Sharad malhotra and divyanka tripathi relationship trust

sharad malhotra and divyanka tripathi relationship trust

Telly Town's most loved couple Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya, popularly relationship with Banoo Main Teri Dulhan co-actor, Sharad Malhotra. that true love still exists, it just takes two right people to trust each other. While they were planning to take their relationship to another level Banoo Main Teri Dulhann fame Ssharad Malhotra and Splitsvilla 4 Pooja Bisht's Parents Warned Her About Ssharad Malhotra After What He Did To Divyanka Tripathi . When asked if they had trust issues, Pooja replied, "We never had. It has to be recalled that previously, Sharad was in a relationship with his Banoo Mein Teri Dulhann co-actress Divyanka Tripathi for almost.

Sharad was quoted by the leading daily as saying, "I think I am marriage-phobic. If I have been with someone for two years or seven years, clearly I am not commitment-phobic.

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I am with the person, I love the person and it's all hunky-dory. We have also fought like cats and dogs, but the kind of family I come from, I know where to draw the line.

In a relationship, you have your good times and then you experience the bump and you don't know how to react. I don't blame them; they are right in feeling that way. Like I have said in the past, the fault is probably mine. I always fall short of taking that final step and that's something I need to rectify. I have to really work on that. Regarding the same, Sharad says, "There's not much I can say except that it was a beautiful relationship.

sharad malhotra and divyanka tripathi relationship trust

But when the word 'marriage' popped up, I developed cold feet. One gradually matures with time and experience.

sharad malhotra and divyanka tripathi relationship trust

Yes, I have made mistakes. As human beings, we all make mistakes. I realise that now but unfortunately, it's five years down the line. He even spoke to my mom about it and then vanished. Again, he popped up the same question after six months. Hamari ladaiyaan ho rahi hai'.

Aaj tak he hasn't called my mom after he disappeared following the interaction with her when he asked her for my hand. Would you believe it that just a month ago, he again asked me if I could marry him. I never asked you even for a commitment.

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Why are you doing this? He said that according to his astrologer we shouldn't get married else something terrible will happen. I tried to reason with him that his astrologer has not told him the right things, but he wouldn"t listen.

Woh toh Kasam TV serial ka story hai, usne mujhpe chipka diya.

Divyanka Tripathi opens up about her break-up with Ssharad Malhotra - Television News

I even told him that what if I would prove that the dev gan and rakshas gan thing he is selling me is not true. You see, I am manushya gan and not rakshas gan. I asked him if I give him the facts, would he marry me? And you know what? He said, "No, I still can't marry you. But now, I am paying for it na? But you know, that's also because he told me that a couple of things were not going good in his life.

He told me that his father was ill, and he can't raise the topic of marriage in his family. I thought jab karni hogi usko shaadi mere saath toh kar lega.

Divyanka Tripathi opens up about her break-up with Ssharad Malhotra

Overall mota mota agar relationship mein theek chal raha hai toh it is very difficult to read your partner. You know what he did to Divyanka na? Lekin maine unko bola, we all have different equations with different people and he should not be judged on his previous relationship. Today, my mom is very angry. FYI, we haven't matched kundlis from our side yet. Lekin khair abhi better hai khatam hi ho gaya.

Sharad Malhotra Says His Relationship With Divyanka Tripathi Was Beautiful, But They Have Moved On!

I had been so patient with him. He has many mood-swings.

Sharad Malhotra maturely handles questions on his relationship with ex girlfriend Divyanka Tripathi

I am very hurt. Our relationship was one where we were like two best friends. We shared everything with each other. I remember telling him once that if he ever didn't want to marry me, he should ask me to go out from his life without playing games. But he did just the opposite. A relationship which based on what an astrologer thinks! And so, he stopped feeling the connect with me! Lekin haan, conclusion toh yehi nikal raha hai.

I don't think he'll come back, he is too egoistic. But yes, he was behaving very funny since the past 45 days.