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Please use below address for complaints/compliments only after your final flight with Ethiopian Airlines. Ethiopian Airlines Customer Relations Management. Related topics[show]. Foreign relations. Ministry of Foreign Affairs · Diplomatic missions · Passport · Foreign aid to Ethiopia · Human rights · Other countries · Atlas · v · t · e. Many historians trace modern Ethiopia's foreign policy to the reign of Emperor Tewodros II, .. Ethiopia abruptly broke diplomatic ties with Qatar in April , apparently. Key words: transnational labor migration, Qatar, Ethiopia, illegality, sponsorship system ambitions and renewal of the “free visa” relationship after the conclusion of the period of . silent to his family about the problems he faced in Qatar and.

The first major move in this regard was the founding of Al Jazeera[7] a state-owned news media company. Qatar has also cultivated close relationships with Western powers, particularly the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Qatar has invested extensively in London real estate, and the country has also made donations to prominent research centers in the United States. Wallerstein has argued that Qatar aimed to do the same in the Syrian Civil War, and has provided support to extremist elements in Syria. Qatar has been influential in political and religious upheavals in the Middle East.

Qatar supported several rebel groups during the Arab Spring financially and by asserting global influence through its expanding news group, Al Jazeera. On 5 MarchSaudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar in protest at what they claimed was Qatar's non-compliance with a November agreement not to "interfere" in countries' internal affairs.

Doha reported it as false and gave no indication on where it originated.

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However, news organizations in the region reported the emir's comments as fact. Turkey, a NATO member, has always been a stabilizing factor in the region. Sheikh Hamad stated in that Qatar would support the uprisings, a position that clashed with neighboring Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates has expressed a keen interest in Assab and stands to gain a great deal from Eritrean and Ethiopian cooperation over port usage.

Ethiopia is Africa's second most populous country and one of its fastest growing economies. Eritrean soldiers guard the border with Ethiopia at the Assab front line on the western front of the border war, AFP With a burgeoning textile industry, the country has been desperate for expanded sea access.

Since the war began, Ethiopia invested heavily in Djibouti but has found that arrangement insufficient for its growing industries. Although Assab is an indisputable part of Eritrean territory, the fact that Eritrea's northern port of Massawa is sufficient for its shipping needs meant that Assab largely fell into disuse when the border war broke out until the United Arab Emirates leased it in While reports show that UAE has developed the port for military use related to the war in Yemen, the port has a great deal of untapped commercial potential.

Thus, UAE is well positioned to benefit once Ethiopia begins using the port to its full potential. It is not surprising that UAE is reported to be a key player in the peace deal although the specifics of its role are not entirely clear A number of actors played a key role in bringing about peace, most notably Ethiopia and Eritrea themselves.

Arab allies also played a key role. Saudi Arabia and UAE, on good terms with both countries, played a bridging role between the two. It is not surprising that UAE is reported to be a key player in the peace deal although the specifics of its role are not entirely clear. One of the five provisions of the recently signed agreement on peace and friendship notes the opening up of the port for Ethiopian use.

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Left in the cold Meanwhile, other stakeholders may fare less well in the peace agreement. Djibouti, arguably, may be unhappy with these arrangements having provided Ethiopia with a port since Assab has been effectively isolated since the border war began, giving Djibouti something of a monopoly over strategic control over the Bab-el-Mandab strait and enabling it to attract key investments and political alliances.

But there are others who will potentially be left in the cold as Eritrea and Ethiopia warm up to each other. While Ethiopians have been gleefully waiting to board flights to Eritrea, Eritreans in Eritrea are unsure whether they will be allowed to leave and Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia are wary of whether the country will be a place that they can ever return to. It is expected that peace between the two countries will lead to economic benefits to both Eritrea and Ethiopia as commerce, trade and tourism crosses the border.

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Ethiopian airlines flights to Asmara resumed on 18 July and were full, but social media reports suggested that only 80 people were on the return flight. An Eritrean woman living in Ethiopia is overcome with emotions while being reunited with a family member for the first time in more than two decades 18 July AFP Given Eritrea's travel restrictions, it is not surprising that there would be much more traffic to Asmara than from it. To leave Eritrea legally, Eritreans are required to have exit visas, which are almost impossible to acquire.

Many welcome an open border if it leads to increased mobility for Eritreans, but this will require the Eritrean government to alter longstanding practices of restricting population movements. Unlike Ethiopians, Eritreans may not benefit from these newly opened travel routes. Refugees are another population who may not benefit from peace.

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Open borders and increased mobility between the two countries are a source of concern and fear for many of theEritrean refugees hosted by Ethiopia, many of whom live in camps close to the border. Refugees voice concerns about protection of political asylees when the nearby border opens up and representatives of the regime in Asmara are free to travel across that border into Ethiopia.

Some have aligned themselves directly or indirectly with Eritrean opposition groups who until now were supported by Ethiopia.