Shinji and kaworu relationship trust

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shinji and kaworu relationship trust

What should have happened between Shinji and Kaworu. about him, something that makes it easy for me to place my trust into this stranger.' "Because Losing the last of his self-control, Shinji began to kiss the angel back. A description of tropes appearing in Advice and Trust. Shinji takes just the slightest different action when Asuka offers a kiss and everything changes. Though fans have speculated on what kind of relationship Shinji had with Kaworu it is at least clear that Kaworu represented a sort of idealized.

Afterwards he says that the promised time has come and that this time he will bring Shinji happiness. The preview of the third film shows Kaworu confronting four other pilots in an unknown location. In the third film, fourteen years after the second film, he appears to now be working for NERV. During Shinji's stay at NERV, he forms a friendship with Kaworu, who teaches him how to play the piano, and stargazes with him.

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Later when Shinji asked what had happened to the people he knew, Kaworu takes him to the ruins of Geofront and Tokyo-3, explaining that Shinji's awakening of Unit caused the Third Impact and further decimated the world.

He also reveals the aim of the ongoing Human Instrumentality Project: On the day of the operation, Shinji is unsure whether to follow Gendo's orders or Misato's plea to not pilot an Evangelion again, so Kaworu takes the choker off Shinji and wears it as a sign of trust.

shinji and kaworu relationship trust

When Unit reaches Lilith's corpse, Kaworu realizes that both spears are similar and pleads with Shinji to not remove them. The awakened Unit flies out of the Geofront and rises into the sky, starting Fourth Impact. Kaworu reveals he is the First Angel, now "cast down" to the Thirteenth. The choker detects Unit's awakening and activates. To halt Fourth Impact, Kaworu allows the choker to kill him before Shinji's eyes.

Before dying, he states that he and Shinji will meet again. However, it is currently unknown if he will be returning for the fourth film.

In other media[ edit ] Kaworu makes appearances in various other media spin-offs of Neon Genesis Evangelionincluding various audio dramas and music CDs and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto 's adaptation of the anime. Here, Kaworu is portrayed as being ignorant of human emotions and taboos regarding social interaction and personal space, creating some comic relief. His role is very similar to his anime counterpart's although some details have been altered, such as his friendship with Shinji not being immediate.

In these manga appearances, Kaworu is typically portrayed in a lighter tone than in the series, with focus placed on his relationship with Shinji. Kaworu also appears in video games based on the Evangelion franchise, including the popular cross-over franchise Super Robot Wars.

shinji and kaworu relationship trust

In the game's adaption of The End of Evangelion, Kaworu's spirit returns to take control of Unit and aid Shinji in battle and help rescue Rei from inside Lilith.

He also visits Nekki Basara and voices his approval of his music. He makes his final appearance during the final battle with Kaiser Ephes where he encourages the Eva pilots not give up. The bonus materials in volume nine of the English adaptation of the manga include an article written by editor Carl Gustav Horn comparing Kaworu to the character Satan in Mark Twain 's novella The Mysterious Stranger. Although Kaworu had a brief appearance for one episode in the original anime, he had a very prominent role in the rebuild movie, Evangelion: Official art also often pairs the two together, especially in the movie posters for 3.

Could this be because he is an Angel?

shinji and kaworu relationship trust

So he also is the same as me. And that is why we entrust you with our wish. All of this I know. Is that why I am here after all? The Fifth Child -- what is he?

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He is probably the last Angel. Humans forget their foolishness and repeat their mistakes. If humans do not redeem themselves willingly, they will not change.

shinji and kaworu relationship trust

We must not rely on Adam or the Angels. We have no choice but to make changes with our own hands. I pray that Unit 01 will accomplish its task. You betrayed the trust I placed in you!

shinji and kaworu relationship trust

You betrayed me just like my father did! The Eva series was born from Adam, born from mans antithesis. And yet the Lilim will utilize that which they hate most in order to survive. I do not understand. Why is this happening!? Born from Adam, I can synchronize with it easily as long as there is no dominate soul. Thus Eva 02 is mine!

Yes; at least, this is what you Lilim call this thing. This is the light of my soul. A sacred territory in which no one may intrude. Field is merely that wall that encloses every mind that exists? The thread of hope is spun with the flax of sorrow. Adam, that from which we came.

Must one who was born from Adam return to Adam, even though it would destroy man? I thank you friend Shinji, I wanted you to stop Unit 2 and take her from me. Otherwise, with her, I might have survived much longer. It is my destiny to live forever, though my survival will bring destruction to the human race. However, it is possible for me to be killed, and whether I live or die makes no great difference.

