want spoilers about Tekken Blood and there Xiao mentions her relationship with Jin (without saying his.

There only seeing what they want to see. Another argument that Jina shippers have made, is they'll say. So, if he wanted to tell someone about his decision to sacrifice himself, to help him reach the goal of killing himself, then having an emotional or romantic relationship with that person, is the last thing he's going to want to do. Think about it people, do you think Xiaoyu would help Jin sacrifice himself?

No, if anything she would do whatever it takes to stop Jin from killing himself, no matter what! Someone in Scenario Campaign mode even asks Nina though, I can't remember who"Will you really go this far to protect Jin?

She's trying to help Jin achieve his goal, nothing more. Just because they were being acquaintances and the fact that she's working for him, doesn't mean there's anything romantic between them. Then we have Nina and Jin's T6 Arena mode ending, but of course there endings are most likely not canon. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but there is concern that it may have been canon, which is exactly what I'm getting to.

First let's take a look at Nina's Arena mode ending. In Nina's Arena mode ending, which seems to go along with the Scenario Campaign mode ending, she doesn't seem to care about Jin's so-called-death. She's at a celebration party, for the Mishima Zaibatsu. And she goes to the restroom, where she seems to happily freshen up her lipstick. Then she engages in a fight with Anna. Once again, no sign of grief. Now let's move on to Jin's Arena mode ending, where he's standing in front of Azazel's temple.

Before he fight's Heihachi, he looks up at his helicopter and see's Heihachi step out with Nina's body, which appears to be lifeless. Heihachi drops Nina's limp body from the helicopter and during all of this, Jin shows no concern at all whatsoever. He just keeps a blank, emotionless face. I can't help but think, if that had been Ling Xiaoyu, or maybe even Asuka being thrown from that helicopter, he probably would have at least shown some concern.

Whether or not this ending is canon, still doesn't change the fact that Namco portrayed what his concern over her death was like. And now for the most important reason of all, why Jina will never become canon. It's because couples like Jina, just don't happen in the Japanese entertainment.

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They never pair the depressed and cold emo guy, with the cold silent assassin woman. The mainstream Japanese entertainment usually prefers the opposites attract couples, ones who have more meaning. I can name a few examples right here. Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8. Heero and Relena from Gundam Wing.

Ulquiorra and Orihime from Bleach Who seems to be becoming canon. Sonic and Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog. Kilik and Xianghua from Soul Calibur. Vegeta and Bulma from Dragon Ball Z. And even Kazuya and Jun from our Tekken series. So there you have it, the chances of JinxNina ever happening, are one out of a million.

But fans have drawn their own delusions, into thinking this pairing will actually become canon. The most prominent reason being, "Jin deserves a woman". Please don't get mad Jina fans, I'm just using an example. The Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber are obviously overrated. They can't sing our dance, Justin Bieber sounds like a girl. And yes the Jonas Brothers play their own instruments, but all they do is play the same chord over and over again.

But why do fans like them? The answer is simple, girls love them so much, because they think they're hot Which can be debatable. But, most girls think so, so no matter how untalented Justin Bieber or the Jonas Brothers really are, fangirls still love them, because they think they're hot. And these fangirls have drawn their own fantasies and delusions, that there actually talented!

It's the same thing with Jina fans. Jin is attractive, Nina is considered to be one of the hottest Tekken girls to most men. People like to see the beautiful people together and thus, they think it's hot. So now that Nina and Jin, have had the least bit of contact with one another.

This gives the fans a chance, to draw their own fantasy delusions that Jina will become canon.

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Kind of like the yaoi fans. Ever since Tekken 3 came out, fans have loved this couple. And once again, what I see is fans just wanting to pair the beautiful people together on impulse. First of all, Jin and Julia have never even met! But still fans have drawn their own delusions, into thinking this pairing will become canon.

Fans really love this pairing, once again because they're both attractive. Another reason is because they both have a lot in common, they both love nature. Most fans feel they would understand one another. While that may be true, I don't see this couple ever happening. Not even in a million years! As I said before, they never even met. Yes, in T6 Julia tried to stop Jin from destroying the world and wanted to stop him from fighting Kazuya, to keep a dangerous prophecy from coming true.

But who wasn't trying to stop Jin in T6!? I can definitely say this pairing is not happening, now that Tekken 6 is out. We now have the final nail in the coffin for Julijin! In T6, she seems to have gotten closer with King. I guess we can call it Juliking. So far, Julia and Jin have never even met, that we know of. But she has met and talked with King on a seemingly semi-romantic level.

But I know what Julijin fans will say. Like games and anime. As I stated at the beginning of this article, this is not about which pairings could work, or which pairings everybody likes. This is about what might happen in the canon universe! This has been a common meeting for future pairings in the Japanese entertainment.

