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Celeste and Danielle, founders of The Somatica Method, give you the answers. Are they already in a relationship? . age-old question when it comes to any kind of work in which sex is involved: Is the practitioner aroused?. The skills required for success in sex and relationships are learnable and the As a Somatica practitioner, you will learn to feel and share emotions and erotic. Find a sex coach and a Somatica Practitioner. Change career and take the Somatica sex coach training that will change your life.

Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coaching - A glimpse of what's possible

Below you will find descriptions of the Key Attitudes and Central Realms as well as the Cornerstones of Relationships.

We bring every ounce of our humanity so people can learn about real human relating. As a Somatica practitioner, you will learn to feel and share emotions and erotic energy openly with your clients. When appropriate, you will also share your foibles, processes of growth and mistakes with your clients to help them take perfectionistic pressure off of themselves. We know we are not perfect and that we do not have it all together. We know we are in the midst of our own process of growth and change.

We realize that no one, including us, is ever finished with personal growth. We believe that pretending that we have it all figured out is the least compassionate way a person can keep their seat as a coach and facilitator.

We dedicate ourselves to our own personal development and a willingness to continue to learn and grow constantly. Mindfulness We practice and teach mindfulness. In order to move ourselves and help others move from habitual patterns in our lives and relationships to choicefulness, we first need to develop a level of self-awareness.

The foundation of self-awareness is mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness means developing an internal, curious and friendly witness inside of ourselves who can see what we are doing with some distance and perspective.

somatica sexuality and relationship practitioner

Gaining distance and perspective from a kind and curious as opposed to a critical place allows us to collect information about who we are, what we want and how we behave in times of ease and times of tension, triggering and stress.

It is often in times of triggering and stress that we engage in habits which end up causing us and the people who we love the most pain. Through mindfulness, we can learn to slow down these moments and make different choices. Instead of following old, painful habits, we can make choices that are conducive to love, connection and intimacy. Compassion We take a compassionate seat.

Somatica Practitioners

When we sit with our clients, we look at them as capable human beings who, like us, are in need of loving support, connection and care. We cannot save them from ever feeling pain or suffering, but we can support them in honoring what they feel and listening to and following their inner voice. While we cannot save anyone else, we are capable of using our experience and personal journey for the benefit of the client.

We know that we have gathered certain tools along our journey and that we can help others do the same.

What It’s Really Like To Be A Hands-On Sex Coach

As a Somatica Practitioner, you will learn to listen to your own embodied voice as well as helping your clients to do so. You will learn to help them reconnect their emotional and corporeal world. You will help your clients bridge the culturally-encouraged gap between thinking and feeling.

Somatica practitioners continuously and methodically bring people to their bodies as a pathway to deeper self-understanding and self-expression.

When people are in their bodies, they fully experience their lives, emotions and sensations. This helps clients stop living their life from their head, instead experiencing integration between their intellectual and embodied knowledge. Sexuality We help people embrace their Sexuality. Sex can be a big part of the glue that holds people together in relationship and it is also a way for people to explore their desires and express themselves fully.

somatica sexuality and relationship practitioner

When people have sex, hormones that promote bonding and relaxation are released and help to keep people connected. Sex is a way to express love and desire as well as experience acceptance. Sex can be an expression of connection as well as personal freedom. Since we have so little good education and information about sex, in order to have a great sex life, people need to learn about sex, what makes it hot as well as the sexual skills involved in achieving this hotness.

Because our society trivializes sex and shames us for our sexual desires, people generally have a limited understanding of sex and many end up in low-sex or sexless relationships.

Shame restricts access to our full self-expression in every area of our lives. Shame around sexuality is so powerful and pervasive that we are highly restricted as a culture. As a result, people know very little about their options, and therefore experience the bare minimum sexually. They think that sex is just about positions, orgasms, and the new hot tip of the week.

But sex is so much more than that. It is about a desire to be met and accepted, sexually as well as emotionally. We will teach you to help your clients overcome negative socialization around sex and fill in the learning gaps that this socialization has created. We have found that, for sex to be great, people need to know what they want and feel comfortable in pursuing it. Because no two people are alike and no two people are interested in exactly the same thing, people need to be able to communicate what they want and need.

Unfortunately, socialization around sexuality is very negative and that makes it very difficult for people to know what they need, let alone honestly and openly communicate about it.

The Somatica Method | Sex and Relationship Coaching Training

In learning the Somatica Method, you will learn how to introduce your clients to a large sexual and emotional menu, as well as help them identify what they would like to try on that menu. You will yourself develop a language of sex, arousal, and desire and you will be able to pass this language on to your clients. This will lead to the highest client satisfaction and therefore client retention. Clients will stay long enough for you to give them all of the beautiful gifts of learning and growth you have to offer.

When they feel helped and supported, they will tell their friends and other helping professionals about your brilliance and your work! Learn 3 Key Principles that Make a Difference In our Somatica Advanced Training, you will learn and practice the 3 Key Principles that will make your clients want to continue to work with you on their growth in the realm of sex and relationships.

Prioritize The Relationship Your relationships with your clients are the most important part of the Somatica Method. Learning how to connect vulnerably and honestly with your clients will help them feel safe accepting your guidance and support.

You will learn how to deepen your relationships with your clients by better understanding yourself and therefore being able to share more vulnerability in a way that helps your clients to feel connected and overcome the shame and discomfort they might have around their protective strategies and their sexuality.

Gender is one of these typologies as we can see that men and women are socialized differently which affect how they relate in the world. In this training, we will study the more complex typology of Character Strategy, as well as how it impacts our emotional and sexual desires and protective strategies.

You will also learn how to work with each Character Type in the Somatica way. Character Strategy was conceived by early psychologists as a way to understand key differences in how people relate to their partners, family, friends and other people in general. Tracking and Sharing The Big Picture You will learn the skills that you need to be able to understand the big picture and communicate it to your clients ongoing so they will always feel held and supported by you and feel that you know what you are doing.

You will learn how to create a roadmap of growth using all of the tools you learned in the Core Training. Your client will trust your guidance if you know where they are on their growth path and keep them engaged in the process.

I am feeling energized and satisfied with the investment I made I wanted to take a moment between clients to express my gratitude for what you taught last week and to reflect back the immediate and jaw-dropping impact it's had on my ability to coach my corporate clients on leadership, communications, and performance.