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Tensions between reluctant superspy Nikita (Peta Wilson) and her shadowy bosses at Section One Section One and Madeline (Alberta Watson), who attempts to nix their relationship, forcing the pair If you buy it be prepared to fall in love either with Peta Wilson or Roy Dupuis or both!! Discounts · Whole Foods Market. Peta Wilson;Roy Dupuis;Alberta Watson;Eugene Robert Glazer (Actor) Rated: . Nikita and Michael's romantic relationship and the further suspicion about the. "La Femme Nikita's" Roy Dupuis can do it all He's the real reason for the show's success, but don't anyone tell Peta Wilson. Their on-again, off-again relationship produces a son, and when Michel Dupuis' entry into the American movie market is marked by the sci-fi horror flick "Screamers.

Arrogant, sharp-tongued and distrustful of all men, she nevertheless is unflappable in the face of danger and manipulative of her superiors when necessary. Forced to work alongside newly recruited Jason Crawford, she shares a number of humorous exchanges when she becomes the focus of his romantic interests.

However, her sights are set on Operations, and she apparently seeks to be the woman at his side in charge of Section One. She is later revealed to be working for Mr. Jones", the head of "Center", an organization above Oversight that directs all Sections. Jones is revealed to be another cover identity. Henderson is exposed as an actor working for Center as a decoy for the real Mr.

Tara Slone as Gail seasons 1—2Section operative and Birkoff's girlfriend. Anais Granofsky as Carla seasons 1—2Nikita's neighbor, later revealed to be an operative for Adrian. Bruce Payne as Jurgen season 2a ruthless, brutal high-ranked operative. David Hemblen as George seasons 3—4the head of "Oversight", former lover of Adrian and enemy of Operations. Stephen Shellen as Marco O'Brien seasons 1, 5a former police officer who becomes Michael's replacement.

Samia Shoaib as Elena seasons 3—4Michael's wife and daughter of a terrorist. Evan Caravela as Adam seasons 3—5Michael's son with Elena. Kira Clavell as Jasmine Kwong seasons 4—5recruit turned Section operative and confidant of Nikita. Edward Woodward as Mr. Jones aka Philip, codename 'Flavius' season 5the true head of "Center" and Nikita's father. Polly Shannon as Michelle season 5Mr.

Kassandra Marr as Kyria season 5the spy. Conrad Coates as Haled season 5the Collective's second in command. Aidan Devine as Graff season 5the leader of the Collective.

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The non-stop publicity the series enjoyed under Perth began to dry up, and the only attention that La Femme Nikita received was the occasional promo spot, and even the frequency of those began to decline. EManhattan, Arizona and Cover Meall of which ultimately failed in the ratings and were also canceled.

The campaign also amassed over 25, letters sent to both companies containing everything from dollar bills featuring images of co-star Roy Dupuis to sunglasses Nikita's signature accessory to old TVs, VCRs, and remote controls. The new show, which shares its name with the film, is executive-produced by McGwith Peter Johnson and Craig Silverstein serving as executive producers and writers.

It is a joint production with Warner Bros. Studios and Wonderland Productions. Each DVD boxed set features a solitary image of Peta Wilson on the cover, with the remainder of the cast featured on the interior artwork. Only the covers for seasons one and five feature images of Wilson taken specifically as promotional photographs for advertising campaigns and later marketing purposes during those seasons. The DVD cover images for seasons two and three again feature promotional photographs used during the first season, while season four features a promotional photograph from advertisements for the second season.

Season Two was originally scheduled for release on July 20,but Warner Bros. This was eventually resolved by replacing the song with another piece of music. A small number of Season Two box sets were distributed and sold in with "Loaded Gun" before it was withdrawn from store shelves and internet sales sites, and these sets are considered collectors' items.

It features the title theme from composer Mark Snowas well as numerous songs heard during the first two seasons of the show from artists like Depeche Mode and Afro Celt Sound System. Ovila never troubles her again, keeping his promise until her death. Americans may remember the handsome actor from the television mini-series "Million Dollar Babies. Dionne's fierce determination to have his five little girls returned to their family is admirable, but it is the steel-eyed manipulator he becomes at the end of the series which presages the true tragedy of the babies who become a commodity first for the Canadian government, then for their father.

The same year, Dupuis starred in "Chili's Blues," an atmospheric piece which takes place in a Montreal railroad station. The trains are not running due to the severe weather, and mild-mannered Pierre-Paul, a vacuum cleaner salesman, discovers a teenage girl in a school uniform in the men's room with the barrel of a gun in her mouth. He runs for help, but when they return, she's disappeared.

He annoys most of the people in the station trying to discover which girl was about to commit suicide, his task made more difficult by the fact that the train station is filled with girls wearing the same uniform. Pierre-Paul makes the acquaintance of one of the girls, Chili.

She convinces him that she is the girl with the gun, then says she isn't. Slowly they open up to each other and make love in an empty train car. Well, the French-Canadian film community certainly knows how to film a love scene, and Dupuis is earnest and appealing in this uncharacteristic role.

Like ships or trains crossing in the night, he and Chili go their separate ways, but in the end Chili still has the gun. Dupuis' entry into the American movie market is marked by the sci-fi horror flick "Screamers. One can't help wondering what would have happened if the roles had been reversed. In Dupuis had a cameo role in the comedy "L'homme Ideal. Dupuis, who appears in the beginning of the movie as the heroine's one-night stand, reappears toward the end of the film, standing in line at a fertility clinic.

The heroine asks him what he's doing there, and he replies, "Waiting for my turn to come. He portrays a Swiss art dealer who falls in love with a Canadian anchor woman and moves part of his business to Toronto. But alas, Thomas Dupuis has competition. It seems he didn't move fast enough to suit the insecure anchor woman - she has entered into another relationship. Since the movie clearly is a romance though, she makes the right decision in the end - as if any woman in her right mind would choose the other guy if she could be with Dupuis' Thomas.

Dupuis once said in an interview that he only did one movie for the money and my money is on "Hemoglobin" or "Bleeders" for that one. A horror film, "Hemoglobin" is the story of John Strauss Dupuiswho is dying of an unknown genetic disease. He comes to a sea side village to trace his family roots.

Unfortunately those roots turn out to be underground creatures who feed on the dead. This movie does not have a happy ending, in case anyone is still interested.

It is, however, notable for the love scene between John and his wife. It is very realistic and once again proves Dupuis is no slouch in the on-screen love-making department. When I read [a script], it needs to say something, something about the times we live in. Someone who kills so many people cannot easily smile. He can but not like regular people. He is someone who carries death with him all the time.

He had to be a little off reality. Is he real or not? This is hard to carry all the time. This is why there is an economy of movement in his gestures.

I decided to strip them all away to portray this weight of perfection.

The On-screen Life of Roy Dupuis

Dupuis attributes his ability to decipher a character to instinct. This instinct often guides him in the creation of the character he is portraying. Nonetheless, he still gives serious thought beforehand to the qualities that will eventually define each personage.

Now there is an emphasis on under-reality and intimacy. In that type of film, something has to happen between two people. It almost looks like improvisation. Dupuis is going for truth in his private life as well. She gave me a lot in life.