Rachel and ivy relationship help

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rachel and ivy relationship help

I'm on the 6th book, and their relationships is always Ivy wanting Rachel to accept her and basically become bi for her. What I want to know is. When Rachel reveals her desire to quit the I.S., Ivy agrees to give her the protection of the Tamwood family name and help her avoid and only wants a platonic relationship with Ivy, though Rachel has allowed Ivy to bite her on two occasions. Rachel: Ivy: Kisten: Jenks: Nick: Piscary: Trent: Rachel and Ivy: Seduction: There The two other main phrases I think help describe it are “hard to be soft, tough to be tender” I think this describes Rachel and Ivy's relationship perfectly.

What chance did he have to become other than callously ruthless when he had this solemn duty dumped on him from such a young age? When the only tools he has to achieves these goals break the most vital laws of society, how could he not become an underworld power? There is literally no other way for him to save his people.

As the books progress we learn more and more about his character - not someone breaking the law and controlling people for his own power, but forced into this very dark life by an overwhelming sense of duty. As he comes to know Rachel - and Jenks - he develops real friendship perhaps for the first time in his life. As the books progress and he needs them more and more and is pushed by Quen he is forced to work with Rachel as an equal, to show her grudging respect and, in doing so, learn a whole new way of living and thinking.

Rachel shows him a new way of living and a new way of relating to people and an option beyond the eternal pressures of duty that crush him.

But despite that, his actions especially towards Rachel have not been addressed. Trent has a history of being abusive towards Rachel and while his feelings and motivations in that regard have changed, this does not eliminate or erase his past harm. He would have left her to die had she not managed her own escape. Pierce has to hold Rachael down until the hounds run past their position.

Do you think Kim Harrison was afraid of losing readers when not going with the traditional choice? They had SO much chemestriy between them, I found Ivy's and Nina's relationship too implausible and like a quick and easy way to a forced happy end. So what is your opinion on this: Cassie last edited Feb 09, And I think that Ivy and Rachel were perfect for each other. I know everyones big complaint was the Ivy was needy.

rachel and ivy relationship help

I mean honestly compared to Rachel who is the more needy of them, really? Rachel could barely stand on her to feet without some ones helps.

Ivy was kickass powerful with a need for love.

Ramblings on Rachel/Ivy and sexual orientation/identity (lengthy)

And Rachel was a weak ass earth witch who made choice with her heart and not brain. They balanced each other Ivy was the sword and Rachel was the magic and Jenks the mirror. But then again, there are a few characters I would celebrate if they met their end.

The Undead Pool Ever since Rachel saved the demonic ever-after three months ago, things have been quiet in Cincinnati and the Hollows. Although Rachel knows that she and Trent have no chance for a long-term relationship, she can't keep herself from remembering their smoldering kiss three months ago.

I believe that Jenks speaks for all of us loyal, but frustrated, readers! In the first scene of the novel, magic begins to go wrong for just about everybody in the Cincinnati area. Then, to make things worse, all of the master undead vampires except for the villainous Felix go into a permanent state of sleep, leaving their living vampire children unsupervised and uncontrolled.

Those vamps soon begin an escalating series of random attacks on humans all over the city. Oddly, the strange magic seems to be following Rachel as it moves on its destructive paths. When Rachel investigates, she discovers that these wild waves of magic are being pulled through her ley line at Loveland Castle and that they match her personal aura.

Once again, she is in the middle of a dark magical situation that she didn't cause, but must cure. Obviously, both have strong feelings for one another, but Trent is enmeshed in elven politics that require him to marry Ellasbeth, an elven woman selected by the elven Dewar spiritual leaders even though he does not love her.

Throughout the story, Rachel and Trent engage in sexual banter and touching that moves their relationship from simmering to boiling—and eventually to drum roll here! By this point, the relationship between Rachel and Trent has developed into a true partnership, and it's nice to see them working together instead of against one another. You irritate people, and he smooths things out. You have good mojo, and he only thinks he does. You're broke, and he's rich. You've got those weird feet of yours, and he's got them cute ears.