But here's the problem, Asuka's ending is not canon! Therefore, the meeting never even happened. There are many arguments to whether or not, Asukjin will be canon. Some people will argue that Jin and Asuka are first cousins, so being together would be incest. While opposers would argue, that it's legal and socially acceptable for cousins to date and marry in Japan. Yes it's true, it's perfectly acceptable for first cousins to marry in Japan. It even sometimes happens in the entertainment over there though, very rarely.

Some fans say that it would make more sense for Jin to be with Asuka, because cousin marriage is more traditional in Japan. But the truth is, while first cousin marriage is accepted in Japan, I wouldn't exactly say it's traditional over there anymore.

First cousin marriage in Japan happens 4 out of 1, while first cousin marriage happens here in the U. It's still looked down upon here in the U. S, while in Japan that's still pretty rare. Even though Jin is more likely to end up with Asuka, rather then Nina or Julia, there's still a lot of doubt that it will happen.

Some fans will argue. Some fans say that they'll still play the game no matter what. And it might even lose a little more popularity with the casual players. It's not just the west. There are also some places in the east where first cousin marriage is unacceptable and also illegal. I know for a fact that first and second cousin marriage is illegal in China.

I don't know how big their Tekken fanbase is, but I do know that Korea has a very large Tekken fanbase there. Not only is first and second cousin marriage frowned upon there, but it's also illegal. So yes, there are also places in the east where it's not accepted and even illegal. I have had fans get really angry at me for not liking this pairing. They'll say things like, "It's acceptable in Japan and a lot of other places in the world, why can't you?

What about gays and lesbians? You can't really compare cousin relationships with gays and lesbians. Especially when bringing Japan into this because even though cousin relationships are accepted in Japan, gays and lesbians are not! People in Japan don't even want to talk about gays and lesbians, because they think it's gross!

This is the answer that really shocks most people because they assume that just because Japan produces a lot of yaoi and yuri in their anime and manga, that they accept gays and lesbians. First of all, the anime fans in Japan, are kind of like the trekkies here in America. They're nerds over there! So if you go to Japan and you tell them you're into anime and manga, you're going to get laughed at! They were all in on it.

Heihachi wanted to see Jin and Xiaoyu together, so they made a plan--bring Asuka in to get them together. However, with Kazuya's super-secret signal of no that Heihachi made, it seems they may have had the wrong approach. As they walked towards the water-area of the grounds, Jin and Heihachi talked about things. Then Heihachi decided to turn the conversation towards Jin and Xiaoyu. It was perfect, he though wickedly to himself.

He'd get a great-grandchild soon! If only he could tell his grandfather about all the times he kept Xiaoyu up until after dawn Then she looked over at Xiaoyu on the opposite bank and her jaw dropped. Not only did the girl have more than seven, half of them seemed happy to be with her.

And they were all huge!

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I think I overdid it! All of the men around here have been acting strange. They act like they're plotting to get Xiao and Jin together. That'd be a cute baby. Can you do that with words from two languages? Asuka was a BAD actress. Xiao, your last test came in as an eighty-seven. Then she glared at Asuka as if she was insulted. You think an eighty-seven's great? I've never gotten below a ninety-eight!

Jun-san, how did I score that low? She could get Xiaoyu and Jin together ten-times easier than them. In fact, they had a bet about that, too. All she had to do was get proof they were "intimate" because of her.

And that would be easy, what with them already sneaking into each other's rooms every night. She already won, really, because they got themselves together. Xiaoyu had told her about their relationship the same day that it happened. Now the poor kids were being tortured by the men into not letting her have a grandkid soon. Well they'd learn who they were messing with. I've talked to Jii-chan already. Asuka, you'll be staying in a guest-room nearby so Xiao can study in solitude.

And Xiao, you're really going to hate me for this, but you'll need to spend two hours studying math with Jin. Sorry, Asuka," she told her, faking sadness and determination. Two extra hours with Jin for a few weeks. She should ask for him to be her tutor for every class. She especially needed help in sex-ed, she thought to herself. You got an eighty-seven.

We need to work on your math," Jin told her, sighing when she pouted. He loved that pout. Why was she doing this? Now that Asuka was out of her room, they could spend the night together in it.

But now they had to study math. Hey, it was two hours. They might as well spend the first hour and a half doing something productive. Jun-kaasan wanted to get us alone," she answered between kissing before she started to trail some down the side of his neck.

She's the best," she told him, her lips running over the sensitive skin. Besides, she figured one night was enough torture. And how would she know about that? Does she know how old you were when we started? And my mother's fine with it?