In truth, death may be the only absolute freedom there is. Kaworu, I don't understand. What you are talking about, Kaworu? This is my wish: Otherwise, you will be destroyed. Only one life-form can be chosen to evade the destruction and seize the future! And yours is not the existence which should die. You need the future; it is what you live for! Thank you Shinji, my life was meaningful because of you. Kaworu said he loved me. He was like me. And he was like Ayanami.

Kaworu and Shinji (Relationship)

I liked him, too. Kaworu should have survived. He was much better than I am. Kaworu should have survived, not me! He deserved to live. The one who deserves to survive is the one who has the will to make it happen. He wished for death. He ignored his will to survive and chose to die for a false hope.

Your survival is not a mistake, Shinji. Misato, how can you be so cruel? If you take that into consideration, then perhaps this world isn't that bad. Still, the reality itself might not be bad, but I could still hate myself. But it's your mind which takes reality and separates it into what's bad and hateful. It's only the mind which separates reality from truth. Any new position from which you view your reality will change your perception of its nature.

It's all literally a matter of perspective. There are as many truths as there are people. But there is only one truth that is your truth. That's the one that's formed by whatever point of view that you chose to view it from. It's a revised perception that protects you. And one can have a perspective that's far too small. However, a person can only see things from the perspective that they chose to see them from. One must learn to judge things via the perceived truths that one receives from others.

For example, sunny days make you feel good. Rainy days make you feel gloomy.

Kaworu and Shinji

If you are told this is so, then that is what you believe is so. But you can have fun on a rainy day as well! Your truth can be changed simply by the way you accept it. That's how fragile the truth for a human is.

A person's truth is so simple, that most ignore it to concentrate on what they think are deeper truths. You, for example, are simply unused to what it is to be liked by others. You've never learned how to deal with fearing what others feel about you and so you avoid it. But, don't the others hate me? Haven't you realized it's all in your imagination, you megadork! But, I hate myself.

One who truly hates himself cannot love, he cannot place his trust in another. I'm cowardly, sneaky and weak. No, only if you think you are, but if you know yourself, you can take care of yourself. But, maybe, maybe I could love myself. Maybe, my life can have a greater value. I am no more or less than myself. I want to be myself! I want to continue existing in this world! My life is worth living here! The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth.

Shinji, listen to me. I thought I had no choice but to pilot Eva, but I was just lying to myself. I did something terrible to Asuka. I'm dishonest and a coward. Deep down you know that you suffer more when you cause someone else pain, than if you just let yourself get hurt.

But, Shinji, that was your decision, so that makes it a valid choice. That was what you wanted, so that makes it worthwhile. Stop lying to yourself, and realize that you do have options. But you're not me. A cycle of hollow joy and vicious self-hatred. But even so, every time I learned something about myself. For your own sake.

Find out why you came here. Why you exist at all. Answer your own questions. That was a grown-up kiss. We'll do the rest when you get back. I did do the right thing Asuka is still near-catatonic from her experiences in "Don't be. I've been waiting for you.

A loving daughter's final request; mother, let's end it together. Mother, how could you chose your lover over me?! Ritsuko Akagi, the truth is Anno wanted the line muted at first with an explosion, but he still wanted the line cut. When the scene was being recorded, Anno gave Ritsuko's voice actress Yuriko Yamaguchi a hint as to what Gendo was telling her. To this day, only Anno and Yamaguchi know the hint.

The line is probably "I needed you", as when the Rei clones take away Hyuga, Ibuki, Fuyutsuki and Aoba, they appear as the person the victim trusted the most, and then kill the victim in a similar manner to the apparition's death. However, the line must be in the past tense, as Gendo cannot need Ritsuko if he is shooting her. Ritsuko calls him a liar because Gendo handed her over to SEELE previously in the series; when Ritsuko seems stunned and then becomes more composed, she is remembering Gendo's betrayal.

You never understood anything. I thought this was supposed to be a world without pain, and without uncertainty. That's because you thought that everyone else felt the same as you do. You betrayed my feelings! You misunderstood from the very beginning. You just believed what you wanted to believe.

Nobody wants me, so they can all just die. Then what is your hand for? Nobody cares whether or not I exist. Nothing ever changes, so they can all just die. Then tell me, what is your heart for?

It would be better if I never existed. I should just die, too. Then why are you here? I-is it okay for me to be here? I've waited so long for this moment to arrive. I will finally be with you again, Yui.