As Rachel and Trent work together to stop the magic and wake up the vampires, waves of magic continue to undulate across the city, and Cincinnati slowly disintegrates around them. Although living vampires retain many of their human qualities, they are closely tied to their undead sires, both for blood and for guidance and control.

These are living vampires who file down their fangs, pass as humans, and want nothing to do with their undead masters. As you can imagine, Harrison wouldn't be introducing a new group into her novel if they weren't central to the plot.

rachel and ivy relationship help

Rachel has been neglecting her duties as female alpha to a local were pack, and she has to sort out that situation. Ellasbeth is determined to win Trent over so that he will marry her and turn away from Rachel.

Two of Rachel's frenemies from the demon world play key roles in the story: In fact, Rachel's decisions at the end of the story change her relationship with Al forever, and Newt actually comes to Rachel's rescue in a rare moment of sanity.

In this novel, both Rachel and Trent are forced to reevaluate their lives and make some extremely difficult choices. For Trent, power, money and prestige have always been the driving forces in his life. For Rachel, her identity as a witch with demon powers has been central to every decision that she makes.

rachel and ivy relationship help

Two elements make this novel different from the previous ones. First is the romance which I have already discussed. Harrison has stated in interviews about this novel that she purposely included extensive information about the structure and workings of ley lines so that readers would understand the intricacy of their magic.

So…how well did Harrison work all of this information into the story line? For me, the romance worked well enough although it seemed really strange for Rachel to be so infatuated so much of the timebut the ley-line and Goddess info dumps sometimes brought the plot to a grinding halt. In one scene in particular, one of the prime villains was surrounded by Rachel's supporters, but instead of capturing him, they let him walk away. Why would they do that other than to keep the story line from ending sooner?

For a series fan, this is a must-read novel. Remember, they began the series as bitter enemies. One of the most mind-boggling statements is made near the end by Rachel when she, Jenks, and Ivy once more head off together into danger.

The Witch With No Name - Rachel's Soulmate *SPOILER Alert* Showing of 13

It hardly seems possible. Here is the publisher's blurb: She's faced vampires and werewolves, banshees, witches, and soul-eating demons.

She's crossed worlds, channeled gods, and accepted her place as a day-walking demon. She's lost friends and lovers and family, and an old enemy has become something much more. But power demands responsibility, and world-changers must always pay a price. That time is now. To save Ivy's soul and the rest of the living vampires, to keep the demonic ever after and our own world from destruction, Rachel Morgan will risk everything.

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Both Trent and Rachel fear that the mystics will either lead the elven Goddess to her or will suck her into the void. And it nearly happens—more than once: Rachel's major task is to figure out once and for all how to reunite undead vampires with their souls—even if it is a very bad idea—and then to deal with the consequences. Rachel fears that it is her fault and that if she had given him up he would still be rich and powerful.

She knows that the elves will never accept Trent as their leader if she, a demon, is by his side. She keeps telling herself that Trent would be better off with Lucy's mother, Ellasbeth so lots of Rachel-angst about that problem. She is too young a vampire to handle them, so she is unstable much of the time, but she loves Ivy unequivocally. Meanwhile, Felix also wants his soul back, which will have a major downside for Nina. Unbelievably, he tricks Rachel and Trent into using a curse that has horrific ramifications.

In fact, all the way through the book, Landon goes after Rachel and Trent, trying to hurt them, kill them, and publicly blame them for a series of really bad deeds that he and his elves carry out. Rachel has come a long way since she was a loner who worked as a runner for Inderland Security I. Now, she has a familial network of people who trust her, depend on her, support her, and love her. She has had to overcome many obstacles and has had to adjust to both the pros and cons of her growing powers both elven and demon.

rachel and ivy relationship help