Person of interest root and shaw relationship poems

but root and shaw love each other exactly as they are | Tumblr

person of interest root and shaw relationship poems

Sameen Shaw, Root And Shaw, Sarah Shahi, Amy Acker, Person Of Interest, .. romantic relationships, but that hasn't stopped Root and Shaw from trying. #two very different relationships for shaw yet both so important #they both loved her so much but in different . Perhaps TM saw Shaw as a person Root could care about. .. Now, among the pieces of art that won the contest, there was a poem. .. “I have a confession: I didn't watch Person of Interest until a few months ago. All it takes is treating two women with scorching on-screen chemistry the same way you'd treat an opposite-sex pairing with that same rare and.

Hanna and computers were the best things Root had going on in her life.

person of interest root and shaw relationship poems

Computers were easier to understand and deal with than humans and let her enact a measure of control over something in a world where she felt trapped and not in control. Especially after Hanna died. The universe and humans and emotions are a giant chaotic mess without rhyme or reason, but computers are perfect, logical.

person of interest root and shaw relationship poems

She cared about Hanna and then she lost her and that hurt horribly. One of the reasons her emotions and mannerisms often come off as over the top and child-like is because she never allowed herself to learn to regulate them.

Then the Machine enters the picture.

person of interest root and shaw relationship poems

But if humans are bad code and weak than she can never really allow herself to care about them or let them in. She sees the Machine not only as an inherently more worthy form of life, but as someone she can finally allow herself to care for. I do think TM sees potential there though either before or during Mors Praematura. Perhaps TM saw Shaw as a person Root could care about. Reese went after HR, the corrupt organization of police officers and mobsters that were trying to control the city at the time, after their second-in-command Simmons murdered Team Machine ally Joss Carter.

Of course, she and Reese expressed their feelings to each other and kissed, and that can never lead to good things. Kissing on this show can lead to death. In the ensuing gun battle, Root is shot while Shaw looks on, concerned for her safety. Oh, those crazy kids!

person of interest root and shaw relationship poems

You can always expect some superb acting whenever Amy Acker and Michael Emerson are in the same scene, with lots of emotional moments shared between their characters. They know how to have a fun time. Decima Technologies, the sinister and shady tech company that built Samaritan, is run by a really dastardly bastard named John Greer — an ex-spy with a dark past who wants to create a New World Order using Samaritan as their leader.

Things only get more intense from this episode on for Team Machine and Shoot. Both teams are looking for their respective employers, who have been kidnapped by a Decima off-shoot known as Vigilance: These seven people pose the biggest threat to destroying or disabling Samaritan in some way, and they have to be protected at all costs.

Poor Shaw is stuck as a make-up saleswoman at a department store — her worst nightmare ever, though the five-finger discount on eyeliner is the only positive.

Root keeps checking up on Shaw, who is a bit annoyed by that but secretly likes it.

Person of Interest - Root and Shaw finally reunited (05x09)

Finch quickly adds that Shaw already knows. We can guess what Root wanted to say to Shaw. This was the first episode of POI that I watched after a phone call with my mom one evening. Jump to this episode. So Fred from Angel is the gay hacker you mentioned? A great Team Machine episode with two of my favorite Shoot exchanges. The flirting obviously gets to Shaw a few times, but she tries her hardest to play it off in front of Tomas.

She ends up sedating Shaw after tricking her, gently holding onto her as Shaw falls into a deep sleep. There are several Shoot scenes in this episode as well: Finch stares her down and pointedly tells her: How did it slip by me before?

Root was alone after all these years and had found the Machine, who saved her, but then Shaw came into the picture and changed her world forever. Root will never be alone again because she has the Machine as her God, but Shaw is her other-half whether they admit it to each other or not.

Later, Finch tells Root that Shaw has left their hideout and is looking for her, wanting to help out with saving numbers. Even with all the craziness and nerve-wracking moments in the episode, we also saw the Machine having a bit of fun too with her favorite couple.

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Skip the verbal foreplay, Root. Why are you so afraid to talk about your feelings? Maybe someday…when Samaritan wipes everyone out…we can talk about it. Is that good enough for you? She relays Her game plan to Root, who directs the team to stay together while they stop the market fluctuations and secure their escape route — a service elevator. That stupid, evil elevator. Meanwhile, Shaw is able to talk down the suicide bomber, who disables his device, and she arrives in the middle of a gunfight between a trapped Team Machine and the approaching Team Samaritan.

As the central figure of the episode alluded to many times throughoutShaw really shines as the biggest hero of the hour. Those are two qualities that I greatly admire. Sarah Shahi was pregnant at the time with her twins, so she has taken a temporary hiatus from the show. Originally the writers had planned on offing Reese, but that changed when Sarah told them of her pregnancy. But did Shaw survive?

but root and shaw love each other exactly as they are

First they killed Sara [Lance] off of Arrow, and then Shaw. The following episodes are all Root-centric, but there are many Shoot feelings in each of them; I recommend several boxes of tissues to get through them in one piece. It kills me every time to start Season Four from the beginning and marathon through it — well, just the one time so far.

I see my favorite perky psychopath around her favorite grumpy sociopath, and the feelings are so strong and so very mutual between them. We are now entering sad! Please proceed with caution.

person of interest root and shaw relationship poems

Amy Acker deserves so many kudos for her acting in the series. Later on she goes to the stock market, seeing it freshly painted, and she knows that Samaritan has been lying about a lot of things. There is a major twist at the end of this episode that made lots of POI fans happy. If she loses that slightest bit of hope that Shaw could possibly be alive… True love never dies, as they say.

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Cue a slight stab to the heart during this scene. Root needs a hug from everyone. She contacted Shaw for help at the stock exchange, and that guilt has been living with her this whole time.